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Cost of Living in New Zealand

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Living in New Zealand is a pleasant experience, surrounded by pristine beaches and gorgeous landscapes. As a student, you will be able to enjoy the natural beauty of New Zealand and grow in your career. Although to maintain a lifestyle in New Zealand, you certainly have to consider your living expenses in New Zealand as a Student to enjoy your stay thoroughly.


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Table of content:


  1. New Zealand Cost Of Living For Students

  1. Monthly expense in New Zealand


To ease out your planning, we’ve put together a list of the average cost of living in New Zealand that you will have to spend on. Have this list handy to plan your finances well.


Some common factors that you must consider during your stay in NZ are accommodation, commute and so on. To give you a snapshot of New Zealand cost of living for students, have a look at this table to get an idea:

New Zealand Cost Of Living For Students:




  1. Accomodation

NZD 200-400 per week (Rs. 5120.10 - 10240.19)

  1. Transportation

NZD 10-20  (Rs. 512 - 1024)

  1. Food & Groceries

NZD 20-30 (Rs. 1024 - 1536)

  1. Entertainment & Recreation

NZD 50-60 (Rs. 2560 - 3072)

  1. Personal Care

NZD 100 (Rs. 5120)

Note: All the costs in this article are rough estimates. Costs can vary based on a lot of factors like location, universities, lifestyle etc.


  1. Accommodation:

One of your major living expenses in New Zealand is your stay. The place you will reside in will influence your cost of living in New Zealand. However, as a student, you have a couple of options to choose from.


The below table gives you a fair idea of the living cost in New Zealand for international students in various stay-facilities. Pick the accommodation style according to your need and budget accordingly:




Halls Of Residence

NZD 300-600 per week (Rs. 15,362.24 - 30,724.48)

Local homestays

NZD 110-370 (Rs. 5,632.82 - 18,946.76)

Rented apartments (group of 3-4 people)

NZD 200/per week/ per person (Rs. 10,241)

Independent Living

NZD 565 (Rs. 28,932.22) per week for a 3-4 bedroom house or NZD 215 (Rs. 11,009.60) per week for a room.


Note: All the costs in this article have been converted from NZD to INR according to the exchange rate as of 24 August 2021 


  1. Transportation:

Apart from your rent, the other monthly expense in New Zealand you will have to spend on is your commute. But, to your advantage, every city in New Zealand has a well connected public transport system.


  • The NZ transport services also provide you with smart cards to facilitate easy commute via bus, train, ferry etc. Using these smartcards, you can also reduce your monthly expenses in New Zealand, as they offer you a 25% discount.

  • In addition to these, your cost of living in New Zealand per month can be altered by purchasing a hop card (NZD 10) in Auckland, a MetroCard (NZD 5) in Christchurch or a snapper card of NZD 10 in Wellington.





NZD 4-11.5 (INR 208 - 598)


NZD 4-11.5 (INR 208 - 598)


NZD 3.3 Per Kilometer (INR 171)

Ferry (Both Long and Short Distance)

NZD 4.7-73 (INR 244 - 3798)

Cycle (Rental)

NZD 1 per hour (INR 52)

Domestic Flights

NZD 50 - 70 (INR 2601 - 3641)


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  1. Food and groceries:

New Zealand living expenses for international students obviously need to include your food and grocery charges too. As you are away from home, every penny counts. To save on a penny wisely, you can also cook to avoid spending on food outside.

  • Your food and groceries expenses would be around NZD 20 - 30 (INR 1040 - 1561).


Have a brief overview of the food prices in New Zealand:


Food & Beverages

Meal from university food hall or campus cafe - NZD 7-12

Meal, Inexpensive restaurant - NZD 20

Meal for 2, mid-range restaurant, three-course - NZD 100

Domestic beer - NZD 9

Imported beer - NZD 9

Bottle of wine- NZD 15

Cappuccino - NZD 5

Coke/Pepsi - NZD 3

Water - NZD 3



Milk (1 litre) - NZD 2.67

Bread -  NZD 2.50

White rice (1kg) - NZD 3

Eggs (12) - NZD 5.40

Cheese - NZD 11

Chicken - NZD 12.90

Beef - NZD 20

Fruits - NZD 3 - 4

Vegetables - NZD 3-4


  1. Entertainment and recreation:

Student life is incomplete without some fun and entertainment. While you’re away studying, it's natural to socialise and hang out with your friends. Therefore, don’t miss out on calculating your entertainment charges, so you don’t miss anything. Enjoy New Zealand’s vibrant, full-of-life entertainment scene by visiting casinos, nightclubs, restaurants, theatres and gaming and racing tracks. Just keep the numbers in check, though!


