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Marketing Course in UK: What are the Best Universities for Marketing UK for Indian & International Students


For any company, marketing is an integral part that helps it to connect with clients and the target audience. Top companies look for fresh minds to handle the marketing section. A graduate marketing fresher from a top university, has a better career, as top companies look for fresh minds. Similarly in UK, the demand for marketing freshers has increased threefold, attracting overseas students to take up marketing course in UK. Your degree program will put a lot of emphasis on planning, pricing, trend analysis, advertising, and marketing.

One of the best parts of seeking a marketing degree in UK is you gain expertise in building relationships and bringing in more business to the company. Moreover, you will improve their abilities to question and analyse information as well as their communication and presenting skills. In this article, we will present to you an overview of why you must study marketing in UK along with the top university and job scope available.

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Why Study Marketing in UK?

Studying marketing in the UK permits international students to learn in courses that suit everyone. Crosswise to most universities, students may benefit from their credits through exams and additional credits through a dissertation or group business projects. Some of the following reasons to study a marketing course in UK are:

  • Top QS Ranking Universities

There are some best ranking universities for marketing in UK in which students will learn modern insights of marketing prospects undertaken by company leaders. Most of the universities in UK are top QS ranked with good infrastructure and teaching faculty.

  • Good Job Opportunities

There are good job opportunities in UK for fresh marketing graduates. Top companies hire freshers with good annual Payscale. Over the years, the annual Payscale increases with a raise in position.

  • Scholarships

Most of the universities in UK offering marketing courses assist students with special grants. These scholarships help students in covering their cost of study. However, students need to be eligible enough to earn a scholarship- like having a merit list score.

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Top Marketing Universities in UK

We have listed below the top best universities in UK for marketing subjects offering quality education. Students can choose any of the available options and accordingly seek admission. Some of the best marketing universities in UK are:

  1. University of Cambridge
  2. Bishop Grosseteste University
  3. University of Manchester
  4. University of Derby
  5. Cardiff University

Let us discuss in details:

1.    University of Cambridge

The University of Cambridge offers a marketing course where students get to learn about market analysis that takes into account clients, rivals, and the ecosystem. Moreover, they will follow strategies in areas like product, pricing, and distribution, marketing includes segmentation, and positioning. The course is designed to make students learn about strategic marketing management attracting customers, satisfy them, and boost revenue.



QS Ranking 2023


Program Offered

Bachelor of Business (Marketing) - 3 years

MPhil in Strategy, Marketing and Operations- 9 month

Program Fees (Annual)


Bachelor’s- GBP 9250 (INR 8,98,041)

MPhil- GBP 13,002 (INR 12,62,307)

2.    Bishop Grosseteste University

The marketing course offered by Bishop Grosseteste University will help you advance your knowledge and abilities while putting you in the best possible position in the industry. Once you complete your degree, you can begin your career in business and finance-related professions across a range of industries and organisations. Marketing programs offer a cutting-edge curriculum that is intended to improve employability or get you ready for self-employment.



QS Ranking 2023


Program Offered

BA (Hons) in Marketing -3  years

MSc in International Business - 1 year

Program Fees (Annual)


BA- GBP 12,445 (INR 12,08,230)

MSc- GBP 14,280 (INR 13,86,382)

3.     University of Manchester

The University of Manchester is the leading institute offering marketing courses keeping the current trend in mind. If you are interested in getting into the strategic marketing management or marketing-related topics including market research, product development, brand management, and retailing, do check the marketing program offered. The course helps students to prepare for the marketing challenges ahead in real life.



QS Ranking 2023


Program Offered

BSc in BusinessManagement (Marketing)- 3 years

MSc in Marketing- 1 year

Program Fees (Annual)


BSc- GBP 26,000 (INR 25,24,225)

MSc- GBP 26457.88 (INR  25,36,000)

4.    University of Derby

The marketing degree offered under professional accreditation will help you in getting into the pathway of management, data insights, PR and advertising, or digital marketing. The course offers the knowledge, self-assurance, and creativity you need in building an organisation under a customer-driven approach. You'll discover how to effectively utilise both internal teams and external agencies by combining all the components of the marketing mix.



QS Ranking 2023


Program Offered

BSc (Hons) in Marketing -3 years

MSc in Marketing- 1 year

Program Fees (Annual)

BSc- GBP 14,045 (INR 13,63,567)

MSc- GBP 7,850 (INR 7,62,121.)

5.    Cardiff University

Cardiff University with its marketing course concentrates on businesses of all sizes, including social entrepreneurs, charities, and international corporations. This comprehensive approach guarantees that you acquire the abilities to address the changing needs of all enterprises, regardless of industry. They'll teach you techniques for understanding customer behaviour, conducting market research, developing business strategies, and using digital marketing.



