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PhD in New Zealand for International Students: Top Universities in New Zealand for PhD

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“The people are super-friendly and welcoming, the Māori culture is very interesting and nature is one of a kind. Coming to New Zealand has been a great experience.” - an international  PhD student in New Zealand

The iconic landscapes of New Zealand draw students from all over the world to New Zealand. New Zealand’s affordability, extensive study options and picturesque landscape, enormous course availability are topped with a general welcoming environment. So, if you are looking for options to engage in some research, New Zealand is the place for you! Keep reading, as this blog will tell you the minutest details about PhD in New Zealand for Indian students, along with some of the top universities in New Zealand for PhD! 

Best courses to study in NZD!

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Why Study PhD in New Zealand?

If you have your doubts about pursuing a PhD in New Zealand, have a look at some of the perks of pursuing PhD from New Zealand:

  • Employers in New Zealand look for research expertise with doctorate degrees for
  • Work while you study: PhD students have the freedom to work full-time throughout their studies.
  • Universities offer numerous aids in the form of doctoral scholarships and other concessions to international students. Universities also have affordable tuition costs. PhD in New Zealand for Indian students is comparatively lower than studying in any other country.
  • Comparatively low cost of living along with New Zealand PhD scholarship for international students makes an appealing student life with less financial burden.

Popular Student Cities in New Zealand for International Students

Overview of PhD in New Zealand

Moving on, let us give you a brief overview of PhD in New Zealand for international students through this table below:


3-4 years

Type of Degree


Popular Specialisations



Health Sciences




Popular Universities

University of Auckland

University of Otago

Auckland University of Technology

Massey University

University of Waikato

Average Fees for International Students

10,000 NZD to 40,000 NZD

List of Universities in New Zealand Accepting Backlogs

Top Universities in New Zealand to Study PhD

New Zealand has some of the best universities to study PhD in the world. The following list has the top 5 universities for PhD that pave the best path for research in New Zealand:

  1. University of Auckland
  2. University of Otega
  3. Auckland University of Technology

Let us know about these universities in New Zealand for PhD in detail:

University of Auckland

The university competes with the top 1% of universities globally when it comes to research. Postgraduate research opportunities are available in more than 100 different subjects. Students can undertake independent and original research supervised by experts. The University of Auckland also showers students with opportunities to present their work as well as collaborate with local and international experts.

PhD Intake



3-4 years

Tuition Fees

44,000 NZD

Popular Specialisations

Fine Arts


Clinical Psychology


Otago University

They have a  diverse international faculty with most supervisors having been born overseas or achieved their doctorate overseas, and half of 1500 doctoral international candidates. International PhD candidates pay the same PhD in New Zealand cost as the domestic students if they reside in New Zealand; if with family, their children may study at state schools with no international fees. Otago University offers up to 200 doctoral scholarships per year that can aid you for up to 3 years.

PhD Intake



3-4 years

Tuition Fees

10,000 NZD

Popular Specialisations





Auckland University of Tech

AUT bags #1 position for global research impact and #1 for international outlook. For those looking to study PhD for research in New Zealand, especially in international relations, AUT is your way to go. It would be more important to note that the university ranks in the top 1% of universities worldwide!

PhD Intake

November, May, August


4-6 years

Tuition Fees

39,000 NZD

Popular Specialisations




Social Science 

These are the three best universities in New Zealand for PhD. Although, the other 5 universities have PhD programs in New Zealand too. For students planning to study PhD in New Zealand, the rest of the NZ universities are listed in the order of their performances:

Cheapest Universities in New Zealand

Documents Required to Study PhD in New Zealand 

As you apply for PhD in New Zealand, you will have to fulfill the following requirements:

  • 2 Letters of Recommendation
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Resume
  • Proof of eligibility for PhD in New Zealand - Bachelors or Masters degree with some previous research experience.
  • Your past dissertation or thesis and any relevant research publication are recommended for applying for a doctorate in New Zealand.
  • Portfolio to be produced by Arts, Architecture or Design courses students
  • Certificates of achievements and extracurricular activities

SOP for New Zealand

Application Process to Study PhD in New Zealand

To apply for PhD in New Zealand, follow the steps mentioned below and get placed in your dream college:

Step 1: Shortlist multiple universities offering PhD in New Zealand.

Step 2: Make a list of the deadlines for PhD courses in New Zealand and dates for the university admissions.

Step 3: Take standardized tests in time before the admission process. Language proficiency tests are crucial to PhD in New Zealand for Indian students. IELTS is the most accepted university in New Zealand. IELTS score of 6.5 or above and TOEFL score above 95 assures entry into most universities.

Step 4: Keep all documents handy specific to PhD in New Zealand for international students.

Step 5: Apply for PhD in New Zealand via the university’s website. Mention the details if you are studying for a PhD in New Zealand with a scholarship.

Step 6: Prepare documents required for Student Visa application.

Step 7: Apply for a student visa.

What is the admission process to study in New Zealand for international students?

Cost to Study PhD in New Zealand

The PhD cost in New Zealand ranges from 10,000 NZD to 40,000 NZD per annum depending on the type of programs, and the universities chosen.

Along with the tuition fees, the PhD in New Zealand for international students also includes living expenses which range from 5,000 NZD to 10,000 NZD per month.

Cost of Living in New Zealand

Job Opportunities After PhD in New Zealand

Honing a PhD certainly completes your hat of features. This means that not only are you becoming an expert in your field but also are celebrated by the industry with a good pay. To give you a rough idea of the hike in your salary a PhD could offer, here are some figures -

For instance, a chemist in New Zealand would usually earn 50-90 grand a year without a PhD whereas, with a PhD he could earn anywhere between 90 -150 grand a year! On an average, with a PhD as compared to without, your base salary increases by at least NZ$ 40 - 60,000 in almost any field in New Zealand! Thus, making this the main reason to apply for PhD in New Zealand for Indian students.

All about Jobs in New Zealand

PhD Scholarships in New Zealand for International Students

Let us now help you with some of the most popular PhD in New Zealand with scholarship through this table below:

University Of Waikato Tuition Scholarship

University Of Auckland – Summer Research Scholarships

AIWA Lucy Kasparian Aharonian Scholarship

Keith And Dorothy Mackay Postgraduate Travelling Scholarships

Wellington Doctoral Submission Scholarship

Lincoln University Doctoral Scholarships in New Zealand

The University of Otago – Noni Wright Scholarships in New Zealand

Sir Ratanji Dalal Research Scholarship

SCAR Fellowships in Antarctic Research

Ways to Grab Fully Funded Scholarships in New Zealand!

Universities in New Zealand do not distinguish between their students as reflected in intake of students from different backgrounds. More so, the hospitable environment is such that you receive the best PhD opportunities in New Zealand at no extra cost on the basis of being an international student. With all 8 universities offering PhD programs in New Zealand, PhD in New Zealand for Indian students comes with a host of options and further PhD opportunities in New Zealand in the form of jobs.

In addition to the benefits of studying in New Zealand, you could also benefit by getting a scholarship abroad. To know more about scholarships in New Zealand for Indians, get in touch with a Yocket professional to help you through your application.


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