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New Zealand jobs for foreigners might seem here and there knowing New Zealand prioritizes citizens first when it comes to jobs. Having said that, there are several spaces where job opportunities in New Zealand after study are in high demand for foreigners specifically. We shall be covering those spaces and more, further on below!

New Zealand’s official government site lists down multiple ways international students can find jobs, especially high demand jobs in New Zealand for themselves. Before we get into the career opportunities in New Zealand, let us tell you why you should consider New Zealand and opportunities in New Zealand at all.


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Table of Contents:


  1. Overview of jobs in New Zealand for Foreigners

  2. High demand and Essential Skills Jobs in New Zealand for International Students

  3. Job Application Process

  4. Work Visa in New Zealand

NEW ZEALAND JOBS FOR FOREIGNERS: What is it like to work in New Zealand?

If you are a foreigner aspiring to work in New Zealand, here is a list that might interest you. Here are some of the benefits of working in New Zealand:


  • High Employability 93% of students happen to find post study work here

  • Job opportunities that specifically cater to international students

  • Excellent work-life balance (New Zealand ranks #1 worldwide).

  • The relaxed pace of life, reflected in high rankings for quality of life with at least 20+ days of guaranteed personal leave and 11 public holidays additionally from work.

  • Jobs for Indian students in New Zealand are better than back at home in the way that they are away from the hustle of the metropolitans.

  • High rankings for quality of life for foreigners.

  • Commuting is convenient with public spaces being less crowded, benefitting job prospects in New Zealand after masters.

  • New Zealand is officially the least corrupt country in the world, ranking #1.

  • Low cost of living

  • General hospitable environment: New Zealand ranks #2 on safety on the Global Peace Index 2020


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Top reasons to work in NZ

If you are a job seeker, job opportunities in New Zealand for international students can be found by using jobs websites or contacting recruitment firms often called ‘headhunters’.

People can also reach out to employers directly which is often found to be the most successful approach. The following high demand jobs in New Zealand have emerged because of the skill shortage. There is a gold mine of job opportunities in New Zealand for international students. Some of them are:





  1. Manager
  2. Builder
  3. Surveyor


  1. Electrical engineer
  2. Electronic Engineer
  3. Civil engineer

Health and Social Services

  1. Clinical Psychologist
  2. Radiologist
  3. Psychiatrist
  4. Gynaecologist
  5. Physiotherapist
  6. Nurse
  7. Sonographer
  8. Surgeon
  9. Veterinarian

Hospitality and Tourism

  1. Chef


  1. Automotive Electrician
  2. Mechanic

ICT and electronics

  1. Multimedia specialist (film animator)
  2. Web developer
  3. Software Engineer
  4. Telecommunications Engineer


  1. Environmental Scientist

  2. Food Technologist

Other sectors in the market that currently provide New Zealand career opportunities. According to official 2020 data, over the year are-


  • Public administration and safety – 7,630 jobs added

  • Education and training – 5,549.

  • Financial and insurance services – 4,166

  • Professional, scientific and technical services – 1,936.

  • Other services – 1,843.

  • Agriculture, forestry and fishing – 1,540.

  • Electricity, gas, water and waste services – 1,286 jobs added

Overview of Impact of Covid 19 on New Zealand’s job market:

If you’re analysing job prospects in New Zealand after masters, you might want to know the complete story.



  • Increase of jobs in construction industry: 3,200 people employed.

  • Less people employed in media and key tourism related businesses. The second largest decrease was the transport industry tied to tourism. Number of people employed fell by 5,700 in travel agency services.

  • In the media industry, the number of people employed decreased annually by 9,600, from 43,000 to 33,400.

  • Decrease of 9,200 filled jobs in the professional, scientific, technical, and administrative and support services industry.


Note: If you plan to live in New Zealand permanently, get a job in the skill shortage section of New Zealand. This gets you better chances to get a permanent resident visa.


There is a whole range of job websites that cater to career opportunities in New Zealand.  Some specialise in recruiting people coming from overseas.


There are Specialist migrant job sites like WorkHere and Find jobs | Working In New Zealand that focuses on employers that may have more experience in hiring people from offshore.




There are also sector specific websites like:




Before locating job opportunities in New Zealand, one must get a hold of a work visa after study. Earlier, there used to be two kinds of Work Visas:  Post Study Work Visa (open) and Post Study Work Visa (employer-assisted).


Currently, there is a singular Post study work visa that has replaced the two from November 2018 onwards.


NOTE (2021): Temporary visa applications from outside New Zealand or a quarantine-free travel zone are currently suspended, unless you are exempt.


Post-study Work Visa:

With the post study work visa in New Zealand, you can work for any employer in almost any job for a maximum of 3 years depending on the place and level of your qualification.


Criteria: You should have studied in New Zealand pursuing an acceptable educational qualifications.


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What is the application process to apply for a work visa in New Zealand?

Foreigners or students can apply for a post study work visa through the official website. However, having a job to apply for the same is beneficial. You can apply for the post study work visa online by paying an application fee of NZ$495.


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There are also other categories under which you can acquire a work visa:

  1. Talent (Accredited Employer) Work Visa

  2. Specific Purpose Work Visa


NOTE: The new Accredited Employer Work Visa will replace 6 temporary work visas with one. The Government has stalled its introduction until mid-2022.


Undoubtedly the pandemic has affected certain sectors adversely but at the same time in certain industries, Covid 19 has created pockets of opportunities in New Zealand. If you’re looking for a long term career in New Zealand, you might also be interested in settling down there.


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