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Popular Student Cities in New Zealand

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Studying abroad in New Zealand is one of the best decisions to help students achieve their goals and ambitions. There are many cities in New Zealand encouraging interested students to study in a friendly and comfortable way. From awesome beaches to breathtaking mountains, the country has everything making it the best place to study in New Zealand for international students.


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Key benefits of studying in some of the top cities in New Zealand


  • Globally recognized qualifications - The universities located in New Zealand are consistently ranked among the top universities as per the QS World Rankings and Times Higher Education Rankings.

  • Excellent pedagogy - Inspired by the UK education system, New Zealand lays more emphasis on research-based learning and practical education is made accessible in addition to theory-based learning.

  • Innovation and research - New Zealand provides unlimited opportunities in research for students, the country has highly experienced faculty, well-equipped laboratories, world-class teaching facilities, robust technology, equipment, etc. attracting more students each year.

  • Safe and peaceful environment to study - New Zealand ranks at the second position on the Global Peace Index 2018, thus making it safe for international students. Whether you study in Wellington or study in Auckland, you get to study in a peaceful environment.

  • Amazing state-of-the-art research and study facilities are offered to students who study in Palmerston North, study in Dunedin, or at some other place.

  • Lower tuition fees as compared to the universities located in the US, UK, etc.


Along with the presence of quality institutes, New Zealand boasts of many cities that attract a lot of international students mainly due to their easy accessibility and affordable living costs.

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Some of the top student cities in New Zealand are:

  1. Auckland

Auckland has the presence of some of the best universities in New Zealand. The city each year attracts a lot of students from different parts of the world. Studying in Auckland is the top choice among many Indian students. Auckland has ranked 18th in the top student cities in New Zealand and also has the presence of some well-established universities. Auckland is truly the best city in New Zealand for international students.

  1. Christchurch

Christchurch is referred to as the Garden City of New Zealand and is popular for its quality institutes and many adventurous attractions. Christchurch is among the top 50 student cities in the world as per QS. Students from across the globe visit Christchurch to receive a high-quality education.

  1. Wellington

Wellington is the centre of New Zealand’s economic and social activities. It is the capital city of New Zealand. Study in Wellington is one of the popular options among international students. Indian students prefer studying in the educational institution based in Wellington offering an engaging study environment to international students. Students can easily fulfil their dream of study in Wellington without much effort because of the easy access to colleges and universities in the city.

  1. Invercargill

Invercargill is one of the cities located on the South Island, with a population of little more than 50,000. The place offers a welcoming and friendly environment to live and study. Unlike other cities, the universities in Invercargill hold important ranks in terms of studies.

  1. Dunedin

Dunedin is the literary heritage and hosts many events, businesses, institutions and organizations. There are numerous Dunedin colleges from where you can continue your professional and postgraduate studies along with undergraduate courses. There are many universities in Dunedin popular for offering professional courses.

  1. Palmerston North

Palmerston North is known as the city of Students because a majority of its population is under 25. This type of environment attracts many international students to study in Palmerston North. The city itself is relatively small, but its location makes it one of the popular destinations for weekend outings.

  1. Hamilton

If you are looking to study in Hamilton then move ahead with your plan by studying at the fourth largest city in New Zealand. While studying there, you will get a feel of a big city but with less traffic and pollution. The place is a peaceful location and a good place for top-quality studies.


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The Top Educational Institutions in New Zealand

As you make up your mind about the best city in New Zealand for international students to study. Also, look at the best universities in New Zealand for international students based on the convenience of study, variety of subjects and other important criteria. 

1. University of Otago - Dunedin, South Island

Dunedin is Australasia’s only true student city where more than 20% of its residents attend the University of Otago. If you dream to study in Dunedin then enrol yourself for a course at this university.

2. University of Auckland - Auckland, North Island

From amazing coastlines to vibrant mountains, living in New Zealand’s largest city Auckland is a never-to-be-forgotten experience. The University of Auckland is located in the heart of the urban centre, offering access to kebab joints, cool coffee shops, and international shopping hubs that all are quite popular among the people living there.

3. University of Canterbury - Christchurch, South Island

Get a chance to study with 12000 students by choosing the best academic programs from more than 70 programs by studying at the University of Canterbury. The institution provides an excellent study atmosphere and curriculum for international quality of education.

4. Victoria University of Wellington - Wellington, North Island

The Victoria University of Wellington offers a global international learning exposure, making foreign students feel ultra-welcome from the get-go. If you look to have meaningful careers in a variety of industries then the Victoria University of Wellington is the best university.

5. Auckland University of Technology - Auckland, North Island

Auckland city has various renowned colleges and universities making among the top list of New Zealand colleges for international students. Students can explore a variety of options while pursuing technology-related subjects or others of study. There are different courses in the liberal arts, spanning from hospitality and tourism management to public policy, Maori studies, and more, for your consideration.


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Tuition Fees and Living Expenses in New Zealand

Certainly, New Zealand is one of the popular study destinations among thousands of international students each year. Along with lower tuition fees, the living costs, like accommodation, food, transport, etc. is also low as compared to countries like the USA, the UK, and others.

To understand in detail look at the table below:


Tuition fees at public universities

International students planning to study at a public university in New Zealand have to pay the tuition fees. The tuition fees amount differ according to the kind of degree, level of education, duration of studies, etc.

  • 4,100 - 6,100 EUR/year for Bachelor’s degrees

  • 7,300 - 10,500 EUR/year for Master’s degrees

  • 3,700 - 5,100 EUR/year for PhD degrees


Tuition Fees at private universities

Private universities in New Zealand are more expensive as compared to public universities. The tuition fees vary from 20,000 EUR - 25,000 EUR per academic year.

Two of the most affordable universities in New Zealand include:

  • The University of Auckland – Bachelors start at 886 EUR/year

  • The Auckland University of Technology – Bachelors start at 3,997 EUR/year


Tuition fees at top-ranked universities

  • The University of Auckland – between 6,100 and 22,000 EUR/year

  • The Auckland University of Technology – between 5,500 and 14,000 EUR/year

  • The University of Canterbury – between 5,300 and 22,500 EUR/year


Cost of Living in New Zealand

International students planning to study and live in New Zealand must arrange a budget of 750 - 1,300 EUR per month to live in New Zealand.


New Zealand is a wonderful country across the globe. The country in terms of education has numerous renowned universities with their well-rounded qualities offering many study abroad programs.


New Zealand has earned a significant position among various other universities for offering quality education with amazing modern and state-of-the-art facilities. The country itself offers a great learning and support system to international students. Moreover, it also has lower annual tuition costs and a lower cost of living as compared to the UK, USA, Canada, etc. So certainly studying there can help you get the best quality education. Choose from the best city in New Zealand for international students and fulfil your dream of earning a rewarding career.

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