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PG Diploma Colleges In Canada: Best Colleges, Cost, Scholarships, Jobs & More

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The best way to learn the updated concepts, implement conceptual knowledge, and receive guided training in the subject of your choice is by pursuing a PG diploma course. It combines all three aspects through various forms of learning throughout the course. 

The colleges in Canada fulfil this requirement as they offer the right blend of updated and accredited course curriculums, recognised tutors, on-campus and off-campus activities, and the proper guidance. To help you with it, this blog provides complete information on pursuing pg diploma colleges in Canada.  

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Why Study In Canada Colleges For PG Diploma?

Canada is home to some of the best universities and colleges in the world. These educational institutions have consistently ranked high in QS World University Rankings and Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings. Over 250 pg diploma colleges in Canada offer more than 597 diploma courses.  

Here are some of the critical reasons why colleges for PG diploma in Canada are so popular:

Highly-quality education: The quality of education provided by Canada colleges for PG diploma is high. Nationalised bodies accredit the course curriculum; tutors are world-renowned and teach from their work and life experience. This helps mould the students during the activities, projects and training sessions to cultivate and enhance the required work skills.

Education system in Canada

Job Opportunities: Top colleges in Canada for PG diploma provide networking and job placement opportunities. As an international student, you can scout for jobs independently upon completing your course in Canada. There are plenty of job opportunities, and Canada is open to hiring people from other countries if their skillset matches.  

Jobs after studying in Canada

Scope for Higher Education: Studying in the best colleges in Canada for PG diploma will open doors to pursue Masters and Doctoral courses later. Canadian universities and degrees are recognised across the world, so you will be able to continue your education anywhere in the world.

Overview Of Studying PG Diploma In Canada

As an international student, you can pursue PG diploma courses in diploma colleges and universities in Canada. Canadian colleges are well-known for providing a perfect blend of classroom teaching, training and activities involving practical implementation of the subjects. This makes you job-ready upon course completion, armed with the necessary skills, knowledge and work experience gained through mentoring activities during the course and in internships. The table below provides an overview of studying postgraduate diploma courses in Canada.

Course Duration

1-2 years

Top Colleges/Universities

Concordia University

University of Manitoba

Centennial College

McMaster University

Carleton University

University of Toronto 

Fanshaw College

Top PG Diploma Courses

Graduate Certificate in Marketing Management

Diploma in Aerospace Program Management

Diploma in Human Resource Management

Post Graduate Diploma in Nursing Practice

PG Diploma in Energy Systems Engineering Technology

Post Graduate Diploma in International Business 

Post Graduate Certificate in Advanced Professional Accounting

Average Tuition Fee

16,000 CAD/ 9,74,562 INR to 77,440 CAD / 47,17,890 INR

5 Top Colleges In Canada For PG Diploma

Out of the 250 PG diploma colleges in Canada, we have picked top colleges in Canada for PG diploma. These colleges offer a variety of specialisations and programs for students who want to gain professional experience in the subjects. We have detailed these colleges below.

  • Centennial College
  • Carleton University
  • Concordia University
  • University of Manitoba
  • McMaster University

1. Centennial College

Centennial College is one of the best colleges in Canada for PG diploma. All the diploma programs offered by the college comply with the educational standards of the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skill Development in Ontario. You can opt for two-year diploma courses, advanced diploma and graduate certificate programs at Centennial College. 



Course Duration

1-2 years

Course Offered

Graduate Certificate in Marketing Management 

Graduate Certificate in Fitness and Health Promotion

Average Tuition Fee

16,000 CAD/ 9,71,700 INR - 17,505 CAD/10,73,200 INR for the first year

2. Carleton University

Carleton University ranks #5 amongst the universities in Canada. It has also been consistently ranked in the QS World University Rankings. This is one of the best pg diploma colleges in Canada as it offers automatic entrance scholarships for international students. When you study here, you won't have to worry about job placements as the in-house staff will help you to apply for a work permit after you complete your PG diploma with them. You can utilise career services and placement opportunities provided.



QS World University Ranking 2023


Course Duration

2 years

Course Offered

Graduate Diploma in Ethics and Public Affairs 

Graduate Diploma in Science, Technology and Policy

Average Tuition Fee

42,950.29 CAD/ 26,15,140 INR – 77,440.29 CAD/ 47,15,148 INR for one year

3. Concordia University

Concordia University is one of the top colleges for pg diploma in Canada. Some of the world-renowned scholars and experts are tutors here. The classrooms' size is small, meaning personalised attention to each student. The involvement in activities and feedback loops are intensive and aid in developing skills and implementing knowledge.



QS World University Ranking 2023


Course Duration

2 years

Course Offered

Diploma in Computer Science 

Diploma in Economics

Average Tuition Fee

30,900 CAD/ 18,82,000 INR for the first year

4. University of Manitoba

University of Manitoba is one of the best colleges for post graduate diploma in Canada. It offers more than 100 PGDM courses and leading-edge facilities for practically implementing core subjects. This ensures that you can gain hands-on experience, enhance your skills, and develop a thorough understanding of the concepts to relate them to real life. As an international student, you can build your network of professionals while studying at the University of Manitoba.



QS World University Ranking 2023


Course Duration

2 years

Course Offered

Diploma in Applied Management 

Diploma in Aerospace Program Management

Diploma in Human Resource Management

Average Tuition Fee

22,450 CAD/ 13,61,900 INR for the first year

5. McMaster University

McMaster University provides a high-quality education through its education system on campus. It provides all the facilities required to innovate, experiment and learn. The faculties are well-known, and you can surely benefit from the immense practical knowledge. McMaster University is ranked #4 in Canada for education and has received Global Teaching Excellence Award from the Higher Education Academy, U.K.



