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Average Living Expenses

The University of Birmingham is a public research university located in Birmingham, England. Established in 1825 as a successor to Mason Science College, it received its Royal Charter and became the first English civic or 'red brick' university to receive its own Royal Charter.

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The university is a member of several prestigious groups, including the Russell Group, which represents 24 leading UK research-intensive universities. It has a strong reputation for research and teaching quality, with many of its academic departments being highly ranked both nationally and internationally.

The University of Birmingham offers a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs across various disciplines, including arts and humanities, business, engineering, life sciences, medical and dental sciences, physical sciences, and social sciences. The university has a diverse student population, attracting students from all around the world.

What is the acceptance rate of the University of Birmingham?

The University of Birmingham acceptance rate is estimated to be around 13.54% - 15%.

What is the Annual Tuition fee at the University of Birmingham?

The annual tuition fee for international students at the University of Birmingham varies from INR 7 L to INR 37 L.

Some of the notable facilities at the University of Birmingham include the Barber Institute of Fine Arts, the Lapworth Museum of Geology, and the Birmingham Research Park. The university's main campus, located in Edgbaston, is known for its beautiful architecture and green spaces.

Top Reasons to Study in the University of Birmingham

One of the key factors to consider is The University of Birmingham's acceptance rate. The University of Birmingham has a competitive admissions process, ensuring that admitted students are academically qualified and have the potential for success. The university values students who demonstrate a strong commitment to learning, personal growth, and intellectual curiosity.

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In terms of tuition fees, the University of Birmingham offers a range of programs at different levels of study. Tuition fees may vary depending on the specific program and the level of study you are pursuing. It is essential to review the university's official website or contact the admissions office for detailed information on tuition fees for your chosen program.

The cost of living at the University of Birmingham should also be taken into consideration. Living expenses, including accommodation, meals, transportation, and personal expenses, may vary depending on your lifestyle and preferences. Birmingham offers a relatively affordable cost of living compared to some other major cities in the UK. Prospective students should carefully plan and budget for these expenses to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience while studying at the university.

The University of Birmingham is renowned for its academic excellence and diverse range of programs. The university offers a wide array of disciplines and fields of study, providing students with numerous academic opportunities. Whether you are interested in arts and humanities, sciences, engineering, or any other field, the University of Birmingham offers rigorous and challenging programs designed to foster critical thinking, research skills, and intellectual growth.

Maintaining a strong academic record is important at the University of Birmingham. The University of Birmingham places value on students' Grade Point Average (GPA) as a measure of academic achievement. Students are encouraged to strive for excellence in their coursework and actively engage in their studies to maximize their learning experience.

Scholarships and financial aid options are available at the University of Birmingham to support eligible students. These resources aim to alleviate the financial burden and make education accessible to deserving students. It is recommended that prospective students explore the various scholarships and funding opportunities provided by the University of Birmingham to determine if they qualify for any financial assistance.





Cost of Studying at University of Birmingham

Average tuition fee


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Living expenses

Average living expenses (Bachelors)


Average living expenses (Masters)


Average on-campus living expenses


Admissions at The University of Birmingham

Avg acceptance rate (Bachelors)


Application Fee

£22 - £50

How to Apply at University of Birmingham

The application process and eligibility requirements for the University of Birmingham can differentiate based on the course and degree. Following is the basic admission process for the year 2023-2024 

  1. Select a course and degree you wish to pursue. 
  2. Apply to the undergraduate courses through the UCAS application. However, the postgraduate/graduate courses can be applied either through the University of Birmingham application portal or UCAS (based on course type—Teacher Training., LLB for graduates, Social work, etc.)
  3. Review the eligibility requirements listed on the official web page like GPA, LORs, SOPs, a good honors degree, etc. 
  4. Upload the necessary documents along with the application. Later, you might have to share their copies through the mail. 
  5. Submit the application and wait for the decision. You can check the status of your admission application from the UCAS portal or the official website. 
  6. Upon confirmation, a candidate will receive a conditional offer letter, an unconditional offer, etc. 

University Of Birmingham Application fee: When trying to post an application to the University of Birmingham for undergraduate courses, an international student needs to pay GBP 22.50/ INR 2093 for a single program and GBP 27/ INR 2,512 for multiple programs. Further, for graduate and postgraduate programs, students must pay a non-refundable application fee of 50 GBP/ INR 4,652. 

Documents Required to Apply to University of Birmingham

Documents required to take admission at The University of Birmingham for 2023-2024 academic year

Monetary Support Declaration 


Proof of Fee Payment


Student Visa 

IELTS/TOEFL Certificate

A copy of your valid passport/ID photo page

Proof of English Language Proficiency (if applicable) 

Wellness and Life Insurance

Motivation Letter 

A copy of your actual document indicating the courses you took and your grades

Research proposal (If required)

Sample work (If required)

Exams Accepted By University of Birmingham

Exam accepted at The University of Birmingham for the academic year 2023-2024


Minimum scores required


Minimum scores required



6.5 overall with no less than 6 in any band

6.5 overall with no less than 6 in any band







600 (MBA courses)

PTE (Academic)

76 with no less than 67 in all four skills

76 with no less than 67 in all four skills

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International Students

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Total International Students in the university


Alumni at University of Birmingham

The University of Birmingham has a global alumni network of 3,50,000+ graduates, which includes many well-known names in various fields. Some notable alumni graduates from the University of Birmingham include Arthur Bywater, GC GM, awarded both the George Cross and the George Medal for his bravery and courage; Chris Addison, one of Britain's best-loved comedians; and Hannah England, a professional 1500 meter runner. 