QS Ranking 2023


Program Offered

BSc in Business Management (Marketing) 3 years

MSc in Strategic Marketing- 1 year

Program Fees (Annual)

BSc- GBP 19,700 (INR 19,12,586)

MSc- GBP 23,950 (INR 23,25,200)

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Course Curriculum for  Marketing In UK

The marketing course in UK will give you the analytical abilities and marketing expertise needed for a variety of fascinating marketing careers. Be it the bachelors, Masters or MBA in marketing in UK, the marketing course offered by universities in UK cover all aspects of the business marketing management. Some of the subjects covered are-

  • Society and Economy
  • Introduction to Accounting
  • Marketing
  • Marketing Research
  • Marketing and Strategy

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Eligibility Criteria and Admission Requirements to Study Marketing in UK

Some of the best universities for Marketing UK have their own set of eligibility criteria as a part of the admission process. We have listed the common ones-

  • Educational Qualification
  • English Language Proficiency Test Scores
  • GRE or GMAT Test Scores
  • Work Experience
  • UK Student Visa
  • Additional Requirements

Let us check in details:

Educational Qualification

  • For Bachelors

You need to provide a qualifying certificate of 12th grade with a score of 50-60% from any registered educational institution in the relevant field . The overall GPA score should be around 3.0

  • For Masters

Students need to provide a passing certificate of BA (Hons) or BSc in marketing score of 60-70% from a reputed university. Having 2-3 years of work experience will be an added advantage

  • MPhil-

The standard requirement for this course level is bachelors and masters in Marketing scorecard. In addition, 2-3 years of work experience will be beneficial.

English Language Proficiency Test Scores

Students while applying for a marketing course in UK need to submit the score of the English Language Proficiency test. However, the score may differ according to the university in UK.

GRE or GMAT Test Scores

There are some top universities offering marketing course in UK demand for GMAT/GRE scores, especially for the MBA in marketing in UK. However, different universities have different score requirements. The average score is-

Work Experience

Not all universities would ask for work experience. However, to pursue masters or higher level courses in marketing in UK, having 3-4 years of work experience can be an added advantage.

UK Student Visa

To apply for a UK student visa, international students need to have the acceptance letter from the applied university. The average processing time for a UK study visa is three weeks, though during busy periods it may take longer.

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Documents Required for Admission in Best Universities for Marketing in UK

To pursue admission in the best Universities for Marketing in UK, students need to be ready with documents for the submission purpose. Some of these are:

  • Statement of Purpose
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • Official Transcripts
  • Resume/CV
  • Academic Documents
  • A valid passport is compulsory
  • Financial Support Proof
  • GRE/GMAT score

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Admission Process for Marketing Course in UK

To complete the admission process, you need to have all the required documents. Below are the steps to follow for admission process:

  • Check the official university website to see if you match the eligibility requirements for your desired program.
  • Take a look at the important documents and permits that you need to submit along with your application.
  • Complete the online application form and pay the application cost.
  • After submitting your application, you can log in to the admission portal.
  • Meanwhile, you can gather all of the documents needed to apply for a UK study permit.
  • If you meet the required needs, the university invites you for the entrance exam.
  • The cut-off for the entrance exam is determined by the college administration. If an applicant performs well on the entrance exam and meets the cut-off, the next step is processed.
  • Once the university accepts documents and scores, you can get an acceptance letter from the applied university
  • After receiving an acceptance letter you can apply for the UK study visa.

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Cost of Studying at Marketing Universities in UK

The cost of study is associated with studying abroad for an international student. If you are pursuing marketing course in UK, you need to know the cost of study and living

1.    Tuition Fees

The average annual tuition fees charged for marketing courses in UK is around:

  • BSc- GBP 19,700 (INR 19,12,586)
  • MSc- GBP 23,950 (INR 23,25,200)
  • MPhil- GBP 13,002 (INR 12,62,307)


2.    Cost of Living

Examining the precise costs associated with top universities for marketing courses in UK might help a student create a budget that works for their needs and hunt for financial aid to cover the costs.


Cost Per Month


GBP 830 (INR 79555.87)


GBP 50 (INR 4792.52)


GBP 32 (INR 2576.27)

Study Materials

GBP 1000 (INR 95850.45) yearly

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Scholarship Offered for Marketing Courses in UK

The majority of overseas students require financial aid or scholarships to cover their living and educational expenses. Both undergraduate and graduate scholarships are available in the UK. Some of these are-


Amount Granted

Imperial Business Scholarship

GBP 5,000 (INR 47,92,52.25)

Alliance MBS Masters Scholarships for UK/EU/International Students

Covers complete fees

Business School International MSc Scholarship

GBP 5,000 (INR 95,85,04.51)

LUMS Program Scholarship


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Job Scope After Marketing Degree in UK

Aspirants after completing the marketing courses in UK, there are different job options including- Digital Marketing Manager, Market Research Analyst, and Market Research Manager are available after earning a Master’s in Marketing.

Job Role

Annual Salary

Digital Marketing Manager

GBP 1,50,000 (INR 15,04,8520.75)

Market Research Manager

GBP 1,46,000 (INR 13,99,4165.79)

Marketing Associate

GBP 93,600 (INR 89,71,602.18)

Product Marketing Manager

GBP 1,63,000 (INR 15,62,3623.45

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With marketing becoming an in-demand job for most businesses, a marketing degree in UK will help you advance in your career. When pursuing additional degrees, such as those in advertising or business management, you can use the skills and strategies you gain while studying marketing. If you are looking for assistance, connect with Yocket professionals.


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