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UG Diploma Courses in Canada for International Students: How to Pursue UG Diploma Courses in Canada?

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Canada is one of the first choices for overseas students pursuing undergraduate degrees. The country offers a wide selection of alternatives for those interested in engineering, medicine, business, and more. Given the lack of qualified candidates, Canada welcomes foreign students to study and work there.

A UG diploma in Canada allows students to gain experience in their fields of interest and pave the way for career opportunities. Canadian UG diplomas allow students to gain specialisation at an undergraduate level after their 10+2 and be employment ready without a full-time 4-year long course.

If you’re searching for the top UG diploma courses in Canada and pave the way for a great career, you’re at the right place!

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Why Study UG Diploma Courses in Canada?

There are various reasons why Canada can be the place for your UG diploma. Allow us to break down a few for you:

Wide range of options

You can pursue undergraduate diploma courses after completing your schooling.

These diploma courses are available in various streams:

  • Engineering
  • IT
  • Management
  • Hotel Management
  • Accountancy
  • Pharmacy
  • Media Technology
  • Fashion Designing
  • Interior Designing

They are classified into standard and advanced categories. Regular undergrad courses are 2-year UG Diploma courses in Canada that allow students to specialise in a certain area, whereas a three-year period of study is required for an advanced diploma.

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Scholarships and Financial Aid

Generally, Canadian higher education is less expensive than American higher education. But it does not always imply that obtaining a degree in Canada as an international student is affordable for everyone. Thus, to enhance and promote international immigrants for education in Canada, there is a plethora of scholarships available.

Welcoming Community

Canada is a diverse country, and you will experience a very welcoming community as you step into the nation for your education. Say no to adjustment issues, bullying, etc. You can have the love of your people and the thrill of a new country all in one when in Canada!

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Types of UG Diploma Courses in Canada

Given below are some of the best UG Diploma courses in Canada for international students:

  • Undergraduate Diploma - General: This is a 2-year diploma program, offered in several disciplines such as business, artificial intelligence, computer science, computer programming, etc.
  • Diploma with Co-op: This diploma program is realistic, and offers hands-on curriculum, which equip graduates for a bright future. The co-op program particularly focuses on achieving interdisciplinary skills.

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Top 5 UG Diploma Courses in Canada

Cutting to the chase, what are the five best UG diploma courses in Canada that could work wonders for you? Well, we have the list!

1.  Diploma in Engineering

An engineering diploma gives you a practical understanding of business procedures. With this qualification, students can pursue a variety of jobs, including those for technicians and supervisors.



University of British Columbia

CAD 42,396

University of Alberta

CAD 39,500

McGill University

CAD 49,172

York University

CAD 37,243

University of Calgary

CAD 20,172

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2.  Diploma in IT

Today, the industry with the fastest growing markets is information technology. After earning an IT diploma, you have a lot of job alternatives. These diploma programmes explain the strategies employed in the IT sector, which are highly beneficial for developing a bright professional future.



York University

CAD 32,416

Queen’s University

CAD 54,992

University of Guelph

CAD 31,155

Kwantlen Polytechnic University

CAD 20,538

Brock University

 CAD 13,310.00

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3.  Diploma in Business Management

Business management prepares students for positions within the fields of accounting, marketing, business, human resources, project management, and office administration. Students learn various software to be skilled in document processing, spreadsheet manipulation, etc, which makes them more employable in any business environment.



University of Toronto

CAD 32,416

University of British Columbia

CAD 39,574

University of Alberta

CAD 27,540

McMaster University

CAD 5,975.54 + ancillary

University of Victoria

CAD 6,360 + ancillary fee

4.  Diploma in Hospitality Management

Canada's tourist sector, both domestic and international, is expanding quickly and offers excellent work possibilities. The Canadian tourist business is valued at CAD 78.8 billion.

The industry's constituent parts include travel, lodging, food and drink, etc. Additionally, Canada is a desirable location for jobs and higher education due to its pro-immigration laws, high quality of living, and safety. Approximately CAD 74,910 is the average compensation for hospital administration, with salaries ranging from CAD 68,574 to CAD 150,550.



