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Cranfield University is a postgraduate specialist university founded in 1946, in Cranfield, United Kingdom. A global leader in education and transformational research in technology and management, Cranfield University has an enrollment of around 6000 students annually. Welcoming around 46% of international students, 88% of the Cranfield University Research is classed as world-leading and internationally excellent.

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Courses at Cranfield University cover a wide range of disciplines and are designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills required for successful careers. Here are some of the degree programs offered at Cranfield University:

  • Engineering: Cranfield offers a comprehensive range of engineering courses, including Aerospace Engineering, Automotive Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering. These programs provide students with a solid foundation in theoretical principles and hands-on experience through state-of-the-art facilities and industry collaborations.
  • Business and Management: Cranfield's School of Management is renowned for its expertise in business and management education. The university offers various programs, such as MBA, Executive MBA, and specialized master's degrees in areas like Strategic Marketing, Operations Management, Finance, and Entrepreneurship. These courses focus on developing strategic thinking, leadership skills, and practical business acumen.
  • Aerospace and Aviation: With its strong heritage in aerospace, Cranfield University provides specialized courses in Aerospace Vehicle Design, Aerospace Computational Engineering, Aerospace Dynamics, and Air Transport Management. These programs prepare students for careers in aircraft design, simulation, management, and air transport operations.
  • Defence and Security: Cranfield is a leader in defense and security education, offering programs like Defence and Security Systems, Forensic Explosive and Explosion Investigation, and Cyber Defence and Information Assurance. These courses train students to tackle complex security challenges, develop defense technologies, and safeguard critical information systems.

Top Reasons to Study in the Cranfield University

  • Academic Excellence: Cranfield University is renowned for its academic excellence and is consistently ranked among the top institutions in the UK. The university offers a range of high-quality programs that are designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills needed for successful careers.

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  • Industry Connections: Cranfield University has strong links with industry partners, providing students with valuable networking opportunities and industry insights. The university collaborates closely with leading organizations, ensuring that its programs align with industry needs and offering students excellent prospects for internships, research projects, and employment.

  • Specialized Programs: Cranfield University specializes in postgraduate education, offering a diverse range of programs across various disciplines. Whether you are interested in engineering, business, environment, or defense, Cranfield provides specialized courses that cater to specific career paths and industry requirements.

  • Global Perspective: With a diverse student body from over 100 countries, Cranfield University offers a truly international experience. Studying alongside peers from different cultural backgrounds provides a rich learning environment and prepares students for global careers in an interconnected world.

  • Acceptance Rate and Entry Requirements: While the acceptance rate and specific entry requirements can vary depending on the program and individual circumstances, Cranfield University values diversity and considers applications from students with different educational backgrounds. Prospective students are encouraged to review the specific entry requirements for their chosen program on the university's official website.

  • Tuition Fees: Tuition fees at Cranfield University can vary depending on the program and nationality of the student. It is advisable to refer to the university's official website for the most up-to-date information on tuition fees and any available scholarships or funding opportunities.

  • Cost of Living: The cost of living at Cranfield University will depend on individual lifestyle choices and preferences. However, compared to major cities like London, the cost of living in the Cranfield area is generally more affordable. Students can find a range of accommodation options and have access to affordable amenities, making it a cost-effective choice for studying in the UK.

  • GPA (Grade Point Average): While Cranfield University does not have a specific minimum GPA requirement for all programs, academic performance and achievements are considered during the application process. It is recommended that prospective students present a strong academic record to enhance their chances of admission.

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Admissions at The Cranfield University

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How to Apply at Cranfield University

Applying to Cranfield University for the academic year 2023-2024 is a straightforward process. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to apply at Cranfield University:

  • Research Your Desired Program: Explore the range of programs offered at Cranfield University and select the one that aligns with your academic and career goals. Visit the official website or prospectus for detailed information about each program's entry requirements, curriculum, and application deadlines.

