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Post Graduate Diploma Courses in New Zealand

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New Zealand is an upcoming destination for many study-abroad aspirants because of its relatively affordable fee structure, top education system, safe and peaceful environment, friendly kiwis and some of the best outdoor activities for thrill-seekers. However, for international students aspiring to study abroad, 1 year pg diploma courses in New Zealand are a good option too.


In this article, we will cover everything about post graduate diploma in New Zealand for international students. For aspirants wanting to pursue a course different from Masters, check it out!




Table of contents:


  1. A Glimpse Of Postgraduate Diploma in New Zealand

  2. The distinction between ‘Graduate’ and ‘Postgraduate’ Diplomas

  3. Popular Postgraduate Diploma Courses In New Zealand

  4. Best Universities in New Zealand for Postgraduate Diploma

  5. New Zealand PG Diploma Courses Fees: What’s the course fees for Postgraduate Diploma in New Zealand?

  6. Requirements For Postgraduate Diploma In New Zealand

  7. How to apply for a post graduate diploma in New Zealand?

  8. Jobs after graduate diploma in New Zealand

  9. THE BIG QUESTION: PG Diploma or Masters?


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A Glimpse Of Postgraduate Diploma in New Zealand

Postgraduate diploma courses are top-rated in New Zealand. Many Indian students wishing to pursue masters in NZ can take this up after finishing their bachelor’s degree.


Key factors of post-graduate diploma in New Zealand:

  • Postgraduate diploma in New Zealand is a shorter duration course than a degree. It's usually a one year course.

  • Offered after completing a bachelor's degree.

  • PG diplomas rank above bachelors degree but below a masters degree.

  • It acts as a feather in one’s knowledge cap.

  • A PG diploma carries less weight and significance in the minds of employers when compared to a degree.


Before we move forward, for readers confused about a post graduate diploma in New Zealand, let’s catch you up with some of the critical differences between graduate diplomas and postgraduate diplomas; and walk you through why exactly students prefer pursuing a PG diploma in New Zealand?


The distinction between ‘Graduate’ and ‘Postgraduate’ Diplomas

Graduate Diploma in NZ

Postgraduate Diploma in NZ

Taken up by students who wish to do a course different from their field of study. Eg: An engineering student may join a graduate diploma in design.

They are taken up by students who wish to widen their knowledge in the same field of study as an undergraduate.


Postgraduate level of study

Postgraduate level of study

Course duration - 1 year

Course duration - 1 year

A Bachelor's degree in any field or college, followed by several years of work experience (say around 3-4  years) is required.

Bachelor's Degree in the same or relevant field as the selected post graduate diploma programme is required.

Does not replace the first year of masters.

Forms the first year of masters, you can continue with the second year of masters after completing your postgraduate diploma in NZ.

It is studied to bring change in the career.

It is studied to broaden the knowledge in the same field/career.


A postgraduate diploma is also taken up by students that do not meet the entry requirements of universities.


E.g. If a university requires a Bachelor's Honours degree for one of their Masters level programmes but, the student holds an ordinary Bachelors degree. Then the student can opt for a Postgraduate Diploma at the university instead of a Master’s.


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Now that we’ve established some clarity about the PG diploma course in New Zealand, let’s also look at some of the popular postgraduate diploma courses that New Zealand has to offer:


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PG diplomas are offered in many courses. As a bonus for students, there are a number of established diploma colleges in New Zealand offering these specialisations. Some of the popular courses are mentioned below:


  1. Architecture

  2. Design

  3. Forensic science

  4. Language teaching

  5. Operations research

  6. Social work

  7. Engineering

  8. Economics

  9. Politics and international relations

  10. English

  11. Psychology

  12. Defence and strategic studies

  13. Nursing

  14. Management

  15. Translation studies etc


The list for various postgraduate diploma courses can go on and on. You can find the course that fits your interest on the websites of various diploma colleges in New Zealand and apply!


But, how would you know which is the best college to pursue a postgraduate diploma? Let’s look at some of the top universities that you can consider. 


Best Universities in New Zealand for Postgraduate Diploma

A good thing about studying in New Zealand is that all its universities are top-ranked, and degrees obtained from New Zealand are recognised worldwide. And since the government runs a regular quality check on each university, you can be assured that you will be studying at a good university.


