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4 Reasons Why You Should Study In New Zealand

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To excel in an ever-growing competitive world, students seek to study in English-speaking countries abroad to win a rewarding career. New Zealand has become one such hot destination for Indian students aspiring to study overseas. Along with the adventurous experiences students get to live in New Zealand, there are many educational benefits of studying in New Zealand.


The country also provides several advantages to international students. Thus, let’s jot down the top four benefits of study in New Zealand.


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4 Reasons To Study In New Zealand

Finalising a study abroad opportunity can be exciting yet overwhelming at the same time. As you make your pro-con list of countries worldwide, you must consider the academic benefits of studying in New Zealand. As a student, some of the top reasons to study in New Zealand are listed below:

  1. Vast Opportunities for Study

The educational institutions in New Zealand allow students to explore profound opportunities in research and study. New Zealand supports your dream of pursuing your desired field of interest in arts, sciences and commerce by offering you a myriad of courses to choose from. 


Students are free to choose their specialisation from the diverse range of Diploma, Post Graduation Diploma, Masters, Degree courses and P.hD etc.


Some of the exciting Diploma, Degree courses in New Zealand are:

  • Information Technology

  • English

  • Food & Hospitality

  • Digital Design

  • Business and Management

  • Engineering

  • Science

  • Mathematics

  • Agriculture

  • Health, Science & Caring

  • Computer Graphic Design

  • Fashion & Fine Arts


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  1. Affordable Education And Low Cost of living

Studying abroad can be an expensive affair. However, one of the benefits of studying in New Zealand is its affordable living. University costs differ based on courses. But, can be easily balanced with a part-time job. To support your tuition fee, you may need about NZ$ 22,500 - NZ$36,000 annually, based on what you choose to pursue.


Courses like Medicine or Engineering are likely to be more expensive than others.


The table below displays a tentative cost of study in New Zealand:  


Study Programme

Expense in (NZ$)*


  $31,500 - $50,000 annually

  Undergraduate degree

  $20,700 - $25,000 annually

  Master's degree

  $19,500 - $29,000 annually

  Doctoral degree

  $6,700 - $9,000 annually 

  1. Good Quality Education System

The institutes of New Zealand are ranked among the best in the world. Along with excellent courses for students they also focus on developing relevant skills. Students graduating from New Zealand are said to have a world-class qualification that is recognised around the world.


-Universities of New Zealand undergo regular checks by the government to ensure quality education.

  • The universities of New Zealand follow the British format of high-quality education.

  • The university enrolment ratio of teachers and students is 6:7. This allows students to have better interaction with their tutors.

  • Apart from the regular course curriculum, universities of New Zealand are also popular for their practical and theoretical knowledge transfers among their students.


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  1. Globally Recognized Universities

All the universities in New Zealand are recognised globally and cater to the academic needs of their students. The educational institutions based in New Zealand including universities, colleges, engineering schools, medic schools, and law schools are popular worldwide for offering globally recognised course curriculum. Also, some of the universities in New Zealand rank at the top positions according to World University Rankings.


Country ranking

World Ranking

University Name



   University of Auckland



   University of Otago



   University of Canterbury



   Massey University


Research-driven facilities, diverse culture, innovations, sports centres, safe and engaging study environment makes universities in New Zealand the top choice of international students. Students can consider these as the top reasons to study in New Zealand. Gain the maximum advantage of a high-quality education system by pursuing your course in New Zealand.


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Now, that we’ve discovered the perks of studying in New Zealand, check out the cost of living and studying in New Zealand. Also, check out the benefits of pursuing your career in New Zealand. 




  1. Why study in New Zealand?

Ans: The top reasons to study in New Zealand are:

  • Low competition

  • Affordability

  • Quality education

  • World-class facilities

  • Easy visa approval

  • Post-study work permits


  1. Do students get any benefits of study in New Zealand?

Ans: Yes, international students have many perks such as scholarships, post-study permits etc. In addition to that, you also can avail numerous student discounts in New Zealand. 


  1. What are the requirements to study in New Zealand?

Ans: To study in New Zealand you’re required to complete your schooling, must take the required eligibility tests such as the GRE, GMAT, IELTS etc and have a valid passport. 


  1. How much does it cost to study in New Zealand?

Ans: The cost of every university and course varies. However, you might need about NZ$ 22,500 - NZ$36,000 annually to study in New Zealand.


  1. Why to study in New Zealand as an international student?

Ans: New Zealand is opening up to international students to facilitate a growing economy. Thus, creating a pool of opportunities for job seekers.