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Part Time Work in New Zealand: What is the Average Part Time Salary In New Zealand?

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Pursuing academics in New Zealand has seen a tremendous rise amongst international students globally. While many use several mediums of academic funding, when students arrive in the country, they realise one can generate more revenue to survive.

One such way is having New Zealand part time jobs. A part time work NZ helps international students to cover most of their recurring expenses such as living costs in NZD, tuition fees, travel expenses, etc. But to undertake part time job in New Zealand for international students, there are a set of guidelines and generic information you should know. Thus to help you understand everything you need to know about this, refer to this blog as your guide.

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Why Should International Students Consider Part Time Work NZ?

One of the common reasons is the excellent part time job salary in New Zealand for international students. To maintain a good life, there are plenty of part time jobs in New Zealand for international students. Working part-time helps students earn while they study. Easing it for students to pay for their living expenses, these side jobs also help them meet new people and network in New Zealand.

In addition to that, finding student jobs in New Zealand is very easy. Working part time students strengthen their resumes, socialise and make an extra dollar, so it’s a win-win move to sign up for.

Types Of New Zealand Part Time Jobs

There are several New Zealand part time jobs available for international students. If you’re looking for the top ones, here is the complete list:

  • Retail Sales Assistant
  • Sales Worker
  • Tutor
  • Waiter/Waitress
  • Bartender
  • Supermarket Assistant
  • Kitchen Hand
  • Call center worker
  • Office Clerk
  • Cook, etc.

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What Is The Part Time Salary In New Zealand?

The part time salary in New Zealand is standard. International students working part time in New Zealand are paid a minimum wage of NZD 20.00/hour. You may earn more than this, depending on the type of job you take up. You are paid extra if you work on public holidays and other breaks.

How To Find Part Time Jobs In New Zealand For International Students?

Finding a job in New Zealand isn’t difficult.

New Zealand part time jobs for students are posted on various platforms like University support service pages, student job search portals, online platforms etc. in New Zealand. To find some of the best part time jobs NZ, look at the three portals listed below: 

  • Student Support Services: For details on part time work NZ, every university in New Zealand has established a Student Support Service. Students studying at the university can be assured of finding jobs through these services. This is a reliable way to find the best-suited NZ part time jobs for students.
  • Student Job Search: This is a national organisation that helps students find part time jobs throughout New Zealand. You can check their website and find a job that fits your schedule and needs.
  • Job-vacancy websites: You can also directly browse for ‘NZ part time jobs for students on various NZ websites and apply. Some of the job websites you can check on are Trade Me, Seek, LinkedIn, Indeed, etc.

Top Facts To Know About New Zealand Part Time Jobs

Before you can apply to the top part time work NZ, there are a few things you should be aware of. Working in New Zealand with a student visa implies that you’re expected to follow a set of rules by the government.

Some essential rules you must follow are:

  • You must have a student visa that allows you to work.
  • You can work up to 20 hours part-time while studying and full-time during your semester breaks.
  • Masters or PhD students do not have a limit on their working hours.
  • You can only work as an employee on a student visa.
  • If working is a part of your course. For instance, to pursue an internship. You’re required to obtain the necessary permissions from New Zealand immigration to add the essential details to your visa type.
  • Paying taxes is a must if you’re working in New Zealand.

Tax Rules For Part Time Work NZ For International Students

As stated above, international students are liable to pay taxes. The current tax rate for students earning less than NZ$14,000 yearly is 10.5%.

To file for taxes as a student in New Zealand, conduct the following action:

  • You require an IRD number or an Inland Revenue Department number to pay taxes.
  • Apply for an IRD number online on Inland Revenue’s website. You could also call them for a form.

Wrapping Up….

New Zealand, with time, will continue to be a preferred choice to pursue education abroad. The best factor about New Zealand is the right balance of lifestyle choices here compels students to apply for jobs. The work-life balance is another factor in encouraging students to pursue a career here. If you wish to learn more about part time job salary in New Zealand, speak to your Yocket counsellors today or schedule a 15-minute free consultation call right now.

Frequently Asked Questions About New Zealand Part Time Jobs

Ques: Is it easy to get New Zealand part time jobs for students?

Ans: Yes, it is easy to find a good part time job for international students here. There are multiple ways to do the same, as seen above.

Ques: Can foreign students work for any New Zealand part time jobs?

Ans: Yes, even international students are given the ability to undertake any part time jobs to earn extra income to survive in the country.

Ques: How many hours can international students undertake part time work NZ?

Ans: You are allowed to work 20 hours a week, especially for international students working and studying simultaneously. In case of holidays, full-time working is allowed.

Ques: Is New Zealand good for jobs?

Ans: Yes, New Zealand is home to the best home brands and highly recognised firms that are always looking to hire the best talents in the country.

Ques: How is life in New Zealand?

Ans: New Zealand is a great country for any of the choices to study, work or build a life. The country is warm to immigrants and allows the latter to use opportunities. Apart from this, the country also offers a better working standard. Read: Student life in New Zealand