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Detailed Comparision Of Study in New Zealand Vs Australia For International Students

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Detailed Comparision Of Study in New Zealand Vs Australia For International Students Image

Are you planning to pursue your higher education outside India? Are you juggling between which country is better for your higher education, New Zealand or Australia? Well, no worries! In this article, we will discuss in detail about study in New Zealand vs Australia.


New Zealand, situated in the southwest Pacific Ocean, consists of 2 main lands-North Island and South Island and consists of more than 700 smaller islands. On the other hand, Australia is the country that consists of the main continent, the island of Tasmania along with numerous islands. Therefore, if you plan to study abroad, and if Australia is one of the countries you’re considering then New Zealand is another option you should think about. It is because both the countries offer similar geographical locations, cultures, and currency and living experiences.


Both the countries give importance to delivering quality education to the International Students and consist of more than 100 top-ranked universities for the students to complete their course with ease and with good-quality facilities. However, New Zealand vs Australia for international students is one of the major concerns specifically among Indian students. Addressing the same, let’s look at some of the important differences between study in New Zealand and Australia.


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If we look at the countries from a cultural viewpoint, Australian culture is a mixture of Western Anglo and Aborigine influences. You will find Australia a fun-loving, relaxed and lively nation where people are happy to connect. On the other hand, if we talk about the cultural aspect of New Zealand, the natural environment, thrilling experiences, and beautiful scenery attract students towards the country.


Let’s move further in our discussion as we understand both countries deeply and closely assess New Zealand vs Australia for international students. Some of the factors that will help you decide which country is better for pursuing higher education are:

  1. Education System and Universities

New Zealand consists of various levels of education such as certificate level, diploma level, graduation level, post-graduation level and PhD. These levels are counted from 1 to 10 as level one is for certification and level 10 for PhD. To get admission to top-ranked universities of New Zealand, Indian students need to meet the eligibility criteria of the university. In addition, they need to have a mandatory English language requirement. A diploma program is compulsory for students getting admission in a bachelor's degree, but admission criteria depend upon universities to universities.


Regarding the Australian education system, Indian students who need to enrol in undergraduate courses at various universities need to have 12 years of pre-university education such as SPTM, A-levels, Australia Accredited Foundation Program, and UEC etc. Moreover, if you want to get admission to postgraduate courses, you must complete your undergraduate courses.


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  1. Popular Courses and Degrees

If we compare courses and degrees, Australia is the better option as it consists of 45 universities and six universities in New Zealand. But, Australia or New Zealand which is better for study in terms of different subjects? If you want to pursue Engineering, Medicine, Computer Science, Education, MBA, Health Care, Information Technology, Hotel Management etc., then Australia is a beneficial country to complete your undergraduate courses. However, if you want to pursue courses like Health Care, Business IT/Computing, Hotel Management, they should choose New Zealand as a better country option.


The universities in both countries follow the semester schedule. The first semester runs in February and June, and the second semester begins in July and ends in November. Some Australian universities follow the three-trimester pattern. Students need to decide whether Australia or New Zealand suits them better for their style of study.

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  1. Cost of Studying and Living

The cost of studying and living depends upon the course duration and university you are applying for. However, if you’re quizzical about Australia or New Zealand which is better for study in terms of cost then, New Zealand is a cheaper option when compared to Australia.

Given below table shows the clear difference between the cost of living and tuition fees in both countries-





Tuition Fees

AUD 20000-40000 per year

AUD 5000-50000 per year

Living Cost and Expenses

AUD 15000-20000 per year

AUD 10000-30000 per year


AUD 40000-60000 per year

AUD 30000-70000 per year


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  1. Visa and Post Study Work Permit

If candidates need to study in Australia, they must apply for their visa following rules and regulations. The cost of applying for a visa in Australia charges up to AUD 565, and spouses can be tagged with students if they are pursuing a master's degree or PhD courses. Students with a visa can work up to 40 hours per fortnight during their education.


If a student wants to pursue their education from New Zealand, they need to apply for a visa by following the proper rules and regulations. The cost of applying for a visa in New Zealand cost up to AUD 300. The New Zealand High Commission may take 8-12 days to complete the procedure of visa. The International Student needs to complete their course with minimum time duration as listed on the acceptance letter. Spouses of students can work full-time on their work visas in New Zealand.


Candidates, after completing their bachelors or master degree, can apply for a two years post-study work visa in Australia. Suppose your educational qualification matches with the job position in New Zealand. In that case, you need to give proof of your successful qualification and get a work visa of 2 years in New Zealand.


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  1. Job Opportunities

After completing their educational qualification, students can get jobs in the fields of education, engineering department, electronic recreation, hospitality and tourism etc., in Australia. In contrast, candidates can get jobs in medical services, hospitality, accounting, etc., in New Zealand.


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  1. Climatic Conditions

In New Zealand, you will enjoy a moderate and maritime climate. The summer begins in December, and in June, the winter season begins. New Zealand has moderate-high rainfall and sunshine throughout the year, whereas, in Australia, the month of summer starts in December and winter begins in June.


The above pointers point out the comparison of Australian and New Zealand education systems and lifestyle differences. This comparison of Australian and New Zealand education reflects that it is wiser for students to pick their country preference based on the subject they want to opt for. Students from India can choose the country considering the course duration, academic calendar, time frame, and factors listed above that will help students decide their country.