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New Zealand IELTS Band Requirements 2022

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New Zealand is becoming a popular study destination amongst international students globally. Most students are preparing well in advance to enroll at the top universities available in the country. As a part of the admission process, students should cater to all required criterias set.

One such important criteria is the New Zealand band requirement. Whether you’re applying for a student visa in New Zealand or at the top academic institutions, international students are required to score the New Zealand IELTS band requirement. Wondering how many band required for New Zealand? This blog covers all details to help you get started. 

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What Is The New Zealand Band Requirement For Education?

When you pursue any program in New Zealand, as per the admission requirements, international students are required to clear a New Zealand band requirement. Thus to help you understand how many band required for New Zealand is required for education, follow the table below:

Type Of Education

New Zealand IELTS Band Requirement

Bachelor’s Program

Minimum: 5.5

Average: 6.0

Master’s Program

Minimum: 6.0

Average: 6.5

Diploma Program

Minimum: 5.0

Average: 5.5

Graduate Diploma

Minimum: 5.5

Average: 6.0

Post-Graduate Diploma

Minimum: 6.0

Average: 6.5

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What Is The New Zealand IELTS Requirement For Top Universities?

When you apply to the top universities in New Zealand, there is a set of admission requirements that needs to be catered to. As we’ve learned above about the type of education, your IELTS score should always match the expected marks based on the university too. 

Here is the top list:

University Name

IELTS Score Required

University of Auckland

Undergraduate: 6.0

Postgraduate: 6.5

Massey University

Undergraduate: 6.0

Postgraduate: 6.5

Victoria University of Wellington

Undergraduate: 6.0

Postgraduate: 6.5

University of Otago

Undergraduate: 6.0

Postgraduate: 6.5

University of Waikato

Undergraduate: 6.0

Postgraduate: 6.5

Note: Ensure you visit each university website to understand the ideal IELTS score required to help you prepare better. 

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What Are The IELTS Score For New Zealand Student Visa?

There is a mandatory New Zealand student visa band requirements as well. You need to check the IELTS score required for New Zealand Study Visa in order to become eligible for it. To apply for a study visa for New Zealand, you must score 5.5 in each of the sections of IELTS sections.

The New Zealand student visa IELTS requirements differ for levels of education and programs, as seen above. 

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Scoring well on your IELTS exam doesn’t have to be a hassle. Here are a few tips that can help you get started:

1.  Seek expert assistance

If you require help, it is better to seek the assistance of the top experts who can help you ace the IELTS exam well. There are many IELTS coaching centers available near you. Find them and enroll for the same. 

2.  Practice at Home

Continue practising the IELTS sample papers as much as possible. Even if you dedicate one hour a day it will make a difference to help you score better. The key is to remember the top elements and work on them each day. 

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3.  Refer Resources

There are many IELTS-related resources available such as books, sample papers, etc. Purchase the ones that can help you understand this exam better and learn from it. 

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Wrapping Up…..

New Zealand's education system is the prime reason why millions of students globally work hard to earn a seat at the top institution. The New Zealand IELTS requirements, as seen above, is crucial for every immigrant process when coming into the country. Now that you’re aware of the New Zealand IELTS band requirements 2022, it’s time to score well on the same. If you wish to seek further assistance, speak to our Yocket counsellors today or schedule a free 15-minute consultation session right now. 


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