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Project Management in UK: Project Management Courses in UK for International Students

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Project management involves setting corporate objectives and completing projects that require a specific set of professional abilities. The practices of project management are widespread in major corporations, engineering firms, and technical businesses, but they may be applied in any size or style of office that requires project organisation and guidance. One way to make your career in this field is by pursuing the best project management courses UK.

The United Kingdom is the home to some of the top project management universities offering different streams of course.The goal of project managers is to achieve a successful end product. Therefore, project management is really about organising and overseeing all of the activities that go into producing the end product. There are some top project management courses in UK universities which students can pursue to make a positive career. From Bachelors to masters, and higher-level courses, students have options to choose. This article presents you with the list of top universities, course curriculum, scholarships, and others.

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Why Study Project Management In UK?

UK offers great career scope for project management graduates. The project management in UK is rapidly growing with more and more companies hiring freshers. Moreover, UK is a great country which offers high quality education in project management courses. There are more than 35 universities offering project management in UK. Some other reasons to choose project management courses UK are:

  • Better Job Opportunities

According to the Association for Project Management's (APM) Salary and Market Trends Survey 2022, the average annual income for a professional working in project management is GBP 47,500 (INR 45,66, 202).

  • Top Ranking Universities

There are top universities for project management in the UK offering quality education to students. These universities has good infrastructure and experienced faculty for better education.

  • Good Scholarship Options

Students who are keen to pursue a project management degree UK will need enough funds. Universities in UK offer special financial grants that cover the course fees.  However, students need to be eligible enough.

Top 10 Reasons to Study in UK

Top Universities for Project Management in UK

When it comes to pursuing a project management course in UK, it is important to look for the best universities. Below listed are some of the top project management universities in UK:

  1. University of Manchester
  2. University of Warwick
  3. University of Birmingham
  4. Lancaster University
  5. University of Southampton

Let us get an overview of each university in UK:

1. University of Manchester

University of Manchester is a public institution offering multiple courses. The Project Management course equips students with the knowledge of both the people-related and technical requirements necessary for the successful management of engineering projects, as well as the organisational and strategic aspects, preparing them for a professional role in the management of engineering projects.



QS Ranking 2023


Program Offered

BSc in Management - 3 years

MSc Management of Projects-1  year

MSc Engineering Project Management- 1 year

Program Fees (Annual)


Bachelor’s GBP 26422.63 (INR 25,39,961)

Master’s GBP  31245.31 (INR 30,03,629)

2. University of Warwick

University of Warwick was established in 1961, offering multiple courses for students. The Project Management program allows you to customise your experience to fit your interests, learning requirements, and professional goals by letting you choose from a variety of modules. In order to maintain your professional possibilities, you can either pursue a generalist path in business and management or select one of our study tracks in finance, digital business, or entrepreneurship to increase your employability in that field.



QS Ranking 2023


Program Offered

BSc in Project Management- 3 years

MSc in Program and Project Management- 1 year

Program Fees (Annual)

Bachelor’s GBP 28,421 (INR 27,31,069)

Master’s GBP 33,744.94 (INR 32,43,920)

3. University of Birmingham

University of Birmingham was established in 1900, introducing a novel approach to higher education in the UK. The project management course helps in building the required skill to manage projects and deliver the best. The course will help you grow as a critically thinker, gain skills to analyse and evaluate business related challenges. Moreover to produce imaginative and enterprising solutions that cross multi-disciplinary boundaries in addition to improving your professional prospects.



QS Ranking 2023


Program Offered

Advanced Engineering Management MSc - Project Management- 1 year

MSc in Industrial Project Management- 1 year

Project Fees (Annual)


Advanced MSc- GBP 25,750 (INR 24,75,362)

MSc- GBP 10,320 (INR 99,2067)

4. Lancaster University

Lancaster University, one of the top research-intensive universities in the UK, was founded in 1964 by Royal Charter. Graduates from a variety of subject backgrounds can enrol in Project Management programs. The program starts with an overview of management before delving further into the theory and application of one particular management discipline. Students will be able to develop required skills for project management.



QS Ranking 2023


Program Offered

MSc Project Management- 1 year

Project Fees (Annual)


GBP 24, 497 (INR 23,55,000)

5. University of Southampton

The University of Southampton, one of the premier research universities in the UK, is renowned for its cutting-edge educational model. The Project Management program at the University of Southampton offers a flexible decision-making module where students will learn content not included in other project management degrees offered in the UK.



