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Post Graduate Diploma Courses in Canada: All About Post Graduate Diploma in Canada for International Students

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PG diploma courses in Canada, also known as Graduate diploma, is gaining popularity among international students. The academic year is short, students undergo a massive transformation through the study and gain advantage of practical and theoretical learning methods. To study this PG diploma program students must get predetermined grades in order to complete the PG Diploma courses in Canada.

Students seeking a PG diploma in Canada have multiple options of subjects to select and pursue the course. It includes computer science and information technology, accounting and finance, business administration, engineering and engineering management, biosciences, medicine & healthcare, etc. Moreover, the average annual fees for post graduate diploma in Canada is around CAD 24,339.29 (INR 15,00,000).

With this blog, we have covered all major details regarding fees, scholarship, jobs, and other information to pursue post degree diploma in Canada.

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Top Benefits of Studying Post Graduate Diploma in Canada?

After completing undergraduate coursework, you have the option to pursue PG diploma courses in Canada, which will increase your chances of landing high-paid jobs in Canada or any other country. Some other reasons to pursue a diploma in Canada after graduation..

  • Earn High Paid Jobs

PG diploma courses in Canada have good value in the market. Students post-completion of the course can seek high-paid jobs in top companies in Canada or globally.

  • Internship Opportunities

Post graduate diploma in Canada for international students offers internship opportunities while studying and can avail subsequent job offers.

  • Multiple Options Courses to Choose

Students have multiple options of courses to choose under PG diploma in Canada. This includes- PG diploma in Hotel Management, Travel & Tourism, Finance, HR, and few others.

  • Top Ranked Universities

There are top QS Ranked universities offering best post graduate diploma courses in Canada. Students can choose to pursue the course from any of the top universities and get the best education.

  • Better Scope for Higher Education

Students pursuing PG diploma in Canada have the option to choose higher education like master's or PhD in respective subjects. Students will also gain good insight about the specific industry that can be helpful in furthering their career.

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Top Post Graduate Diploma Courses in Canada for International Students

Below is the list of post graduate diploma in Canada for international student which they can choose to apply:



Annual Average Fees

Tourism Experience Management

In this 1 year Investigate subjects related to managing the tourism experience, such as business strategy, small business management, and analysing and influencing visitor behaviour.

CAD 24,339 (INR 15,00,000)

Global Business Management

The 2 year Global Business Management course covers fundamental business themes like project management, financial accounting, business communications, operations management, HR, and others.


CAD 14,603.57 (INR 9,00,000)

Human Resource Management


A 2-year PG Diploma in HRM teaches you how to manage resources and create a collaborative workplace. It will further help in building leadership quality needed to manage the organisation workforce.


CAD 13, 179 (8,09,360 INR)



The 1 year PG diploma course in Accounting, offers a complete insight about accounting, and you will gain a strong foundation in financial accounting and management that will help you develop in this well-paying industry.


CAD 16,226.19 (INR 10,00,000)

Marketing Management

Students who take 2 year PG course will also learn how companies target their markets and position the goods and services they provide.


CAD 16,226 (INR 10,00,000)

Health Science


Health science is yet another promising course offered in Canada. Students have option to choose PG diploma in health science in disciplines including nutrition, nursing, psychological science, and others.


CAD 45,730 (28,12,203 INR)

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Top Universities Offering Post Degree Diploma in Canada

There are multiple colleges and universities offering 2 year PGDM Courses in Canada. Some of them are listed below:

  1. Lambton College
  2. Centennial College
  3. University of Winnipeg
  4. Humber College
  5. Douglas College

Let us check in details:

1.  Lambton College

Lambton College is one of the respected institutes in Canada for higher studies. Students have multiple options of courses to choose under the PG diploma courses including  finance, business management, wireless networking, computer software & database development, and others. Students will also get hands-on experience throughout the course. These courses are either 1-2 years.



