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Student Life in New Zealand

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Living a student life is the most exciting experience of studying abroad. As a student, you make friends, learn, study and explore the world. Having said that, New Zealand is one of the country’s that offers a very exciting and adventurous lifestyle to students.


For starters, apart from the educational benefits of world-class education, internationally recognised degrees and world renowned universities. Students also enjoy exploring the country in their free time. Student life in New Zealand is filled with fun and adventure. The peaceful country and picturesque landscapes makes it a perfect place to enjoy your student life.


Table of Contents:  


  1. Why study In New Zealand?

  2. Capturing the Student Life In New Zealand

  3. Life In New Zealand For Indian students


Before we paint a fascinating picture of your student life in New Zealand, you need to understand some of the key benefits you experience as an international student in NZ. So, here’s why you should study in New Zealand:


  • Experiences: The small island country with breathtaking landscapes has a lot to offer to international students right from excellent degrees to a bag full of great memories and experiences.

  • Internationally recognised degrees: All degrees from New Zealand universities are globally recognised. This means that you can work across the world after your study.

  • World class education system: All universities in New Zealand have top rankings according to the QS World Ranking systems.

  • Great quality of life: New Zealand is known for having an amazing quality of life. It is ranked as one of the safest countries in the world. There exists a great work-life balance for people in New Zealand.

  • Students can study and work : Students can also work part-time in New Zealand during their study. They are allowed to work for 20 hours or full-time based on the course you opt for, allowing you to manage expenses at ease.


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Capturing the Student Life In New Zealand: What is the student life of New Zealand like?

Student life in New Zealand has its own unique kiwi touch. New Zealanders are supportive and friendly to students. Students studying in NZ explore themselves, their personalities, make new connections and get to learn about the Maori culture.


Student life in New Zealand is all about adventure, exposure and management. Learn about all the fun factors you get to experience as an international student in New Zealand:

  1.  Education

Most of the courses in New Zealand are research-based. Students get personalised attention from teachers and mentors helping them flourish.


In addition to that, all the New Zealand universities are top ranked and have a good reputation. NZ Universities have gorgeous campuses and accommodation facilities for international students. Students also have cafes or canteens on campuses to relax and hangout.


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  1.  Selecting The Right Accommodation

Your accommodation influences your lifestyle. Choosing an expensive one might require you to work longer while, opting for a student friendly accommodation in New Zealand might be cheaper and will help you make friends from the university.


Students in NZ have accommodation options to choose from such as the halls of residence or rented apartments. Student accommodation in NZ costs around NZD 200- 500 per week.


TIP! If you wish to learn more about the Maori culture in New Zealand, look for a local homestay. This kind of accommodation is a great way for students to blend in.


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  1.  Exploring New Zealand

International student life in New Zealand is all about exploring the country. Most of New Zealand’s cities are small yet well connected, so you can easily travel across the country at a cheaper price.


The mesmerising views of New Zealand are worth exploring!

  1. Entertainment and Events  

The most thrilling part of your student life in New Zealand would be enjoying the food, traditional occasions, customs and much more. In addition to the colours of the country, you will also get to experience the various fests and events your college or university hosts. And ofcourse they are fun!


Talking about fun, colleges in NZ organise various social and sports events. They have artsy studio visits. If not that, you will without a doubt be seeing many Rugby matches.

  1.  Recreational Activities

Getting some time for relaxation from your studies helps recharging yourself. You can enjoy various sports like skydiving, bungee hopping, fly sailing, hiking or cycling through the wonderful wildernesses.

White sandy sea shores, grand lakes and snow-covered mountains, New Zealand has it all! You just need to make your pick and head out to explore. 


  1. General Expenses For International Students

General expenses as a student include your basic living expenses such as the cost of food, groceries, clothes etc. However, you need not stress about this, as living in New Zealand is quite reasonable.


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  1. Part-time Jobs

International students in New Zealand can take up work. Many international students take up part time jobs to manage their finances and for exposure. A minimum wage of NZD 20.00 is paid per hour for international working students.


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What is the life of an Indian student like in New Zealand?

Many Indians study in New Zealand. Life for an Indian student in NZ is very relaxing and rejuvenating as there are a number of Indians in New Zealand. Apart from finding friends, Indians in New Zealand also have a very comfortable life as there are many Indian restaurants and Indian grocery stores in New Zealand. Thus, allowing you to cook, eat and live comfortably in New Zealand.  


International students are usually anxious about studying in New Zealand. But, you can be assured that you will have the time of your life in New zealand. International student life in New zealand can be fun and exciting. The Kiwis of New Zealand are certainly worth a visit!

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