Some of the great universities in New Zealand to pursue a PG diploma are:

  1. University of Otago

  2. Auckland University of Technology

  3. University of Waikato

  4. Massey University

  5. Victoria University of Wellington

  6. Ara Institute of Canterbury

  7. Eastern Institute of Technology

  8. Open Polytechnic of New Zealand

  9. Aoraki Polytechnic

  10. NorthTec

  11. Lincoln University

  12. Otago Polytechnic

  13. Toi Ohomai Institute of Technology

  14. Auckland Goldstar Institute (AGI)

  15. Auckland Institute of Studies

  16. Aspire2 International

  17. Queenstown Resort College

  18. Unitec Institute of Technology

  19. Southern Institute of Technology

  20. AUT Business Economics and Law


Furthermore, to take a call on the best university to study, you can also look at the cost and course durations of various postgraduate diplomas in New zealand.


New Zealand PG Diploma Courses Fees: What’s the course fees for Postgraduate Diploma in New Zealand?

A PG Diploma course can be completed in one year. Post that, you can choose to pursue a master's degree in New Zealand or look for a job. However, in New Zealand pg diploma courses range from NZD 30,000 to NZD 40,290 (INR 15,61,153 to 20,96,629) respectively.


The cost of studying in New Zealand varies depending on the different courses and universities. Although, fees for a postgraduate diploma in New Zealand is comparatively lower than a masters degree. Although, make sure that you are eligible to apply for the PG diploma course.

Requirements For Postgraduate Diploma In New Zealand

Requirements for each course in New Zealand may vary based on the university and course. However, some essential requirements for international students applying for PG Diploma are listed below:


  • A bachelor's degree in the discipline you want to pursue your postgraduate diploma or masters.

  • English language proficiency such as IELTS, TOEFL, Duolingo etc. (The PG diploma in New Zealand IELTS requirements scores are 5 with no bands less than 6.0)

How to apply for a post graduate diploma in New Zealand?

The process of applying for a PG diploma at a university in New Zealand is quite similar to applying for other courses in New Zealand. You are required to apply on their official website along with your results, SOPs, LORs etc.

  • Most universities in New Zealand also require you to create an account on their website to regularly update you about your admission.


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Let’s look at some of the future opportunities waiting for you after a postgraduate diploma.

Jobs after graduate diploma in New Zealand

Postgraduate diplomas completed from New Zealand can open an array of career opportunities for students. Some popular job profiles include:


  • Interior designers

  • General manager

  • Language teachers

  • Economist

  • Psychologist

  • Civil engineer

  • Software developer

  • Computer engineer;etc


You can find various jobs in the field of your choice. You will have to apply for a post study work visa in order to be able to work in New Zealand.


 If you do not wish to work after a PG diploma, you can opt for a masters degree or a PhD.


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THE BIG QUESTION: PG Diploma or Masters?

Be it a Masters degree or a PG diploma, both have their own pros and cons. But, the best way to make your pick is to choose the course that leads you to your future goals. Anyway, while making your decision, keep these key points in mind:


  • PG diploma is of a shorter duration than a masters degree.

  • Students who do not wish to conduct in-depth research that is a part of most Masters curriculums can go for a PG diploma.

  • Post graduate diploma can help you bridge the gap between bachelors and masters courses.

  • A Masters degree, on the other hand, lies above the PG diploma and offers a good deal of expertise in any field.

  • Masters degrees also carry a lot more significance as opposed to a postgraduate diploma.


But, here’s something interesting, postgraduate diplomas in New Zealand are very popular. Several international students opt for such courses to gain some exposure in any particular subject without going through the trouble of a masters degree. In the same way, If you are someone aspiring to be an expert in the subject of your choice, then a postgraduate diploma is your cue!




  1. What level is a postgraduate diploma in New Zealand?

A postgraduate diploma is a level 8 course in New Zealand according to the qualifications laid down by NZQF.


  1. Is a postgraduate diploma equivalent to a degree?

Postgraduate diplomas and certificates are equivalent to master's degrees in terms of the level of study but are shorter than a masters degree. They are more advanced than bachelor's degrees and less than masters degrees.


  1. Can I do a masters after a PG Diploma?

Yes you can. Usually your PG diploma courses in New Zealand can be extended towards a full-term masters degree.


  1. Which is better: PG diploma or masters?

PG diploma degrees are shorter and less expensive as compared to masters. However, masters degrees offer more specialisation in a subject and are considered superior by people.


  1. How much is the New Zealand PG diploma courses fees?

PG diploma courses in New Zealand for international students range from NZD 30,000 to NZD 40,290, based on the course and university you opt.

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