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Education System in New Zealand: Guide to the New Zealand Education System

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The New Zealand education system is one of the most recognized in the world. Reason being, the country is unique in following a specific teaching-learning system for different levels of academia. The various levels of education in New Zealand enable students to adapt to better learning methodologies and to stand out.

The New Zealand education system for international students visiting the country to pursue higher education is exactly the same as that for the native ones. The current article will introduce you to the New Zealand education ranking and the various types of education levels. Also, provide details about the different kinds of universities and institutes where higher education can be pursued.

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Understanding the New Zealand Education System for International Students

The education system in New Zealand is broadly divided into 5 distinct levels:

Level of Education

Age (in years)

Early Childhood

0 to 5

Primary School

5 to 10

Intermediate School

11 and 12

Secondary School

13 to 18

Tertiary Education


Since a large number of international students become a part of the New Zealand education ranking system at the tertiary level, let us find out about some of the popular higher educational institutions at this level.

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Types of Institutes in New Zealand at the Tertiary Level

The New Zealand education system for international students as well as for native ones is imparted at the tertiary level in the form of 3 distinct institution types.

  • Stated Owned Universities in New Zealand
  • Institutes of Technology and Polytechnics in New Zealand (ITPs)
  • Private Training Establishments or PTEs in New Zealand

Let us understand each of these one by one -

State Owned Universities in New Zealand

The state owned universities in New Zealand are eight in number. Their main focus is education and research.

Popular Universities

Average Fee

Programs Offered

University of Auckland

University of Otago

University of Canterbury

Auckland University of Technology

Victoria University of Wellington

Massey University

University of Waikato

Lincoln University

11.5 Lakhs INR




Moving on the ITPs in New Zealand -

ITPs in New Zealand

Institutes of technology and polytechnics (ITPs) are owned by the Government in New Zealand. They comprise of applied education Institutes of technology in New Zealand. Also, of the vocation based Polytechnics in New Zealand.

Popular Institutes

Average Fee

Programs Offered

Eastern Institute of Technology

Hawkes Bay

Manukau Institute of Technology, Auckland


NorthTec, Whangarei

Otago Polytechnic, Auckland

SIT, Invercargill

2 to 2.5 Lakh INR

Vocational Courses

Practical Training

Certificate courses

Degree courses

Moving on to PTEs in New Zealand -

Private Training Establishments in New Zealand

The Private Training Establishments in New Zealand or PTEs as they are popularly known are institutes that are privately funded in New Zealand. It is for this reason that the fee in PTEs is a tad bit higher than ITPs. PTEs in New Zealand offer courses that are accredited by the NZQA.

Popular Institutes

Average Fee

Programs Offered

Auckland Institute of Studies

Cornell Institute of Business and Technology

Le Cordon Bleu

Ntec Tertiary Group

AGI Education, Auckland

13 to 15 Lakh INR




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Now that you know about the NZ education system and the kind of institutes available for studies, let us find out the difference in cost between different courses and universities.

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Cost Comparison of Courses Between Top 3 Universities in New Zealand

Comparing the cost of courses across humanities and sciences for the top 3 universities in New Zealand -


University of Auckland

Otago University

Victoria University of Wellington

Arts and Social Sciences

Up to 19.5 Lakhs INR

Up to 1.1 Lakhs INR

Up to 17.5 Lakhs INR

Science and Engineering

Up to 20.5 - 28.5 Lakhs INR

Up to 15.3 Lakhs INR

Up to  20.7 Lakhs INR

Dentistry and Medicine

Up to 40.5 Lakhs INR

Upto 14.5 Lakhs INR

Up to 20.7 Lakhs INR

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Apart from the tuition fee for the entire duration of the courses, a student must also know about the overhead expenses that exist to get a clear idea about the New Zealand education ranking in the world-

Overhead Expenses for Students in New Zealand

Let us have a look at the overhead expenses -


Average Expense

Food & beverages

7,500 INR per month

Clothing & footwear

1,000 INR per month

Housing & household utilities

11,000 INR per month

Household content & services

2,000 INR per month


2,000 INR per month


4,200 INR per month


1,500 INR per month

Recreation & culture

3,500 INR per month


1,000 INR per month

Miscellaneous goods & services

4,000 INR per month

Health Insurance

10,500- 36,500 INR per year

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The education in New Zealand for international students comes with its advantages. Whether its Polytechnic colleges in New Zealand or English language schools in New Zealand or the universities across, this is a country that ensures that quality education is prioritised. However, this quality education is expensive. And so, along with looking for the right courses, make sure to stay aware about education loans as well.

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With loans becoming easily accessible for overseas students, you can pursue the level of education you desire. All you need to do is find the top universities and colleges in New Zealand, follow the application procedure and make it past the cut off list. To know more about admissions in New Zealand for international students, get in touch with a Yocket professional to help you through your application!


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