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Study Human Resources in UK: Top Universities, Requirements, Admission Process, Costs & More for HR in UK

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In the UK, every other top company looks for fresh graduates and aspirants for the post of human resources. HR plays an important role in managing the overall managerial work of the company and are responsible to carry the leadership skills to handle different roles. To acquire these skills, one has to start with the required course. HR course in UK is the best one to go with. Many top universities offer human resource management courses in UK to prepare students to face the challenges ahead.

An advanced human resources management course in UK will concentrate on organizational and manpower planning, recruitment, training and development, Labour relations, and employee services in the private, public, and nonprofit sectors. People who are now employed in HR or those who want to are well-suited for a human resources management course in UK.

Your qualification of completing a human resources degree UK will result in an award from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, which will then open up career opportunities within the human resources industry. This blog is a guide to making it to the best universities for human resource management in UK and the scope for the same.

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Human Resource in UK Highlights

Below is the highlight table of the HR course in UK:


4 years for Bachelors

1-2 years for Masters

Admission Eligibility

Bachelor's degree: 12th class passing certificate and 3.5 GPA or Above

Master's degree: Bachelor's degree certificate in related program and 4.0 GPA or Above

Average Fees

Bachelors- 14, 500 GBP (13,99,846.29 INR) Annual

MA- 16,000 GBP (15,44,657.98 INR) Annual


Highest paying jobs

Employee Communication Manager, HR Analyst, HR consultant, Employee Relations Manager, and others

Average Annual Salary

Around 88045.38 GBP (85,00,000 INR)Annually

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Why Study HRM In UK?

HR managers are charged with giving employees clear direction and guidance as well as with assisting to create a supportive and encouraging work environment. Organizations are increasingly looking for candidates having degrees of HR in UK, since they receive about various HR topics and the critical thinking abilities they have gained. Some other reasons to study HRM in UK are-

  • Top Recognized Universities: There are best universities for human resource course in UK that are top-ranked. Students will get a complete insight into the course. The programme offered byUK universities ensures high quality instruction. Students can take advantage of this to learn from experts in the field while also experiencing life abroad.
  • Scholarships: Students pursuing HR courses in UK are eligible for scholarships and other financial grants that cover their overall tuition fees.
  • Career Scope: The outstanding facilities and advanced infrastructure at UK universities allow students to engage in ground-breaking research and gain experience in the human resource industry. It helps them to establish a promising career ahead.

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Top Universities Offering HR Course in UK

There are some best universities for human resource in the UK offering different courses. Some of them are:

  1. University of Edinburgh
  2. University of Greenwich
  3. Aston University
  4. University of Southampton
  5. Lancaster University
  6. Newcastle University

University of Edinburgh

The Human Resource Management (HRM) program's objective offered by the university is to provide you with the information, comprehension, and essential skills needed by today's HR professionals so you may effectively contribute to dynamic organizations. Managing people, the most important and frequently most expensive resource for an organisation, has long been a major commercial concern.



QS Ranking 2023


Program Offered


MSc in Human Resource Management 1 year

Program Fees (Annual)

23824.04 GBP (23,00,000 INR)

University of Greenwich

By pursuing the HR course in UK at this university, you can advance your career in employee relations, learning and development, or any other HR-related area with the help of this MA in Human Resource Management. You'll get the knowledge necessary to develop flexible management abilities. Moreover, you will gain skills to solve practical HR problems, use academic research and a variety of strong problem-solving strategies. Learn how to adapt to organizational change and how to address business difficulties strategically.



QS Ranking 2023


Program Offered


BA in Human Resource Management 4 years


MA in Human Resource Management 1 year

Program Fees (Annual)


14, 500 GBP (13,99,846.29 INR)


16,000 GBP (15,44,657.98INR)

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Aston University

Human Resources and Business Management course offered by the university uses psychology, human resources, and general management theory to help students gain insight into the workplace and improve critical communication, negotiation, and decision-making abilities.



QS Ranking 2023


Program Offered


BSc in Human Resource Management 4 years


MSc in Human Resource Management 1 year

Program Fees (Annual)


21,462.36GBP (20,72,000 INR)


15537.42GBP (15,00,000 INR)

University of Southampton

One of the leading universities offering HR course in UK, University of Southampton, focuses on human resources. The MSc Human Resource Management programme adopts an analytical method of instruction to better prepare students for careers in HR management. The university got approval from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development. As a student, you will have the opportunity to launch your own membership.



QS Ranking 2023


Program Offered


MSc in Human Resource Management 1 year

Program Fees (Annual)


24,060 GBP (23,22,779.43INR)

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Lancaster University

Lancaster University with this course allows you to learn about human resources and develop or modify your existing career is an HR manager. This master's degree in human resource management is analytical and grounded in empirical research. Your course instructors will strongly emphasise operational and strategic challenges while incorporating their own research and knowledge into their instruction. We'll support you in strengthening your analytical and applied people management abilities.



QS Ranking 2023


Program Offered


BSc Management and Human Resources 4 years


MSc in Human Resource Management 1 year

Program Fees (Annual)


21752.39 GBP (21,00,000 INR)


22,000 GBP (21,23,904.72INR)

Newcastle University

The Global Human Resource Management MSc course offered by the university makes you understand about the institutions and organizations. Regardless of the size and characteristics of an organisation, this training will prepare you for the workforce of the present and the future. You will be able to apply your knowledge and abilities to a variety of real-world situations that involve global HR issues. Case studies, role-playing games, and group activities are among them.



