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2 Year PG Diploma Courses In Canada: Top Universities, Admission Process, Cost, Jobs & More

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A postgraduate diploma course is the perfect way to gain an understanding of the subject through practical application. Projects, activities, and internships provide platforms to implement, learn, and experiment. This makes it essential to find the right diploma course specialisation in your interest and a college that delivers high-quality education. 

Canada is home to over 135 colleges and universities that offer 2-year PGDM courses in various disciplines. Some top colleges offer more than 300 PGDM courses, so you can be sure to find the course of your choice to pursue your higher education. Turn your study abroad dream into reality with Yocket Premium. Get complete personalised guidance on the admissions process in Canada! By becoming a Premium Yocketer, you get expert guidance and counselling in finding the top universities for your requirements. 

Read ahead to get detailed information about 2-year PG diploma courses in Canada. 

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Why Study 2 Year PG Diploma Courses In Canada?

There could be many reasons why opting for the 2 year PG diploma courses in Canada for international students is a good idea. Here we are going to talk about a few reasons in detail.

Top Universities & Colleges: When it comes to the 2 year PGDM courses in Canada, there are some top universities and colleges that provide the best education options for students. According to the QS University Ranking list, Canada houses some of the most prestigious and well-known institutions for PGDM courses. So students can get the best opportunities to pursue a course they like.

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High Number of Specialisations: The top colleges and universities in Canada offer a plethora of specialisations. This is why students opt for the post graduate diploma courses in Canada 2 year duration for international students. Students can opt for specialisations and programs such as the follows.

  • Management
  • Graphic Design
  • Hospitality
  • Web Design
  • Cyber Security

Job Options:Once you have completed your 2 year PG Diploma courses in Canada, abundant career opportunities will be waiting for you. Canada is filled with famous recruitment companies that are on the lookout for individuals who have professional experience in any particular field. This is exactly what a 2 year PG diploma can give you.

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Difference between 1-year and 2-years PG diploma courses in Canada

If you are contemplating the course duration of your PG diploma, the differences between the two will help you decide. We’ve listed them below.

1-year PG diploma

2-years PG diploma

Course duration is 12 months

Course duration is 16-24 months

2 - 3 semesters

4 - 6 semesters

Can work part-time for 12 months during an approved Canadian student visa

Eligible to work for 3 years while studying

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5 Top Universities To Study 2 Year PGDM Courses In Canada

Canada is one of the best places where students go to pursue a PG Diploma degree. If you are looking for a 2 Year post graduate diploma in Canada, many universities and educational institutions offer such courses. Here are the best institutions in Canada that offer a 2 Year PG diploma program.

Let us explore these universities and colleges in detail.

1. University of Manitoba

The University of Manitoba is located in the heart of Canada and attracts international students worldwide. Affiliated with the University of Winnipeg, it offers over 100 postgraduate diploma courses in Canada in 2 years. It is one of the best colleges in Canada for 2 year pg diploma courses in Canada for international students because it has the highest rating for work-life balance in Canada. So you will have a process in place to pursue your part-time job and make time for personal activities at ease while you are studying at the university.



University of Manitoba World Ranking 2024


Course Duration

2 years

Course Offered

Web development Diploma

Average Tuition Fee

22,450 CAD/ 13,61,900 INR for one year 

2. Centennial College

Centennial College is ranked high for post graduate diploma courses in Canada 2 years duration for international students. It is in the top ranks amongst the 125 community colleges in Canada. Centennial College holds the #8 rank for Applied Research activity in Canada, #3 for the highest number of employed graduated for conducting Applied Research activities, and #1 prize for Innovation in Applied Research in Canada. So, if you want to study 2 year pg diploma in Canada that requires research, this is your go-to college. 



Course Duration

2 years

Course Offered

Diploma in International Business

Advanced Diploma in Business Administration

Advanced Diploma in Biotechnology

Average Tuition Fee

17,401 CAD/ 10,55,700 INR -18,444 CAD/ 11,18,900 INR for 2 semesters

3. Conestoga College

Conestoga College offers the highest number of 2 year PGDM courses in Canada. It has more than 300 programs and offers job placement assistance. The central bodies accredit the engineering diploma courses offered. It is the most preferred college for 2 year post graduate diploma in Canada for engineering, business and arts courses. 



Course Duration

1-2 years

Course Offered

Graduate Certificate in Computer Applications Development 

Advanced Diploma in Electrical Engineering Technology

Advanced Diploma in Civil Engineering Technology

Advanced Diploma in Respiratory Therapy

Average Tuition Fee

24.89 CAD/ 1,510 INR per course hour 

4. Humber College

Humber College is one of the top colleges providing post graduate diploma courses in Canada 2 year duration for international students. It is awarded Gold in internationalisation excellence. This is for including international activities in the course curriculum of all the programs offered by the college. You can be sure to receive hands-on experience in your chosen subjects through projects, internships and other activities while you study here. 