  • Entertainment in New Zealand will cost you around  NZD 50 - 90 per week.

Also, have a look at entertainment charges in New Zealand for various activities:


Entertainment & Costs

Movie ticket - NZD 10-14

Live concert - NZD 70-90

Gaming and adventure - NZD 50-70

Gym - NZD 60 (Monthly fee)


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  1. Other essentials:

The living cost in New Zealand for an international student doesn’t end with your basic needs. You will have to keep in mind the other essential expenses such as shopping and healthcare before going to New Zealand.  An estimated NZD 100 - 150 per month should be kept aside for your living expenses in New Zealand.



New Zealand living expenses for international students increase a little due to the mandatory medical insurance charges. Every Indian student must have medical insurance before joining their course. The average expenses in New Zealand for health insurance ranges between NZD 200 to NZD 700 a year.


-Proof Of Funds Charges:

The other essential funds you will have to put in place are the proof of funds. This fund shows the New Zealand authorities that you have enough money to support yourself as a student.

  • You will have to show about NZ$15,000 - NZ$20,000 (INR 7,82,322 - 10,43,096) if you’re going to study in New Zealand for more than a year. And at least $1250 (INR 65,193) for each month of study if you’re going to pursue a short-term course.



Shopping is an irresistible temptation. As a student, you obviously would want to look your best in college. So, set aside a few dollars as average expenses in New Zealand for your shopping spree.  You might need about NZD 200 - 300 per month for shopping.

  • Speaking of shopping, a pair of jeans can cost you around NZD 110. Shoes can cost you about NZD 139, and dresses might cost you about NZD 60. 


-Miscellaneous charges:

Cost of living in New Zealand per month will also include other more minor expenses such as your internet bills, books, stationery, utilities and so on. You can set aside a sum of NZD 100 per month as the average cost of living in New Zealand charges.


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Summing it up! So, this is how your monthly cost of living in New Zealand will look like:

Living cost in New Zealand for international students sums up to NZD. As an Indian student studying in New Zealand, you will have to mind your cost of living expenses as well as your cost of studying in New Zealand. Have a look at the table below for clarity:





NZD 800 (INR 41,275 )


NZD 100  (INR 5,159)

Food & Groceries

NZD 256 (INR 13,208 )

Entertainment & Recreation

NZD 200 (INR 10,318  )

Personal Care

NZD 160 (INR 8,255)


NZD 1516 Per Month  (INR 78,216 )


Please note that these estimates vary based on the city, university and lifestyle you opt to live in New Zealand.


Living in New Zealand is a great opportunity, and you should consider it if it aligns with your future goals. And while you’re noting your expenses in New Zealand, also learn about the cost of studying in New Zealand and the best courses to pursue in New Zealand.


In case of any confusion, you could also schedule a FREE consultation call with a Yocket professional today!




  1. Cost of living in New Zealand for Indian students?

You will have to spend around NZD 400-500 per week in New Zealand.


  1. Cost of studying in New Zealand?

Your average tuition fees will range anywhere between NZD 22,000 to NZD 35,000 or more, depending on the course and university you choose.


  1. Is it cheaper to live in New Zealand or Australia?

New Zealand has a lower cost of living than Australia.


  1. Is it worth studying in New Zealand?

           New Zealand qualifications are recognised worldwide. In addition to that, studying in New Zealand is cheaper than studying in any other foreign country. Thus, making learning in New Zealand worth it. 


  1. Do Indians get jobs in New Zealand?

As a student, you’re allowed to take up part-time jobs in New Zealand. You can also apply for a work permit after your education in New Zealand.

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