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Best courses to study in New Zealand: Top 8 Picks Of Best Courses To Study In New Zealand

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New Zealand is the equivalent of a food platter for an international student. You have so many options to choose from in the very same place. New Zealand courses for international students are endless and budget-friendly. And the bonus is that all eight of New Zealand’s universities feature in the top 3% globally, according to the 2020 QS World University Rankings.


New Zealand remains the only country to have all of its universities in the global top 500. And Students can take up courses of high-in-demand jobs like Healthcare, Engineering, IT and Finance. These subjects offer some of the top diploma courses in New Zealand for international students. Along with these, you also have the opportunity to also study unconventional courses in New Zealand such as Agriculture or Food and Wine at world-class facilities.


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Table of Contents:


  1. The best course to study in New Zealand


The New Zealand government holds strong quality assurance systems to ensure high-quality education at all levels of education. There are long lists of courses in New Zealand to study at both public and private institutions at an affordable cost. We will be discussing each of them further.


We have sifted through New Zealand’s courses to bring to you the best course to study in New Zealand on the basis of demand, quality of programme offered and global rankings. The details of the best course to study in New Zealand are as follows:

  1. Computer Science and IT:

Universities in New Zealand offering Computer science and IT courses maintain high international academic benchmarks. These are among the most in-demand New Zealand courses for international students. The courses go deep into areas like machine learning, cyber security, digital libraries, broadband communication, human-computer interaction and software engineering. With everything going digital, the use of Computer and IT knowledge has become insurmountable.

Best universities in New Zealand to study Computer science and IT:

To pursue this course, some of the best universities in NZ are:


  1. Waikato University:
  • Under Graduation in Computer Science: NZ $31,515 - $33,735 

  • Post Graduation: NZ $35,980 or $53,970

  • Under Graduation in Tech: NZ $33,735

  • Post Graduation NZ $35,375 or $53,065

  1. Auckland University of Technology:
  • Under Graduation in IT: NZ $34,513

  • Post Graduation in IT: NZ $37,701

  1. University of Auckland:
  • Under Graduation in Computer Science: NZ$ 4500,

  • Post Graduation in Computer Science: NZ $22000


Other good universities to consider for the most popular courses in New Zealand are Victoria, Canterbury and Otago.


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  1.  MBA

The best part about securing a degree in business from a New Zealand university is that students can pursue higher-level management not barring running their own businesses. Here, there are the world’s esteemed MBA universities, with globally recognized top courses in New Zealand.


New Zealand is a preferred destination to study MBA for many reasons, some of them being the potential job opportunities and affordability. The demand for business analysts for instance is so high in the New Zealand corporate space.


Best universities in New Zealand to study MBA:

As we’ve now understood the need of the market, you should also consider studying in the top universities of New Zealand to have a guaranteed career. Some of them are:


  1. Auckland University of Technology: NZ$ 53,715
  1. University: NZ$ 61,000
  1. Massey University: NZ$ 51,000


Other good options for MBA universities are Canterbury and Waikato.



  1. Agriculture

Multiple universities in New Zealand have ranked in the top 100 for agriculture and forestry. Offering some of the best courses in New Zealand according to QS World University Rankings, the programmes rely on practical learning via frequent farm visits, case studies and research centres.


Best universities in New Zealand to study Agriculture:


  1. Lincoln University:
  • Under Graduation- NZ$ 22000 -32000
  • Post Graduation NZ$ 44,000
  1. Otago University: NZ$ 37000-43,000
  1. Massey University: NZ$ 33,000- 41,000


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  1. Architecture 

Auckland and Victorian University of Wellington rank in the top 100 globally according to the QS World University Rankings 2020 for the subject of Architecture. The universities have studios and workshops form the base for the courses.


Best universities in New Zealand to study Architecture:

As discussed above, have a look at the affordable fees of the universities of NZ to pursue architecture.


  1.  University of Auckland:
  • Under Graduation NZ$ 5000

  • PhD NZ$ 44,000

  1.  Victoria University of Wellington: NZ$ 34,850
  1. Auckland University Of Tech:
  • Under Graduation and Post Graduation NZ  $38,480


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  1. Psychology

The field of Psychology has seen exponential growth over the years. With more and more people focusing on their mental wellness, it certainly is one of the booming fields to venture into. If you wish to pursue this course, look no further! Here are some of the top universities in New Zealand to pursue your education.


Best universities in New Zealand to study Psychology:


1. University of Auckland: NZ$ 44,000

2. Victoria University of Wellington: NZ$30,271-38,000

3. Otago University: NZ  $36,000-39,000


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  1. MBBS

The MBBS degree from universities in New Zealand is accepted globally. The University of Auckland offering ranks at the top 100 of Q.S. World University Rankings. Work opportunities post MBBS completion are 4 times more lucrative than they are in India. Practical exposure accompanying research-oriented studies is assured in these courses.


Best universities in New Zealand to study MBBS:


  1. University of Auckland: Under Graduation NZ$5,000 and PhD NZ$ 44,000
  1.  Victoria University of Wellington: NZ$34,521-40,000
  1. Otago University:
  • NZ  $36,000 - 42,000,

  • For dentistry, NZ$ 40,000 - 1,02,000



  1. Civil Engineering

Civil Engineers are in high demand currently in New Zealand as the state funding for infrastructure development has increased. As a student of the subject in New Zealand, you are trained to meet this strong demand. Courses cover issues pertaining to urban and rural facilities and infrastructure such as disaster proofing, energy conservation, water and waste management, power generation, etc. Practical skills crucial for the same are inoculated.


Best universities in New Zealand to study Civil Engineering:


1. University of Auckland:

Under Graduation and Postgraduation NZ$ 46,000

2. University of Canterbury:

Post Graduation NZ$ 45,000

3. Wellington University:

Under Graduation NZ  $39,000 and Post Graduation NZ$ 62,000


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  1. Hotel Management

QS Subject rankings 2020 for Hotel Management rank three of New Zealand’s 8 universities in the top 40 worldwide. The courses not only cover main subjects like hospitality management but also budgeting, accounts and other complementary subjects forming the best courses to study in NZ when it comes to this industry.


Best universities in New Zealand to study Hotel Management:


  1. Auckland University of Tech:
  • Under Graduation and Postgraduation NZ $34,077
  1. Lincoln University: Under Graduation:
  • NZ$29,000 Post Graduation NZ$ 44,000


You can also consider private training institutes in New Zealand specifically in Hotel and Hospitality Management.


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With practical, creative and critical skills inculcated via the curriculum, students studying in such job oriented courses in New Zealand are readily welcomed by employers. If New Zealand interests you, understand the admission process, cost of study, cost of living, scholarships offered, and the student life in New Zealand. You will gain a clear picture of the island country with the information provided on these particular topics.




  1. What is the most popular course to study in New Zealand?

Ans: MBA, IT or other Business courses are popular in New Zealand.


  1. Which courses have the best career prospects in New Zealand?

Ans: Jobs in IT and Finance are the best careers to pursue in today’s time.


  1. Which are the highest paying jobs in New Zealand?

Ans: Some of the highest paying jobs in New Zealand are:

  • CEO NZ$560,000

  • Judge NZ$413,000

  • Oncologist NZ$ 387,00


  1. What are the most picked courses by Indian students in New Zealand?

Ans: Some of the most preferred courses of NZ are Engineering, Medicine, and Business courses.

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