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Courses In New Zealand: Best Courses In New Zealand For International Students

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Pursuing courses in New Zealand leads you to an insightful process of developing the right skills and knowledge needed to ace your dream job. New Zealand always has something for everyone. In this case, the country offers a range of the best courses in New Zealand for international students to choose from.

Most of these courses also hold numerous benefits, such as getting a PR in NZ, working in the highest paying sector of the market, etc. So, if you’re looking for the best courses in New Zealand for international students, use this blog to guide you better.

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Why Study Courses Offered In New Zealand?

Before you can witness the courses you can choose from to study in New Zealand, let’s understand why you should conduct this activity in the first place:

  1. QS-Ranked Universities: New Zealand is home to multiple universities that are ranked on the QS World University Rankings. These universities are highly ranked due to the high academic and employer reputation they offer. The top ones are Technical University of Munich (Ranked 49), LMU (Ranked 59).
  2. Expert Assistance: New Zealand has well-experienced teachers that also contribute to the growth of the country's educational sector. These tutors have experience in the industry and educate students on what is required of them in the real world.
  3. Insightful Learning: All the educational knowledge and skills in NZ universities exhibit practical and theory learning. Students will be able to acknowledge challenges and be open to solving them with their skills.
  4. Better Career Opportunities: Lastly, in New Zealand, most of the top universities engage with the best brands in the country. This means students will have better career opportunities to choose from.

Career options in NZ

Best Courses In New Zealand For International Students

So, which course is best in New Zealand?

The best courses in New Zealand are multiple in number. Thus to help you decide better, here are the top ones you should consider for your next academic investment here:

  1. Computer Science and IT
  2. MBA
  3. Agriculture
  4. Psychology
  5. MBBS

Computer Science and IT

Universities in New Zealand offering Computer science and IT courses maintain high international academic benchmarks. These are among the most in-demand New Zealand courses for international students. The courses go deep into areas like machine learning, cyber security, digital libraries, broadband communication, human-computer interaction and software engineering. With everything going digital, computer and IT knowledge have become insurmountable.

Top NZ Universities To Pursue

Waikato University, University of Auckland, etc

Average Tuition Fees

4500 NZ$ - 53,065 NZ$


The best part about securing a degree in business from a New Zealand university is that students can pursue higher-level management not barring running their own businesses. Here are the world’s esteemed MBA universities, with globally recognized top courses in New Zealand.

New Zealand is a preferred destination to study MBA for many reasons, including potential job opportunities and affordability. For instance, the demand for business analysts is so high in the New Zealand corporate space.

Top NZ Universities To Pursue

Massey University, Auckland University of Technology, etc

Average Tuition Fees

51,000 NZ$- 61,000 NAZ$



Multiple universities in New Zealand have ranked in the top 100 for agriculture and forestry. Offering some of the best courses in New Zealand according to QS World University Rankings, the programmes rely on practical learning via frequent farm visits, case studies and research centres.

Top NZ Universities To Pursue

Lincoln University, Massey University, etc

Average Tuition Fees

22,000 NZ$- 42,000 NZ$

Agriculture universities in NZ


The field of Psychology has seen exponential growth over the years. With more and more people focusing on their mental wellness, it certainly is one of the booming fields to venture into. If you wish to pursue this course, look no further! Here are some of the top universities in New Zealand to pursue your education.

Top NZ Universities To Pursue

Otago University, University of Auckland, etc

Average Tuition Fees

30,000 NZ$-44,000 NZ$

Psychology courses in NZ


The MBBS degree from universities in New Zealand is accepted globally. The University of Auckland offering ranks in the top 100 of Q.S. World University Rankings. Work opportunities post MBBS completion are 4 times more lucrative than they are in India. Practical exposure accompanying research-oriented studies is assured in these courses.

Top NZ Universities To Pursue

Otago University, Victoria University of Wellington, etc

Average Tuition Fees

5000 NZ$- 1,02,000 NZ$


Note: The fees differ based on the course undertaken and type of payment, such as yearly or annually. For better clarity on the same, visit the universities official website.

Wrapping Up….

New Zealand has been a superior choice for pursuing education here. The country offers great academic and career opportunities for international students making it a highly regarded choice to pursue any educational studies here. Now that you have the list, it’s time to study the best courses in New Zealand. If you wish to seek assistance for the same, speak to our Yocket counsellors today or schedule a 15 minute free consultation call right now.


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