QS Ranking 2023


Program Offered


MSc in Human Resource Management 1 year

Program Fees (Annual)


21,000 GBP (20,27,363.60INR)

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Program Overview and Course Curriculum of HR In UK

Students pursuing human resources management in UK have masters and bachelors options. The course offers introductory instruction in employee interactions, development, and human resource management. The curriculum focuses on crucial aspects of becoming a successful manager, including developing and putting into practise a strategic approach for managing an organization's human resources and motivating and rewarding personnel. Universities in the UK help students in building skills through theoretical and practical ways.

Courses Offered under HR in UK

  • MSc in Human Resource Management
  • BSc in Human Resource Management

Common subjects covered in the respective course include:

  • Organizational Behavior
  • Reward Management
  • Leading, Managing and Developing People
  • Equality and Diversity Management
  • Developing Professional Practice in HRM

Eligibility Criteria for HR Courses in UK Universities

To study HR in UK students need to have certain eligibility criteria that can help in seeking admission. Some of these are mentioned below

  • Educational Qualification
  • English Language Proficiency Test Scores
  • GRE or GMAT Test Scores
  • Work Experience
  • USA Student Visa

Educational Qualification

For Bachelors

Students should carry a qualifying certificate of class 12th or high school from a registered educational institution with 50-60%,

For Masters

Students must provide an undergraduate degree or certificate in a related field of study with 60-70%

English Language Proficiency Test Scores

International students need to submit their TOEFL, IELTS score or equivalent English proficiency test scores for human resource degree in UK. The minimum test score requirements for English language to study in UK is-

GMAT/ GRE Requirements

Some human resource management courses in UK require you to have GMAT or GRE qualification. The scores as per the tests are:

Work Experience

For master’s courses, universities may ask for work experience. So having 2-3 years of work experience works. Although it is not mandatory, a few years of professional experience can get you ahead of others in the race.

Passport & Student Visa

A valid passport and student visa are a must to study Healthcare Management postgraduate courses UK. Do keep in mind to apply for the same atleast 3 months prior to admission.

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Documents Required for HRM Courses in UK

To study at the best universities for human resource management in UK, students must have the following list of documents:

Admission Process for HR course in UK

Students looking forward to studying human resources in UK need to follow the following admission process-

  1. Search for the universities offering hr course in UK and visit the official website to gather information.
  2.  Once selected, fill out the application form available on the website and pay the application fee.
  3. Check all the needed documents for the admission process and upload it online before the deadline date.
  4.  If your application is accepted, you’ll receive an email from the applied universities for masters in marketing programs.
  5. Prepare for the interview rounds with the university.
  6. If selected, you'll get an acceptance letter from the applied university and you need to give the confirmation letter within the allocated time.
  7. After the final confirmation, pay the tuition fee of the applied program and also apply for the UK student visa.

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Cost of Studying HR In UK

When making your study budget plans, you don't just have to take the high tuition costs into account. The cost of studying abroad is more extensive. Tuition fees and cost of living are considered.

Tuition Fees

On average, the annual tuition fees for HRM in UK is around:

Bachelors: 16,000 GBP (15, 44,657.98 INR) Annual

Masters: 30,000 GBP (28, 96,233.71 INR) Annual

Cost Of Living

The average cost of living for students in the UK is around 2,500 GBP (INR 2, 39,163) annually. The cost of living is calculated keeping various factors in mind like the location, transportation and other expenses.


Cost Per Month


1,500 GBP  (1,43,473 INR )


200 GBP (19,129 INR)


 45 GBP (4,302 INR)

Study Materials

2,000 GBP (1,91,117 INR) Annually

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Scholarship for HRM in UK

Students pursuing HRM in the UK will need scholarships to cover the cost of study. Some of the popular grants offered are-


Awarded to

University of Melbourne Dean’s Academic Excellence Scholarship

Awarded to international students pursuing HR courses in the UK universities

Amount- 10,000 GBP (965411.24 INR)

University of Sterling PGT India Scholarship                

Awarded to Indian students pursuing HR courses in the UK universities

Amount 4000 GBP (386164.49 INR)


University of Newcastle Vice Chancellor’s Excellence Scholarship

For students pursuing masters in HR courses in the UK universities

Amount- 50% waiver in fees


Sussex India Scholarship

Awarded to Indian applicants

Amount- 3000 GBP (289623.37 INR)

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Career Scope After Human Resource Course in UK

Getting the right people into the proper roles, inspiring professionals to perform to the best of their ability, and giving them a specific career path through growth and leadership are some of the key duties of an HR professional. HR professionals can find good work in the UK. Some of the job roles and annual packages offered are-

Job Role

Annual Average Salary

Employee Communication Manager

88045.38 GBP (85,00,000 INR)

Employee Relations Manager

85973.72 GBP (83,00,000 INR)

HR Analyst

65257.16 GBP (63,00,000 INR)

HR Consultant

94260.35 GBP (91,00,000 INR)

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So this was all about human resource management course in UK. HR degrees UK prepare you to supervise hiring decisions, choose qualified personnel, and manage employee interactions. If you are looking forward to pursuing the course, do connect with our counselors at Yocket for further guidance and assistance.


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