  • Prepare Required Documents: Gather all the necessary documents for your application. This typically includes academic transcripts, certificates, a personal statement, letters of recommendation, and proof of English language proficiency (if applicable). Refer to the specific program requirements to ensure you have all the required documentation.

  • Online Application: Visit the official website of Cranfield University and navigate to the online application portal. Create an account or log in if you already have one. Complete the application form by providing accurate and up-to-date information. Ensure that you carefully review and submit all the required documents as part of your application.

  • Pay Application Fee: Cranfield University charges an application fee, which may vary depending on the program and your nationality. Visit the official website or the application portal to find the specific fee amount. Make the necessary payment online using the available payment options. Keep a record of your payment confirmation for future reference.

  • Submit Application: After completing the application form and uploading all the required documents, review your application to ensure accuracy and completeness. Once satisfied, submit your application electronically through the online portal. You should receive a confirmation email acknowledging the submission of your application.

  • Track Application Status: After submitting your application, you can track its progress through the online application portal. Cranfield University will communicate with you regarding any updates or additional information required during the assessment process. Ensure you regularly check your email for any correspondence from the university.

  • Await Admission Decision: The university will carefully review your application, considering factors such as academic qualifications, personal statement, letters of recommendation, and available spaces in the program. The admission committee will notify you of the decision through the contact information provided in your application. This may take several weeks, so please be patient.

Documents Required to Apply to Cranfield University

Documents Required to Study at Cranfield University (Academic Year 2023-2024):

For Undergraduate Degree:

Required Documents
Completed Application Form
High School Transcripts/Certificates
Proof of English Language Proficiency
Personal Statement or Statement of Purpose
Letters of Recommendation (typically 1-2)
Copy of Passport or Identification Document
Additional Documents (if applicable, such as portfolio, work experience, etc.)

For Graduate Degree:

Required Documents
Completed Application Form
Bachelor's Degree Transcripts/Diploma
Proof of English Language Proficiency
Personal Statement or Statement of Purpose
Letters of Recommendation (typically 2-3)
Copy of Passport or Identification Document
Additional Documents (if applicable, such as research proposal, portfolio, work experience, etc.)

Please note that the specific document requirements may vary depending on the program and individual circumstances. It is important to refer to the official website or contact the admissions office of Cranfield University for the most accurate and up-to-date information on the required documents for your desired degree program.

Exams Accepted By the University

Cranfield University accepts a range of standardized exams for undergraduate (UG), postgraduate (PG), and Ph.D. admissions. Here is a tabular format providing information on the exams accepted at Cranfield University for each level, along with their respective minimum score requirements:

Undergraduate (UG) Exams Accepted:

Exam Name Minimum Score Required
A-Levels AAA
International Baccalaureate (IB) 34 points out of 45
SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) Minimum 1280 (combined Evidence-Based Reading and Writing + Math)
ACT (American College Testing) Minimum 27 (composite score)
Other equivalent exams As per individual assessment

Postgraduate (PG) Exams Accepted:

Exam Name Minimum Score Required
GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) Minimum 600 (overall score)
GRE (Graduate Record Examination) Minimum 155 (Verbal Reasoning) and 155 (Quantitative Reasoning)
CAT (Common Admission Test) (For Indian applicants) Minimum 85 percentile
Other equivalent exams As per individual assessment

Ph.D. Exams Accepted:

Exam Name Minimum Score Required
GRE (Graduate Record Examination) Minimum 155 (Verbal Reasoning) and 155 (Quantitative Reasoning)
GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) Minimum 600 (overall score)
Other equivalent exams As per individual assessment

Please note that the minimum score requirements mentioned above are indicative and can vary depending on the specific program and department. Additionally, Cranfield University may consider other factors such as academic background, relevant work experience, and personal statement during the application assessment process.

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Here are some notable alumni at Cranfield University:

  • Sir John O'Reilly: Sir John O'Reilly, an influential figure in the aerospace industry, completed his doctorate in aerospace engineering at Cranfield University. He went on to become the Chief Executive of the UK's National Physical Laboratory (NPL) and played a crucial role in advancing aerospace research and development.

