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Best Courses After BCOM in UK 2024: Top Universities, Programs, Admission Requirements & More for Courses in UK after Bcom

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The United Kingdom is one of the best study abroad destinations with countless acclaimed institutions offering a diverse range of courses after BCom in UK to choose from. Selecting to pursue the best ones in the UK will enhance your skills and ensure you get access to the best career opportunities after completion.

Like many graduates, you can prioritize attaining the best masters degrees in the UK as a crucial first step in your career. For instance, if you are willing to pursue an MBA, which is the most popular course globally, you may have a higher chance of getting a high-paying job. Likewise, there are many other courses in UK after BCom that will help you in nudging your career in a great direction. In this blog, we have discussed the best courses you can pursue after BCom in the UK, along with all the relevant details needed to pick the right one.

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List of Top Courses to Study in UK After BCom

Although the options for the best courses in UK after BCom are numerous. The UK educational system is an all-rounder and has been recognized in several fields of study. Its institutions are counted as the best destinations in terms of the quality of education in business studies, humanities, administration fields.

Here is a list of some best courses after BCom in UK.

  • International Business/Management
  • Marketing
  • MBA
  • Finance
  • Business Analytics
  • Human Resource Management
  • Project Management

Let's dive into the details of each course one by one:

International Business/Management

Being the most popular after BCom courses in UK, an International Business course UK will help you to teach you many business-related activities. This course will give you the knowledge on how to conduct business across borders, understanding of the international market, and geopolitical and cultural differences in the work. Many universities offer International Management courses in MSc or PGDip programs.

Popular Programs

MSc International Management

MSc International Events Management

MSc International Business and Management

MSc in International Management and International Relations

Top Universities

University of Sussex

Liverpool University

Brighton University

University of Salford

University of Southampton


Marketing and brand management courses in the UK are highly demanded and indispensable in today's competitive market. This course will gives you an outline of the brand values and its related channels. Based on your interests and career goals, you have a wide range of options to choose while pursuing marketing in UK, such as luxury brand management, digital marketing, and corporate brand management etc.

Popular Programs

MSc Marketing and Brand Management

MSc Luxury Brand Management

MSc Digital Marketing Communications

MSc Corporate Brand Management

Top Universities

University of Essex

University of Southampton

Manchester Metropolitan University

Brunel University

Nottingham Trent University


MBA in UK ranks the highest among the best courses after BCom in UK. Business management graduates are the most sought after across the world in many ventures. Some of the world leaders in multinational organizations are MBA graduates from top UK universities. The pay of the business management professionals in the UK is also high which makes it the most demanded course.

Popular Programs


Global Executive MBA

Masters in Financial Analysis

MSc Management

Top Universities

Warwick Business School, University of Warwick

Imperial College Business School

Durham University Business School

Alliance Manchester Business School, University of Manchester

Cass Business School, City University of London

Cranfield School of Management, Cranfield University

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Finance & Accounting

A master's in Finance degree from the UK will definitely let you in the top 100 world's leading multinational financial firms. Finance and accounting courses in UK universities come with many specializations which pave the way for excellent career opportunities. Also, the demand for financial professionals, business experts and accountants is going to increase a lot with new technological advancements and the economy.

Popular Programs

MSc in Financial Economics

Masters in Finance

MSc in Finance and Accounting

MSc Accounting

Top Universities

University of Oxford

Imperial College London

London School of Economics and Political Science

University of Cambridge

University of Edinburgh

Business Analytics

Business Analytics is one of the best courses after BCom in UK. It will assess you with the analytical skills of businesses and closely calculate its growth tangents. A business analytics professional studies the different aspects of business and assists them in growing and performing better.  The demand for business analytics in UK has been sharply increasing a lot in recent years.