George Brown University

CAD 18,190

Ryerson University

CAD 34,899

Algonquin University

CAD 18,321

Centennial College

CAD 15,385

Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology

CAD 15,133

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5.  Diploma in Psychology and Biology

Biological Psychology is a subfield of Psychology which examines feelings, and behaviours from a biological and physical point of view. There is a comparative method used in Biological Psychology, which studies different species of animals and can help in understanding human behaviour.



University of Toronto

CAD 58,160

University of British Columbia

CAD 40,766

University of Alberta

CAD 29,500

University of Calgary

CAD 15,084

University of Montreal

CAD 10,563

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Top Colleges to Study UG Diploma Courses in Canada

Let us now have a look at the elite universities in Canada that offer these insightful UG courses, and you can make the choice!




McGill University


Diploma in Accounting

Diploma in Applied Marketing

Diploma in Entrepreneurship

University of British Columbia


Diploma in Education

University of Montreal


Diploma Programs for Internationally Educated Teachers

Secondary Education Diploma Program

George Brown University


Diploma in Financial Planning

McMaster University



Biochemistry and Biomedical Sciences

Biomedical Discovery and Commercialization

Seneca College


Diploma in Journalism

Eligibility Criteria and Documents Required for UG Diploma Courses in Canada

The eligibility criteria for applying to a diploma course in Canada are not very wide. Here is the major eligibility requirement you need to fulfil while applying for a diploma in Canada:

  • A high school education degree is a must in order to apply for a diploma. For those applying for a postgraduate diploma, the minimum requirement is a completed bachelor’s degree with a certain minimum percentage that varies from college to college and degree to degree.
  • Another important criterion is that you need to clear your IELTS or TOEFL with a certain minimum score in order to get admission to any institute in Canada.
  • Along with this, you will require LOR and SOP
  • Transfer Certificate
  • Financial document as asked by the university
  • Visa Documents

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Cost of Best UG Diploma Courses in Canada

The cost of the best UG diplomas in Canada differs from the course you select and the college you get. Here is a list of the top courses and their annual fee.




Diploma in Computer System Technician

2 years

CAD 13,000 to 17,000

Diploma in Hospitality – Hotel Operations Management

2 years

CAD 14,000 to 17,000

Diploma in Biotechnology Technician

2 years

CAD 12,000 to 14,500

Diploma in Business – Finance

2 years

CAD 14,000 to 16,000

Diploma in Dental Hygiene

2 years

CAD 13,500 to 16,000

Diploma in Animation

2 years

CAD 12,000 to 14,500

Note that there’s living costs too. A student in Canada spends around 15,000-20,000 CAD per year, depending on one’s lifestyle, to satisfy his/her daily expenditure.

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Scholarships for UG Diploma Courses in Canada

We strongly advise scholars to search for scholarships and bursaries in your native nation before looking into opportunities in Canada.




Educational Future International Scholarship

Up to 16,517 CAD


Ambedkar Overseas Vidyanidhi Scholarship

16,517 CAD

For SC students

Global Citizen Scholarship

12,797 CAD


York University Automatic Entrance Scholarship

60,000 CAD to 100,000 CAD /4-year

Aggregate score of 80-95% in 10+2

UBC International Leader for Tomorrow Award

30 million CAD available(total)

International students applying for their first UG degree at UBC

Canadian Government Aid

The Government of Canada Foreign Scholarships and the Canada Student Loan programme are two financial aid alternatives that the Canadian government provides to international students. The amount that government aid offers students is around 9,000 CAD.

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Job Profiles After Pursuing UG Diploma Courses in Canada

There are so many job options that become open to you after your UG diploma degree in Canada. Here are a few of them:


UG Diploma Subject

Annual Average Salary (in INR)

Annual Average Salary (in CAD)

Computer Technician

Diploma in Computer System Technician




Hospitality Management

Diploma in Hospitality – Hotel Operations Management




Diploma in Biotechnology Technician



Computer Networking

BSc in Computing and Network Communications

20,48,020.6 - 25,29,907.8  

 34,000 to 42,000

Computer Engineer

B.Eng. in Computer Engineering



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A UG diploma in Canada can be a real game changer if you act smart and choose the right course in time. Choosing the right course and college is the first step to brilliant education. If you’re a study abroad aspirant and want to get a free profile evaluation by experts, sign up with Yocket, and speak with our Yocket Counsellors! You’re only one step away from your dream college.

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