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Cost of Studying In New Zealand: Tuition Fees, Money Saving hacks and Course Costs In NZ

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New Zealand is a popular study abroad destination among aspirants today. The natural landscapes, serene lifestyle and one of the best education systems in the world, makes New Zealand a desirable destination to go to. One thing you must note about New Zealand is that all the eight universities of the country rank in the top 100 universities in the World.

Having said that, you must be wondering if the cost of education in New Zealand is affordable? Well, it certainly is! The cost of studying in New Zealand for Indian students ranges approximately around Rs 26+ lakhs. However, the cost of studying may vary depending on the course, university, location etc.


Read the break up of the article below to gather clear insights into the same.  


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Table of Contents: 


  1. How much does it cost to study in New Zealand? 


As an international student, you will incur a number of fees and charges while studying in New Zealand. Let’s first look at an overview of your expenses and then, deep dive into each of them accordingly.

How Much Does It Cost To Study In New Zealand?


As a student, your New Zealand study cost includes paying for: New Zealand college fees, visa fares, accommodation charges and more. Keeping these in mind, here’s a snapshot of your expenses:  





Tuition Fees

NZD 22,000 (approx. value to be paid annually)

Rs 11,44,573.96

Student Visa fees

NZD 280

Rs 14,567.30

Study Material and Stationary

NZD 500/annually

Rs 25427.82

Additional Costs

NZD 100

Rs 5085.56


Note: These are just rough estimates. The costs may vary based on your choice of university and lifestyle etc.


All the costs in this article are converted from NZD to INR according to the exchange rate as of 13th August 2021.


  1.  Tuition Fees


The tuition fee will be your cost of college fees in New Zealand. Tuition fees are basically the amount you pay as your New Zealand university fees for enrolling in various courses. The cost of education in New Zealand varies based on the courses and universities you choose to enrol into. For example, the fees for a master’s course would typically be more than an undergraduate course.


Note: The New Zealand college fees for courses such as an MBA, MBBS etc are slightly on the higher side.


New Zealand University Fee Structure for various courses are:






NZD 12,000 - 18,000

Rs 6,24,313.07- 9,36,469.60


NZD 22,000 - 32,000

Rs 11,44,573.96 - 16,65,336.27


NZD 26,000 - 37,000

Rs 13,53,085.72 - 19,25,545.06


NZD 6500 - 9000

Rs 3,38,271 - 4,68,375.83


NZD 31,000 - 50,000

Rs 16,13,294.51 - 26,02,087.92

Medical and Health sciences

NZD 44,000 - 77,328

Rs 22,89,837.37 - 40,24,285.09


NZD 44,526

Rs 23,19,084.84


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  1.  Student Visa Fees


Along with your New Zealand college fees, you also need to spend on a student visa. Any prospective student seeking a higher education in another country must obtain a student visa from that country to be able to study and work part-time in that country. 

  • Most Indian students require to take the fee-paying student visa to study in New Zealand.


Student Visa fees for New Zealand:

  • Fee-paying student visa - NZD 330 (Rs 17,168.61)

  • Foreign government-supported student visa - NZD 330 (Rs 17,168.61)

  • Pathway student visa - NZD 295 (Rs 15,347.70)


Note: All the costs in this article are converted from NZD to INR according to the exchange rate as of 13th August 2021.


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Did you know? While applying for a New Zealand student visa, it is mandatory for international students to provide bank statements as proof, showing that you will be able to support yourself financially. Your bank account must show NZD 15,000 (INR 7,80,626.38) for a full year of study in New Zealand or NZD 1,250 (INR 65,032.61) for every month of your course tenure. 


  1. Accommodation


The second major expense apart from your New Zealand university fees is the cost of your accommodation. However, you can be relieved as you have a few options to choose from. Pick the type of accommodation that fits your budget well.