Popular Programs

MSc in Business Analytics

MSc in Business Analytics and Management Sciences

MSc in Business Analytics & Big Data

Top Universities

University of Warwick

University of Edinburgh Business School

Lancaster University

Alliance Manchester Business School

University of Bath

Leeds University Business School

Human Resource Management

The Human Resource Management in UK Course is another one of the most appealing options to advance your career to a great height. This one is basically for those who are in the HR field and want to get into the field. It will give you specialist knowledge and skills required for the business settings. Strategic, Cross Cultural Management, Managing Operations and Employee Relations are demanded skills in this field.

Popular Programs

MSc Human Resource Management and Consulting

MSc International Human Resource Management

MBA Human Resource Management

MSc Human Resource Management and Organisation

Top Universities

University of West London

University of Hertfordshire

University of Nottingham

University of Bath

University of Reading

Durham University

Project Management

Project Management in UK is an in-demand course in the corporate fields. It will help you to learn the different methodologies, tools, philosophies and principles required for the management and development of several business related projects. The course will covers the topics such as management and control, project planning, international joint ventures, risk procurement management etc.

Popular Programs

MSc Management (Project Management)

MSc Project Management

MSc International Project Management

MSc Engineering Project Management

Top Universities

University of Liverpool

The University of Manchester

University of Bristol

Lancaster University

University of Warwick

University of Birmingham

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Apart from the above mentioned courses in UK after BCom, you can also study international business, law, fashion designing etc courses. Now let's have the cost of studying different courses in UK:

Cost of Studying Courses in UK After BCom

The cost of studying PG courses in UK after BCom varies from one institution to another. Apart from it may also depend on the type of your course and whether you are an EU student or an international student. The tuition fees of domestic students is roughly around 10,250 Euro annually. However, if you are an international student, the tuition fees starts from 14,130 EUR that can go upto 53,700 Euro for specialised degrees such as medicine and business etc.

 Postgraduate Courses

Average Annual Fees


18,000 - 40,000 EUR


20,000 - 28,000 EUR


18,000 - 32,000 EUR


30,000 - 48,000 EUR


25,000 - 67,000 EUR

Arts and Humanities

14,000 - 32,000 EUR

Pg Diploma

10,000 - 22,000 EUR

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The arts and social sciences degrees after BCom in UK universities are quite affordable while the clinical and lab programs are somewhat costlier.  Now that you know about the cost of studying after BCom in UK, let's look at the admission requirements and eligibility criteria for these courses.

Admission Requirements and Eligibility Criteria to Study Courses in UK After BCom

The eligibility criteria to study masters courses after BCom in UK varies with the type of programs. Here we have listed a few of the basic admission requirements you must fulfill to get admission in the above mentioned courses.

  • Bachelor's Degree
  • Language Test Scores
  • GRE or GMAT Scores
  • Student Visa
  • Work Experience

Let's discuss each one of the requirements in brief.

Bachelor's Degree

You must have a recognised bachelor's degree with a minimum of 60% in a relevant field. The minimum GPA scores at most of the top universities in the UK is 3.5 out of 4.0 scale.

Language Test Scores

If you are an non native international student and have completed your bachelors degree without English instructions you must submit language scores after BCom courses in UK. The minimum scores accepted at universities includes

GRE or GMAT Scores

For some masters degrees in UK, you need to submit a GRE or GMAT test scores. This is usually required or recommended for STEM programs in UK. A GRE scores of 160 and a GMAT of 650 or more is great to stay ahead in competition.

Student Visa

A valid student visa and passport are a must for the international students to pursue any courses in the UK. Make sure to apply for the UK student visa at least three months prior to the expected date of travel to the country.

Work Experience

As you are seeking into masters in UK, having a minimum of two or three years of work experience is essential for many advanced level degrees such as MBA or MIM in UK. However, some courses don't require it as a mandatory one. You can check the official university website to gather all the essential information.

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The above mentioned requirements are a few of the common ones. However many other courses and universities in UK requires other documents such as letter of recommendation, statement of purpose, resume etc too to get value in the application. To put it into perspective, studying in the UK extends a horizon of career opportunities and exposures. All you need to do is to just choose the best courses based on your interest and fill up the application form of top universities and the rest is history. However, if you need any assistance in this regard, do connect with our Yocket Professionals now.


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