Program offered

PG Diploma in Finance- 1 year

PG Diploma in  Business Management- 1 year

PG Diploma in Financial Planning & Management- 1 year

Program Fees (Annual)

Approx- CAD 24,339.29 (INR 15,00,000) CAD 18,776.64 (INR 11,57,180.79)

2.  Centennial College

Centennial College is one of the leading colleges offering post graduate diploma programs in Canada in different areas. At present, the college offers two major courses under the PG diploma courses- Workplace Wellness and Health Promotion and Marketing Management.

The college through its diploma course integrates with communication, marketing strategy, analytical skills, and others. Upon completion of the course, you will have better decision making and organisational skills.



Program Offered

PG Diploma in Workplace Wellness and Health Promotion- 1 year

PG Diploma in Marketing Management- 1 year

Program  Fees (Annual)

Approx CAD 24,339.29- 15,358 (INR 15,00,000- 9,46,494.29)

3.  University of Winnipeg

University of Winnipeg is also known as UWinnipeg and U of W. It was founded in 1967. Professional programs offered by the University of Winnipeg prepare students for employment in particular fields, such as management, law, and health and medicine. These applied programs don't have a thesis requirement and are course-based. Some professions require the passing of a licensure exam. Students while pursuing PG diploma from this university get mentorship in their respective program, to get complete insight.



Program Offered

PG Diploma in Marketing Management- 2 years

PG Diploma in Financial Management- 2 years

Program Fees (Annual)

Approx- CAD 13988-  12,032 (INR 8,62,062- 741517)

4.  Humber College

Humber College Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning, is a public college. The college through its PG diploma course will assist you in starting your road to achieve your goals and making a difference in businesses. You will get the key insight of marketing, e-commerce, accounting, operations management, business writing, and communications. You will develop your business management skills through individual and group projects in courses taught by seasoned professionals and entrepreneurs.



Program Offered

PG Diploma in Supply Chain Management- 1 year

PG Diploma in Business Management- 1 year

PG Diploma in Arts Administration- 1 year

Program Fees (Annual)

Approx- CAD 14603.57- 16,304 (INR 9,00,000- 10,04,795.09)

5.  Douglas College

Douglas College is one of the top institutes offering best post graduate diploma courses in Canada. These post-degree programs consist of upper-level courses that will give you the abilities and information that companies desire. The course will help you in finding the right employment opportunity, and upgrading your skill set. PG diplomas are offered in accounting, human resources, global banking and economics, international business management, and others.



Program Offered

PG Diploma in Financial Analysis-1 year

PG Diploma in Advanced Human Resource Management-2 years

PG Diploma in International Business Management and Marketing- 2 years

Program Fees (Annual)

CAD- 17848.81-  18,727 (INR 11,00,000- 11,54,121.54

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Eligibility Criteria and Admission Requirements for Post Graduate Diploma Programs in Canada

Students pursuing the course need to fulfil post graduate diploma requirements in Canada. The post graduate diploma in Canada eligibility depends on the university or college. Some of them are:

  1. Bachelor’s Degree
  2. English Proficiency test scores
  3. Work Experience
  4. Canada Student Visa
  5. Additional Requirements

Let us check in details-

  1. Bachelor’s Degree

An undergraduate and graduate degree in a relevant subject with at least 65% or more aggregate marks from reputed universities.

  1. English Proficiency Test Scores

International students need to present an IELTS/TOEFL score for the admission purpose.

  • IELTS: 6.5
  • TOEFL: 550 (pBT), and 213 (cBT), 88 (iBT)
  1. Work Experience

Having 2-3 years of work experience will be an added advantage when applying for the diploma in Canada after graduation.

  1. Canada Student Visa

Students need to have an acceptance letter from the respective university or college to apply for the Canada student visa. Make sure to submit all documents correctly.