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Types of accommodation

Costs (Weekly)

Halls of Residence

NZD 200 - 500 (Rs 10,405.22)

Local homestays

NZD 110-370 (Rs 5722.87 - 19,252.90)

Rented apartments with friends

NZD 200 each (Rs 10,406.97)

Independent living

NZD 565 (Rs 29,399.70)

Youth hostels

NZD 200 (Rs 10,406.97)


  1.  Other Lifestyle Expenses


As a student, the rest of your expenses in New Zealand will cater to your daily lifestyle. To live a high-end lifestyle, you will need to keep some money aside. However, your everyday expenses in New Zealand are going to be minimal.

  • Additional expenditures can include spending on food, beverage, commute, shopping for grocery, clothing or footwear.

  • It’s also a good idea to keep some funds aside for fun and for emergencies. 


As per the authorities of New Zealand, a student budget-friendly life costs up to NZ$20,000 to NZ$25,000 annually.


Your weekly expenditure on various basic facilities would look something like this:





NZD 200

Food & Beverages

NZD 34


NZD 30


NZD 25

Recreation & Entertainment

NZD 50

Household utilities

NZD 100


NZD 50

Communication (Internet, Mobile bills etc)

NZD 20

Books & Stationery

NZD 20-30


NZD 100-400


  1. Insurance and Taxes


It is mandatory for all the international students to have medical insurance before starting your course in New Zealand. The average cost for medical insurance ranges anywhere between NZ$ 200 – NZ$ 700 a year (INR 10,473 to INR 36,656).

International students in New Zealand pay taxes on any sort of income earned in New Zealand. To pay taxes, students require an IRD number.

  • You can apply for the IRD number online on Inland Revenue’s website or get on a call with the Inland Revenue Department.

  • The current NZ tax rate is 10.5%, if you earn less than NZ$14,000 a year.


Bonus: You can use apps like XE Currency or CalConvert to convert your currency at ease during your stay in New Zealand.


To Sum-It-Up: Total Cost of Education in New Zealand for an Indian student

Adding the average tuition fees in New Zealand for international students, visa charges and more, the cost of studying in New Zealand for International students (Indians) for about a year would look something like this:



Price in INR

Tuition fees (annually)

Rs 15,61,103.75

Visa fees

Rs 17,172.14

Accommodation (Per year)

Rs 5,41,240.44

Lifestyle (per year)

Rs 4,84,410.19


Rs 26,03,925


Money saving hacks for International Students studying in New Zealand:


There are some hacks and tips through which you can manage your expenses. Most popular ones being scholarships and part time jobs.


  1. Many international students bag scholarships in New Zealand. By receiving a scholarship, you will be greatly cutting down on your New Zealand university fees.

  2. Students can also take up various part-time jobs in New Zealand during their studies to manage their expenses.

  3. In addition to these, almost everything in New Zealand holds a special student discount. Be it food or entertainment, take a StudentCard and enjoy glorious  discounts.

  4. To save up on your commute, take a SmartCard. You can travel across the country at ease with them with a 25% discount.


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As an Indian student planning to study abroad, you can expect the New Zealand university fees for international students to be anywhere between Rs. 26-35 Lakhs. However, the New Zealand study cost can be fairly managed by applying for various scholarships offered in New Zealand. Furthermore, remember while applying to universities that the New Zealand university fees for international students is higher as compared to the locals. Thus, it might seem expensive. But, it is comparatively cheaper than studying in the US or Canada.


In addition to your educational expenses in New Zealand, also understand your cost of living in New Zealand. This will help you plan your stay at ease.



  1. How much does it cost to study in New Zealand Universities?

Ans. Average tuition fees in New Zealand for international students is about NZD 22,000 to 36,000 depending on the course you choose.


  1. What is the Cost of Living in New Zealand for Indian Students?

Ans. Approximate cost of living in New Zealand for an Indian student would be about NZD 379 per week.


  1. Is University education free in New Zealand for international students?

Ans. International students do have to pay tuition fees in New Zealand. However, it can be reduced by applying for various scholarships.


  1. Is New Zealand cheap to study?

Ans. Studying in New Zealand is cheaper than studying in the US, Canada or Australia. 


  1. What is the cheapest course to study in New Zealand?

Ans. Pursuing a BSc and a masters in various subjects like arts, design and agriculture are comparatively cheaper in New Zealand. Although, fees may vary depending on the city and university you opt for.

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