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Top Career Prospects in Canada

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Selecting a country for your higher education is the first step towards building your career. One of the major factors that will help you select a country for your education abroad is the job prospects of your stream. If you have always wanted to work in an industry after you graduate, wouldn’t you want to know how your career prospects are after your degree? Canada, which has been among the top choices for international students, has so much to offer when it comes to career prospects! Hence, we bring you this article which has the top career prospects a fresh graduate can have! 

1. Product Manager, Software

If you have taken up computer science or computer engineering and have learned about management during your course of study, the Product Manager career is open to you. The Product Manager, Software salary ranges from 51,000 CAD to 91,000 CAD. If you are an entry-level Product Manager your average salary working in Canada would be around 78,000 CAD and it has a steady increase as your experience level increases. A person who has 5-9 years of experience will earn somewhere between 85,000 CAD to 115,000 CAD. Some important skills that you would need to have to land a Product Manager job in Software are Product Management, Business Strategy, Agile Software Development, etc.

2. Data Scientist

One of the most popular streams among international students in Canada is Data Science and most of the students who do their Masters in Data Science land a job as Data Scientist, Data Analyst, Business Analyst, etc. A Data Scientist’s salary ranges from 47,000 CAD to 92,000 CAD. Data Scientist roles need to have proficiency in many skills like Python, Machine Learning, R Programming, Statistical Analysis, Data Analysis, etc. If you want to be a Data Scientist then the best location for you to be in Canada is Toronto, Ontario. 

3. Construction Manager

Construction Management is a course that not many students take up but this course has one of the best career prospects in Canada. A Construction Manager’s salary ranges from 49,000 CAD to 113,000 CAD! The students who just graduate and have 0 or less than 1 year of work experience, on average make 56,000 CAD as a Construction Manager. A Construction Manager should be strong in skills like Project Management, Construction Estimating, Contractor Management, Blueprints, Microsoft Excel, etc. All these terms might seem overwhelming at first but the person who masters these will definitely land a good job.

4. Project Manager, Information Technology

Any student who has taken Computer Science as their Major can work as an international student in Canada as a Project Manager. Although, there are certain requirements for a Project Manager and some skills that need to be worked on like Customer Relationship Management, Project Management, Agile Software Development, etc. The salary of a Project Manager ranges from 37,000 CAD to 83,000 CAD. Apparently, fewer people get the role of Project Manager because generally, students who take up Computer Science want to go in the complete technology line rather than take this blend of Management and tech. The best city to work as a Project Manager in Canada is Toronto, Ontario.

5. Biomedical Engineer

The engineers who work on new ways to cure or heal injuries and diseases. They work on medical research and product development too. The role of Biomedical Engineers has started to show prominent signs with regards to jobs as more and more startups have been initiated in the medical industry which needs smart work. The salary range of a Biomedical Engineer is 43,000 CAD to 89,000 CAD. There are many other fields for a Biomedical Graduate too, but this career prospect has been the most demanding.

6. Software Developer/Full Stack Web Developer

The most commonly known fields for Computer Science and Information Technology Graduates are Software Developer and Full Stack Web Developer. Both of these career prospects have almost similar skill-sets requirements and salary ranges too. The skills required for a Software Developer are Java, C Programming, Python, JavaScript, SQL, etc and the skills required for a Web Developer are JavaScript, Node.js, React.js, PHP, HTML, etc. The salary ranges of a Software Developer and a Web Developer are between 39,000 CAD to 74,000 CAD. Cities like Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary, and Vancouver have the most demand for Software Engineers and Web Developers.

7. Electrical Engineer

A student who has taken up Electrical and Computer Engineering as a major have a wide variety of career prospects open to them like Electronics Engineer, System Analyst, Computer Hardware Architect, Electrical Engineer, etc. All of these prospects have an equal salary range. Cities like Windsor and Calgary has a really high demand for Electrical Engineers. Typically an Electrical Engineer’s salary ranges from 40,000 CAD to 72,000 CAD. Some skills like MATLAB, Autodesk AutoCAD, C++ Programming Language enhance the capability of an Electrical Engineer.

After knowing this, we are pretty sure you might want to learn more about Canada, its universities and much more. We are here to help you with your application process to Canadian Universities. Moreover, the list of career prospects doesn’t end here, there are many more that you would want and we are open to discuss it.

Having a skill that’s required for you to nail a good job is an ultimate requirement. So, get your brains ready because it’s time to enjoy and learn the skill that you love to get that dream job!

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