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  • Paul Skinner: Paul Skinner, a prominent business leader, graduated from Cranfield University's School of Management. He has held executive positions at various global corporations and served as the Chairman of the Rio Tinto mining group, making significant contributions to the business world.

  • Helen Marshall: Helen Marshall, an esteemed environmental scientist, completed her Ph.D. in Environmental Chemistry at Cranfield University. She has since held prominent positions in the field of environmental research and policy, including serving as the Chief Executive of the Environment Agency.

  • Inga Beale: Inga Beale, a trailblazer in the insurance industry, studied business administration at Cranfield University. She made history by becoming the first female CEO of Lloyd's of London, a renowned insurance marketplace.

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Campus life

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Transportation in the city

Cranfield University is well-served by transportation options, making it convenient for students to travel within the city and beyond. Here is some information about transportation options at Cranfield University in the city, including weekly charges, presented in a suitable tabular format:

Transportation Mode Description Weekly Charges (Approximate)
Bus Services The city has a reliable bus network with routes connecting Cranfield University to nearby towns and major transport hubs. Buses are a cost-effective option for commuting and exploring the area. £20-£30
Train Services The nearest train station to Cranfield University is a short distance away. Train services provide convenient access to major cities and other destinations. Students can enjoy discounted fares with student railcards. £30-£40
Cycling Cranfield University promotes cycling as a sustainable and healthy mode of transportation. Dedicated cycle paths, bike racks, and storage facilities are available on campus, encouraging students to commute by bike. N/A
Car Sharing Car-sharing platforms and services facilitate ridesharing among students, reducing transportation costs and promoting eco-friendly travel. N/A
Walking Cranfield University's compact campus allows students to easily navigate on foot. Walking is a convenient and cost-free mode of transportation within the university premises. N/A

Please note that the weekly charges mentioned in the table are approximate and may vary based on individual preferences, travel distance, and specific transportation providers. It is recommended to check with local transport authorities or providers for the most accurate and up-to-date information on charges.

Services offered by the university

Cranfield University offers a comprehensive range of services to support the academic, personal, and professional development of its students. Here are some of the key services provided at the Cranfield University:

  • Academic Support: Cranfield University offers a range of academic support services to help students excel in their studies. This includes access to libraries, online resources, study spaces, and academic skills workshops. Students can also receive individual guidance from academic tutors and mentors to enhance their learning experience.

  • Career Services: The university provides dedicated career services to assist students in exploring career options, developing employability skills, and securing employment opportunities. These services include career counseling, job fairs, networking events, and support with CV/resume writing and interview preparation.

  • Student Welfare and Well-being: Cranfield University places a strong emphasis on student welfare and well-being. The university offers a range of support services, including counseling, mental health support, disability support, and accommodation assistance. Dedicated staff members are available to ensure the well-being and welfare of students throughout their academic journey.

  • Student Union: Cranfield University has a vibrant and active Student Union that organizes a wide range of social, recreational, and cultural activities. The Student Union provides a platform for student representation, advocacy, and community engagement. It also supports various student societies, clubs, and sports teams.

  • International Student Support: Cranfield University offers comprehensive support services for international students, including visa and immigration guidance, pre-arrival information, orientation programs, and cultural integration support. The university also organizes events and activities to promote cross-cultural understanding and facilitate the adjustment of international students to their new environment.

  • Health and Fitness Facilities: The university provides access to sports facilities, including gyms, sports halls, and outdoor sports fields. Students can participate in a wide range of sports and fitness activities, join sports clubs, and take advantage of recreational facilities to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.

  • IT and Library Services: Cranfield University offers extensive IT and library services to support students' research and learning needs. This includes access to computer labs, software applications, online databases, e-books, and academic journals. IT support staff are available to assist with technical issues and provide guidance on using technology effectively.