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Documents Required for Post Graduate Diploma Programs in Canada

As the part of the admission process, international students need to submit some of the following documents listed below:

  • Academic Transcripts
  • Study permit
  • SOP
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • Proof of finances
  • Valid Passport
  • Updated Resume
  • Current Photographs (passport size)

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Application Process for PG Diploma Courses in Canada

As a part of seeking admission, there are certain steps to follow. Mentioned below are the following steps:

  • Once you select the course, go through the official website of the top universities and colleges that offer the same.
  • Make sure that you check the admission procedure and the eligibility requirements for the admission.
  • Submit your application along with the suggested application fee.
  • Now submit all the necessary documents, including the academic transcripts, along with other additional documents.
  • If your application is accepted, you will be called for an interview round with the college.
  • Now wait for the decision made by the college authorities.
  • Once you get selected, you can then go ahead and select your specialisation, submit your tuition fee, and start your course.

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Cost of Studying PG Diploma in Canada

When it comes to the cost of living and studying in Canada, there are two important aspects to consider. One is the tuition fee and the other is the cost of living in Canada.  

Tuition Fee

The annual tuition fee for post graduate diploma in Canada ranges between CAD 7848.81- 18,727 (INR 11,00,000- 11,54,121.54). There are both private and public colleges offering post graduate diploma courses in Canada and the college fees vary according to the program you choose.

Cost of Living       

On average, students living in Canada have to spend about CAD 800 to 1000 (INR 49192- 61490) monthly on their living expenses. This includes some of the major aspects of living such as rent, food, groceries, transportation, study materials, and much more.

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Scholarships for PG Diploma Courses in Canada

Scholarship for PG diploma courses in Canada is worth seeking because it helps in covering the study cost. There are different postgraduate diploma scholarships for international students in Canada offered by universities as a part of study grant. Some of these are-


Amount Granted

Paul Foundation Scholarships

CAD 19,858 (INR 12,23,823.66)

Forktip Women Innovation Scholarships

CAD 1527 (INR 93, 896)

Brokerfish International Student Scholarships

CAD 992 (INR 60, 998)

Humber College International Scholarship program

CAD 2000 (INR 12,2981)

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Job Scope After Completing PG Diploma in Canada

Finding jobs after a PG diploma in Canada is not difficult because there are very career-oriented options to choose. The salary after a PG diploma in Canada depends on the post you hold. However, for a student the annual average salary after a PG diploma in Canada is around CAD 42,000 (INR 25,88,407.37).

In addition, with a PG diploma in Canada, you are not only guaranteed to be ready for employment domestically but also internationally.

Job Roles

Annual Average Package

Marketing Specialist

CAD 45,000 (INR 27,73,293.61)

HR Manager

CAD 80,000 (INR 49,30,299.75)

QA Technician

CAD 37,000 (INR 22,80,263.63)

Project Manager (IT)

CAD 94,000 (INR 57,93,102.20)

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PG diploma courses in Canada give you the best chance to learn about the respective sector and prepare for the competitive employment market. If you are looking forward to seeking admission for the same our Yocket Professionals will assist you and help you in getting admissions in top universities in Canada.

Frequently Asked Questions for PG Diploma Courses in Canada

Ques. Is backlogs allowed to pursue post graduate diploma in Canada?

Ans: Students may apply for a PG diploma course in Canada with few backlogs. However, it may vary from college to college, and admissions decisions are made individually for students who have major backlogs.

Ques. Is it worth to pursue PG Diploma in Canada?

Ans: Short-term, career-focused PG diploma courses are less expensive than master's programs and can aid in your job search in Canada. Therefore, earning a graduate degree in Canada is entirely worthwhile.

Ques. Is it possible to apply for masters after PG diploma in Canada?

Ans: Yes. once you complete the PG diploma course in Canada, you can apply for master's program.

Ques. Is it possible to get PR in Canada after PG diploma?

Ans: Yes, you can obtain PR in Canada after receiving a postgraduate diploma, but you must first secure a job and accumulate professional experience.

Ques. What is the average annual salary after completing a PG diploma course in Canada?

Ans: The average annual payscale is around CAD 42,000 (INR 25,88,407.37), which can increase as per the experience and position you hold.

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