QS World University Ranking 2023


Course Duration

2 years

Course Offered

Diploma in Manufacturing Engineering

Diploma in Automotive and Vehicle Engineering Technology

Average Tuition Fee

1,051.20 CAD/ 63,770 INR – 30,666 CAD / 18,60,330 INR per term


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Eligibility Criteria To Study PG Diploma Colleges In Canada

Let us look at the eligibility criteria to study in Canada colleges for PG diploma. Every Canadian college has its criteria to evaluate students' eligibility for each course. But there are a few standard criteria that are applicable and mandatory for all courses in all the universities in Canada. We have listed them below.

  • Bachelor's Degree
  • English Proficiency test scores
  • GMAT/GRE Scores
  • Canada Student Visa

How to apply for Canada student visa?

Let’s get to know it in detail:

Bachelor's Degree

A Bachelor's degree is required to get admission into the Canada colleges for PG Diploma. Students should have an aggregate score of 60-75% for pursuing a PG Diploma course.

English Proficiency Test Scores

Students that don’t have English as their primary language need to provide an English Language Proficiency test score such as IELTS or TOEFL. The minimum requirements for these tests are provided below.

IELTS: Minimum overall score of 6.5

TOEFL: Minimum score of 80-110


Some of the best universities in Canada for PG Diploma require students to provide their GMAT/GRE scores for certain specialisations. The requirements are:

GMAT: 500-600


Canada Student Visa

It is vital for students to have a Visa and study permit to apply to colleges in Canada. Students need to check with the Canadian embassy for visa requirements for Canada.

Documents Required To Pursue PG Diploma Colleges In Canada

International students must submit supportive documents to the Canadian college while applying for the diploma course. The list of documents varies from one college to another and is based on the course you opt for. But a specific set of documents is common to all the colleges in Canada. We have listed them below. 

Admission Process For PG Diploma Colleges In Canada

To gain admission into the top PG Diploma colleges in Canada, there are specific steps that you need to take to fulfil the admission process. We have explained it in detail below.

  • After you decide on the course you want to study, go through the official website of the top universities and colleges offering the course. 
  • Check the admission procedure and eligibility requirements for your course and college.
  • Submit your application for the course on the official website of the university/college and pay the suggested application fee.
  • Submit all documents as listed in the requirements for your course.
  • You will be called for a virtual interview if your application is accepted.
  • Upon selection, you will receive an offer letter from the college stating your application acceptance.
  • Pay your tuition fee and start your course.

Cost To Study Canada Colleges For PG Diploma

Regarding the cost of living and studying in Canada, there are two critical aspects to consider for international students. One is the tuition fee for their PG Diploma course, and the other is the cost of living in Canada.

  • Tuition Fee
  • Cost of Living

Tuition Fee

The tuition fee for most of the top PG Diploma colleges in Canada range between 16,000 CAD/ 9,74,562 INR to 77,440 CAD / 47,17,890 INR. Private and public colleges in Canada offer the best PG Diploma courses for students, and the college fees vary according to the program you choose.

Cost of studying in Canada

Cost of Living

On average, international students in Canada have to spend about 800 to 1000 CAD per month on their living expenses. This includes rent for accomodation, food, groceries, and transportation.

Living cost in Canada

Scholarships To Study In Colleges For PG Diploma In Canada

Scholarships are the best way to ensure that the financial expenses and tuition fees of living and studying in Canada are mainly covered. Luckily for students pursuing a degree from the top PG Diploma colleges in Canada, there are some excellent scholarship opportunities for students. Here we are providing some information about those scholarships.



International Students’ Scholarship – Niagara College

2,000 CAD

Paul Foundation Scholarship

2,500 CAD

Humber College International Student Scholarship

2,000 CAD

Forktip Women Innovation Scholarship

2,000 CAD

Hani Zeini Scholarship

1,000 CAD

Jobs After Studying In PG Diploma Colleges In Canada

After completing the course from the top colleges in Canada for postgraduate diploma, students can opt for different careers according to their specialisations. Since PG Diploma is a valued course all over the world, many recruiters want to employ fresh graduates from the course. Some vital job opportunities available for students who are pursuing PG Diploma in Canada are:

Job Profile

Average Annual Salary

Mechanical Engineer

77,055 CAD

Marketing Specialist

62,883 CAD

Program Analyst

77,216 CAD

HR Recruiter

50,174 CAD

Structural Engineer

78,236 CAD

Wrapping up 

With multiple course specializations available, it can be a little overwhelming to pick the correct speciation for the course you want. After picking the right course, choosing the right Canadian college to study is essential. After all, your PGDM will give you the solid foundation you need to meet your education goals. For assistance in choosing the right course or college, you can reach out to our Yocket counsellors anytime.

Frequently Asked Questions About Canada Colleges For PG Diploma

Ques: What are the best pg diploma colleges in Toronto?

Ans: Centennial College, George Brown College and Seneca College are the best pg diploma colleges in Toronto. 

Ques: Which are the top colleges in Ottawa for PG diploma?

Ans: Carleton University, Saint Paul University and Dominican University are some of the top colleges in Ottawa for PGDM.

Ques: Which are the best colleges in Ontario for PG diploma?

Ans: Algonquin College, Confederation College and Fanshawe College are some of the best colleges in Ontario for PG diploma. 

Ques: Which are the cheap colleges in Canada for PG Diploma?

Ans: McMaster University, North Island College, Centennial College and the University of Winnipeg are some of the best and most cost-effective colleges in terms of tuition fee to study PGDM in Canada.

Ques: Is it beneficial to study pg diploma colleges in Canada?

Ans: Yes, Canadian colleges and universities' degree certifications are recognised worldwide. You will gain high-quality education from world-renowned tutors and be able to implement what you learn during your term practically. 

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