  • Accommodation Services: Cranfield University provides on-campus accommodation services, assisting students in finding suitable housing options. The accommodation team offers guidance on choosing the right accommodation, arranging housing contracts, and addressing any accommodation-related queries or concerns.

Student life

Student life at Cranfield University is vibrant, diverse, and offers a range of opportunities for personal growth, social engagement, and extracurricular involvement. Here is some information about the dynamic student life at the Cranfield University, including campus activities and student club organizations:

  • Campus Life: Cranfield University's campus provides a close-knit community where students can immerse themselves in a stimulating academic environment. The campus features modern facilities, including state-of-the-art classrooms, research labs, libraries, and recreational spaces. With a compact layout, students benefit from easy access to amenities and a sense of camaraderie among peers.

  • Student Club Organizations: Cranfield University boasts a wide array of student club organizations catering to various interests, hobbies, and academic disciplines. These student-led clubs provide opportunities for like-minded individuals to connect, collaborate, and engage in activities they are passionate about. From sports and cultural clubs to academic and professional societies, there are diverse options available for students to explore.

  • Social Events and Activities: The university organizes a range of social events and activities throughout the academic year. These events include welcome parties, cultural celebrations, music and arts festivals, sports competitions, guest lectures, and career development workshops. Students can actively participate in these events, fostering social connections, and creating lasting memories.

  • Sports and Recreation: Cranfield University encourages a healthy and active lifestyle by offering a variety of sports and recreational facilities. Students have access to sports clubs, fitness centers, outdoor sports fields, and indoor sports halls. Whether it's joining a sports team or enjoying leisure activities, students can find ample opportunities to stay physically active and unwind.

  • Volunteering and Community Engagement: Cranfield University encourages students to engage in volunteering and community service activities. Through various initiatives, students can make a positive impact on the local community and contribute to social causes. Volunteering not only enhances personal development but also fosters a sense of social responsibility and global citizenship.

  • Networking and Professional Development: The university organizes networking events, industry talks, and career fairs to facilitate connections between students and professionals from various fields. These opportunities enable students to expand their professional network, gain industry insights, and enhance their career prospects.

  • International Community: Cranfield University attracts a diverse community of students from around the world. This multicultural environment promotes cross-cultural understanding, intercultural exchange, and the opportunity to build global connections. Students can learn from different perspectives, broaden their horizons, and develop lifelong friendships.

On campus accomodation

Cranfield University provides comfortable and convenient on-campus accommodation options for its students, ensuring a supportive and inclusive living environment. Here is some information about on-campus accommodation at Cranfield University, including weekly charges and the types of rooms available:

  • Halls of Residence: Cranfield University offers a range of halls of residence where students can reside during their studies. These halls are equipped with modern amenities and are located within close proximity to academic buildings and other campus facilities. The rooms in the halls of residence are well-furnished and designed to provide a comfortable living experience.

  • En-suite Rooms: The Cranfield University provides en-suite rooms, which include a private bathroom, for students who prefer added privacy and convenience. These rooms typically feature a bed, study area, storage space, and access to shared kitchen facilities. En-suite rooms offer students their own private space within a larger communal setting.

  • Standard Rooms: Cranfield University also offers standard rooms for students who prefer a more economical accommodation option. These rooms are well-equipped with essential furniture and typically have shared bathroom and kitchen facilities. Standard rooms provide a cost-effective choice without compromising on comfort.

  • Shared Apartments: In addition to halls of residence, the university offers shared apartments where students can live together in a more communal setting. These apartments typically have multiple bedrooms, a shared living area, kitchen facilities, and shared bathroom facilities. Shared apartments encourage social interaction and foster a sense of community among residents.

  • Weekly Charges: The weekly charges for on-campus accommodation at Cranfield University vary depending on the type of room and facilities provided. It is advisable to check the university's official accommodation website or contact the accommodation office directly for the most up-to-date information regarding charges.

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