The directory includes notable graduates, former classmates, and research and academic personnel. The university motivates its alumni to volunteer, keep in touch, attend various events and conferences, enjoy alumni benefits, and more. 

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Reviews for University of Birmingham

Campus life

Number of campuses the university has

Campus locations

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Transportation in the city

You can get to the University of Birmingham from your accommodation by bus, train, walking, or renting a motorcycle. Besides, the city has a well-developed and effective public transportation system. The university’s transportation has a few features: 

  • The university has eight bus routes. Staff and students can benefit from reduced bus passes, a GBP 1/ INR 93.06 fare to the city center, and excellent-value group tickets.
  • The university has its own rail station that offers an eight minutes journey from New Street. Further, the station makes the train a quick and convenient travel option from across the West Midlands and beyond. 
  • The university provides a free shuttle bus service from Monday to Friday during term time only between Edgbaston and Sally Oak campuses. 
  • The guild of students runs a shuttle bus service called Selly Express. It is a FREE evening service from the Main Library bus stop on Ring Road North to residential roads in Selly Oak. It runs every 45 minutes between 20:00 and 00:30; students need to show an ID for it. 

Services offered by the university

The University of Birmingham offers various services for its students. 

  1. Irrespective of where you come from, the University of Birmingham offers a vibrant, welcoming, and metropolitan campus with many cultural and social events to suit your interests and tastes.
  2. International students are provided with custom-crafted events, such as coaching and skill workshops on networking skills, job-seeking strategies, and job searching beyond the University.
  3. The university offers various conference and hospitality services, libraries, exchange services, a guild of students, online shopping services, Birmingham day nurseries, etc.

Student life at University of Birmingham

The University of Birmingham has a thriving campus for international and domestic students with its beautiful grounds, friendly community, and excellent facilities. They offer the students a huge variety of exciting activities to get involved in outside of their studies. Following are the benefits a student will enjoy at the University of Birmingham. 

  • In this university, there are many nationality groups that form student societies all over the University of Birmingham Campus. Such groups are an excellent way to stay in touch with family and friends while highlighting UK customs and culture.
  • This university has a beautiful campus with red-brick buildings and magnificent green spaces. The students can explore the Edgbaston campus to enjoy a peaceful drink at the campus or study peacefully on the lawns. 
  • Students can enjoy the university’s state-of-art libraries, a swim in between the lectures, or the USD 55 million sports club and facilities. 
  • University offers a Guild of Students association that includes 250+ societies and sports groups. 
  • The university Guarantees accommodation to international students in the first year of their education. 

On campus accomodation at University of Birmingham

The University of Birmingham offers on-campus accommodation with a variety of student housing options and collaborates with private insurers to provide living spaces that meet a variety of budgets and preferences. This includes both shared apartments and studio apartments for single occupancy.

The majority of the housing is within easy reach of the university campus or on local transportation routes.

The university offers a range of rooms and catering types, from self-catered en-suites to shared Meal Plan accommodation, so a student can find the one that best suits them and their budget.

If a student has a disability or medical condition, the university offers to adapt rooms to support their needs. 

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Faculty Information

Jobs and Opportunities


1. What is the University of Birmingham's acceptance rate?
The University of Birmingham's acceptance rate is 13%, making it relatively flexible and more selective while taking meritorious students.

2. What is the average tuition fee for international students at the University of Birmingham?
Tuition fees for international students in University of Birmigham based on courses 2023-2024 are:



Postgraduate taught

Postgraduate research

Band 1 (Class)

£21,000 to £21,780/ INR 19.73 to 20.46 lakhs

£21,150 to £22,950/ INR 19.87 to 21.56 lakhs

£20,340 to £21,480/ INR 19.11 to 20.18 lakhs

Band 2 (Intermediate)

£22,500 to £24,600/ INR 21.14 to 23.11 lakhs

£23,850 to £25,740/ INR 22.40 to 24.18 lakhs

£22,380 to £24,660/ INR 21.02 to 23.16 lakhs

Band 3 (Laboratory)

£25,860 to £28,560/ INR 24.29 to 26.83 lakhs

£26,640 to £28,530/ INR 25.02 to 26.80 lakhs

£26,040 to £28,980/ INR 24.46 to 27.22 lakhs

Band 4 (Clinical)

£46,320/ INR 43.52 lakhs




International Academy




3. What are the minimum University of Birmingham GPA requirements?
Admission to the University of Birmingham is relatively easy and flexible. To confirm your application, the minimum University of Birmingham GPA requirement is 3.2 on a scale of 4. 

4. When is the application deadline to submit the application form to University of Birmingham?
The most common early action deadlines offered by the University of Birmingham for the fall term mostly lie around 15 January each year. Students are recommended to go through the application process and submit the application fees before this deadline.  

5. What is the average cost of living while studying at the University of Birmingham?
On average, the annual cost of living while studying at the University of Birmingham is around 1500 GBP/ INR 1.40 lakhs per month. For miscellaneous and personal expenses, the charges may vary from person to person depending on the standard of living and lifestyle.

6. What are the top University of Birmingham courses and fees? 
Top University of Birmingham courses include: 

  • Communication & Media Studies
  • Electrical and electronic engineering
  • History
  • History of Art, Architecture & Design
  • Physics and astronomy
  • Social Policy
  • Social Work
  • Sports Science

The average cost of studying at University of Birmingham for international students is £21,000/ INR 19.73 lakhs to £46,320/ INR 43.52 lakhs.