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Part time jobs in New Zealand

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Studying in New Zealand surely adds a feature to your cap. However, managing your personal expenses along with your tuition fees might be challenging. To cope up with this, the kiwis have made way too many student jobs in New Zealand. Study and work in New Zealand to ease out your finances. In case you’re wondering, having part time jobs in New Zealand for international students is no different than a regular job. Neither is working part-time as a foreigner. Hence, you can take a chill pill and study and work in New Zealand.


To dive deeper into the topics, let’s discuss in detail the kind of student jobs in New Zealand, their pay and the number of hours you can work in New Zealand.


Table of contents:


  1. Why opt for part-time jobs in New Zealand?

  2. Student jobs in New Zealand: What kind of part time jobs should international students take in New Zealand?

  3. How much do part time jobs pay in New Zealand?

  4. How to find a part time job in New Zealand?

  5. Rules to follow as student part-time job goer

  6. Taxes Rules For International Students

Why opt for part-time jobs in New Zealand?

In order to maintain a good life, there are plenty of part time jobs in New Zealand for international students. Working part-time helps students earn while they study. Easing it for students to pay for their living expenses, these side jobs also help them meet new people and network in New Zealand. In addition to that, finding student jobs in New Zealand is very easy.


By working part time students strengthen their resume, socialise and make an extra dollar, so it’s kind of a win-win move to signup for.


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Student jobs in New Zealand: What kind of part time jobs should international students take in New Zealand? 

From babysitting to working at a library, you can opt for any part time job in New Zealand. Some of the most popular part time jobs for students are listed below: 




Retail sales assistant

Work at stores and help customers choose products. In addition to that, you may have to take payments, deal with stock and cleaning.

Seasonal worker

This is a popular job among international students. Seasonal work is available in many orchards and vineyards during summer. You’re required to harvest and prepare fruits and vegetables for sale.


Most common job among international students. You may take this up if you speak good English.  


Students must have completed 18 years of age to apply for this position. You also need to have a good grasp over english.

Supermarket assistant

Take up stacking shelves or working at the checkout counter.


Wash dishes or participate in food preparations.

Call center worker

Working at a call center is a good option for students looking for part time jobs. Good English speaking skills is all that you need for this.

How much do part time jobs pay in New Zealand?

International students working part time in New Zealand are paid a minimum wage of NZD 20.00/hour. It is possible that you earn more than this depending on the type of job you take up. You are paid extra if you work on public holidays and other breaks.

How to find a part time job in New Zealand?

New Zealand part time jobs for students are posted on various platforms like University support service pages, student job search portals, online platforms etc in New Zealand. To find some of the best part time jobs NZ, look at the three portals listed below:  


  • Student Support Services: For details of part time work NZ, every university in New Zealand has established a Student Support Service. Students studying at the university can be assured to find jobs through these services. This is a reliable way to find the best suited NZ part time jobs for students.

  • Student Job Search: This is a national organisation that helps students find part time jobs throughout New Zealand. You can check their website and find a job that fits your schedule and needs.

  • Job-vacancy websites: You can also directly browse for ‘NZ part time jobs for students on various NZ websites and apply. Some of the job websites you can check on are Trade Me and Seek.


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Rules to follow as student part-time job goer

Working in New Zealand with a student visa implies that you’re expected to follow a set of rules put in place by the government. Some of the important rules you must follow are:


  • You must have a student visa that allows you to work.

  • You can work up to 20 hours part-time when you're studying and full time during your semester breaks.

  • Masters or PhD students do not have a limit on their working hours.

  • You can only work as an employee on a student visa.

  • If working is a part of your course. For instance, to pursue an internship. You’re required to obtain the necessary permissions from New Zealand immigration to add the essential details in your visa type.

  • Paying taxes is a must if you’re working in New Zealand.

Taxes Rules For International Students

As discussed above it is a must for working International students to pay taxes. The current tax rate for students earning less than NZ$14,000 a year is 10.5%.

To file for taxes as a student in New Zealand: You require an IRD number or an Inland Revenue Department number to pay taxes.

New Zealand part-time jobs for students are a great way of managing your expenses. You can also have a basic estimate of the cost of living in New Zealand and the earnings you might have to earn to bridge your lifestyle gap. You can also subscribe for a study loan in case you need your tuition fees to be covered.


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  1. How much will I earn working part-time in New Zealand?

You will be paid a minimum wage of NZD 20.00 per hour. You may also earn more than this.


  1. How many hours can students work in New Zealand?

Students can work part-time for 20 hours while studying and full time during holidays.


  1. Most popular part-time jobs in New Zealand?

Most international students take up bartender or waiter/waitress jobs in New Zealand.


  1. Is It easy to find a part-time job in New Zealand?

Yes, if you meet all the requirements, you should have a decent chance of finding a part-time job.


  1. Where can I file for an IRD tax number?

  International students can apply for an IRD New Zealand no of their official website or call the revenue department to enquire for a form. 

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