QS Ranking 2023


Program Offered

MSc Project Management

Program Fees (Annual)

GBP 25,000 (INR 24,03,264.25)

List of UK Universities With Most Indian Students, Rankings, Fees & More

Course Curriculum of Project Management in UK

The best project management course UK emphasises on developing the vital project management skills that students require to succeed in the field. The Project Management degree also emphasises improving the students' core competencies in risk and innovation management, leadership development, and the application of advanced project and management methods. Furthermore, Project management universities in UK prepare students to face challenges they would come across in real life.  Some of the subjects covered are:

  • People and Organisations
  • Project Management Research Methods
  • Management of Projects
  • Applied Project Management
  • Project Planning and Control

10 Top Courses In UK For International Students

Hard & Soft skills for Project Managers

Eligibility Criteria & Admission Requirement for Project Management Degree UK

To pursue the project management course in UK, aspirants need to carry a certain eligibility criterion which depends on the stream taken. Some of the criteria are:

  1. Educational Qualification
  2. English Language Proficiency Test Scores
  3. GRE or GMAT Test Scores
  4. Work Experience
  5. UK Student Visa
  6. Additional Requirements

Let us check in details:

  • Educational Qualification

For Bachelor's in Project Management

Student must present 10+2 passing certificate from relevant field with A- Levels (96 points)

For Master's course

  • Bachelor's degree, preferably in engineering, or management discipline 2:1 (equivalent of 60% to 70%) or 2:2 (equivalent of 50% to 60%) at undergraduate level.
  • Students will need to provide scores for the entrance exam.
  • English Language Proficiency Test Scores

Some universities in UK would ask for entrance exams and English Proficiency Test score. 

  • TOEFL- 70-90
  • IELTS- 6.5-7
  • GRE or GMAT Test Scores

There are few top universities offering project management in UK demand for GMAT/GRE scores. However, the score may differ as per the course and university. The average score-

  • GMAT- 550- 600
  • GRE- 130-170
  • Work Experience

Irrespective of the level of course you are pursuing, work experience isn't completely mandatory. However, to pursue a masters course for project management in UK, having 3-4 years of work experience can be an added advantage.

  • UK Student Visa

To apply for a UK student visa, international students need to have the acceptance letter from the applied university. The average processing time for a UK study visa is three weeks, though during busy periods it may take longer.

What is UK Student Visa Rejection Rate?

Documents Required for Project Management Course UK

To pursue admission in project management universities in UK, students need to be ready with documents for the submission purpose. Some of these are:

  • Attested Mark Sheet along with their copies
  • LOR
  • SOP
  • Work experience
  • Your updated Resume.
  • Photocopy of IELTS/TOEFL scores.
  • Proof of funds

Everything You Need to Know about Requirements to Study in UK For International Students

Admission Process for Project Management Courses in UK Universities

To complete the admission process, you need to have all the required documents. Below are the steps to follow for admission process:

  • Check the official university website to see if you match the eligibility requirements for your desired program.
  • Take a look at the important documents and permits that you need to submit along with your application.
  • Complete the online application form and pay the application cost.
  • After submitting your application, you can log in to the admission portal.
  • Meanwhile, you can gather all of the documents needed to apply for a UK study permit.
  • If you meet the required needs, the university invites you for the entrance exam.
  • The cut-off for the entrance exam is determined by the college administration. If an applicant performs well on the entrance exam and meets the cut-off, the next step is processed.
  • Once the university accepts documents and scores, you can get an acceptance letter from the applied university
  • After receiving an acceptance letter you can apply for the UK study visa.

UK university Admission Process for Undergraduate & Postgraduate Programs

Cost of Studying Best Project Management Courses UK

The total cost for pursuing project management courses in UK depends on the university and location. Below mentioned is the cost of project management in UK.

Tuition Fees

One of the primary costs an international student incurs while studying abroad is tuition. Top UK institutions offering Project Management program charge around. The overall cost of study:

  • Bachelor’s GBP 28,421 (INR 27,31,069)
  • Master’s GBP 33,744.94 (INR 32,43,920

Cost of Living

The cost of living in UK depends on the lifestyle and where you live. You will need to consider different aspects like accommodation, lifestyle, city, and others.


Cost Per Month


GBP 600 (INR 57,652.18)


GBP 200 (INR 19,217.39)


GBP 32  (INR 3074.78)


GBP 246 (INR 19,700)

Study Materials

GBP 21 (INR 20,17.83) yearly

Cost of Studying in UK for International Students: Tuition Fees, Cost of Living & Other Expenses in 2022

Yocket Premium

Scholarships for Project Management Courses UK

Since students can't afford to cover the cost of studies in UK, there are grants offered by universities. Some of these are:


Amount Granted

Management of Projects Excellence Award

GBP 31,245.31 (INR 30,03,629.46)

WMG School Scholarship

Complete Tuition Fees

Postgraduate Scholarships for University of Bristol Alumni

10% reduction in fee

International Postgraduate Taught MSc Scholarships

GBP 4999.25 (INR 48,05,80.75)

13 Best Scholarships in UK for International Students 2022

Job Scope After Project Management Course in UK

Students after completing the respective course in project management can take up better job opportunities. Project management employees in the UK are thought to make an average yearly pay of roughly GBP 47,500 (INR 45,66, 202).

Job Roles

Average Annual Salary

Assistant Project Manager

GBP 38,109 (INR 36,63,439.89)

Business Analyst

GBP 33,028 (INR 31,75,000)

Project Administrator

GBP 25,406 (INR 24,42,293)

Senior Project Manager

GBP 57,926 (INR 55,68,459)

What are the Job Opportunities after Studying in UK?

Due to developing global markets and the use of advanced technologies, project management is one of the occupations with the fastest rate of growth worldwide. Starting your career in project management with the course in UK will further help in making a promising career. If you are looking forward to making a career and pursuing the course, connect with Yocket Professionals today.


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