Course Duration

2 years

Course Offered

Diploma in Enterprise Software Development 

Diploma in Electrical Techniques 

Diploma in Content Strategy

Diploma in Building Construction Technician

Average Tuition Fee

11,036.08 CAD/ 6,69,495 INR – 29,842 CAD/ 18,41,000 INR for full course 

5. McMaster University

McMaster University is one of the most famous Canadian universities in the world. It is a host site of the United Nations University (UNU-INWEH) and has more than 70 international academic exchange agreements. This makes it a natural choice for international students to opt for post graduate diploma courses in Canada 2 year duration. 



McMaster University World Ranking 2024


Course Duration

16-24 months

Course Offered

Diploma in Manufacturing Engineering

Diploma in Automotive and Vehicle Engineering Technology

Average Tuition Fee

1,051.20 CAD/ 63,770 INR – 30,666 CAD / 18,60,330 INR per term 

Eligibility Criteria For 2 Year Post Graduate Diploma In Canada

International students must meet specific eligibility criteria to apply to study for the diploma of their choice in Canada. All the mandatory and standard eligibility criteria that international students must meet to study 2 years PG diploma courses in Canada are mentioned below.

  • Bachelor's Degree
  • English Language Proficiency Scores
  • GMAT Scores
  • Canada Student Visa

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Let’s discuss these eligibility criteria in detail:

  • Bachelor’s Degree

Students who want to pursue a 2 Year PG diploma course in Canada must submit their bachelor's degree results and their application form. It is essential to ensure that they have their bachelor's degree (with a minimum of 60% aggregate marks) in a field similar to the specialisation in which they want to pursue PG diploma. 

  • English Language Proficiency Test

For international students that don't have English as their primary language, there is a special requirement for the English Language Proficiency Tests such as IELTS and TOEFL. The requirements for the minimum score in these tests can differ from one college to another. So, students must check out the official website of the college. Most of the colleges in Canada have the requirement mentioned below.

IELTS: Minimum overall score must be 6.5

TOEFL: Minimum overall score of 80

  • GMAT Scores

Some colleges require international students to take the GMAT and submit the scorecard. It depends upon the course and the college. The actual minimum score requirement must be confirmed from the university's official website. Minimum overall GMAT score required is 550.

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  • Canada Student Visa

International students will also have to apply for a Canada student visa to pursue the 2 Year PG diploma courses in Canada. It is essential to apply for a study permit in advance.

Documents Required For 2 Year PGDM In Canada

The universities in Canada require international students to submit a particular set of documents to study 2 year PG diploma courses in Canada. Though the list of documents varies based from one university to another and on the course you choose, these are the standard documents that one must submit to apply. We have listed them below.  

Admission Process To Study 2 Year PGDM In Canada

It is essential to be familiar with the admission process to follow the correct steps in gaining admission into your 2 year PGDM in Canada. We’ve listed the steps below for your reference. 

  • Check the official website of the Canadian college/university you want to study.
  • Read all the course details and requirements to apply for the course. 
  • Prepare the documents and information required.
  • Fill out the student application form online.
  • Attach the necessary documents along with your application form. 
  • Pay the application fee as directed on the official website. 
  • If your application is short-listed, you will be called for a virtual interview by the college/university.
  • Ace the interview. 
  • Apply for a student visa and pursue your post graduate diploma courses in Canada 2 year duration. 

Cost To Study 2 Year PGDM In Canada

Two types of costs are associated with 2 year PG diploma courses in Canada for international students. One must take into consideration the cost of living through the duration of stay along with the 2 years PG diploma courses in Canada fees. Let's discuss the two types of costs.

Tuition fee 

The actual 2 year PG diploma courses in Canada fees depend on the specialisation and the university you choose to study. On average, 2 years PG diploma courses in Canada fees range between 10000 - 40000 CAD per annum. The costs might also be different in the case of public and private colleges and universities.

Cost of Living

Essential expenses of accommodation, food, groceries and basic transportation are incurred by international students while studying in Canada. On average, it would cost 800 CAD - 1000 CAD every month.

Scholarships To Pursue 2 Year PG Diploma Courses In Canada

There are various scholarships for 2 year PG diploma courses in Canada for international students. These scholarships are based on merit and other parameters to reduce 2 years PG diploma courses in Canada fees. Some of the commonly available scholarships are mentioned below.



Brokerfish International Student Scholarships

CAD 1,000 (INR 61,000) 

Jared J Davis Grant

CAD 1,274 (INR 78,000)

Hani Zeini Scholarship

CAD 1,000 (INR 61,000)

University of Calgary International Entrance Scholarship

CAD 25,000 (INR 15,42,000)

Golden Key Graduate Scholar Award

CAD 3,186 (INR 1,96,000)

Jobs After 2 Year PGDM In Canada

Students will find a lot of job opportunities waiting for them after the completion of their post graduate diploma courses in Canada 2 year duration. We've listed some job profiles and their average annual salary in Canada for your reference in the table below.

Job Profile

Average Annual Salary

Web developer

CAD 64,626 (INR 39,86,000)

Program Analyst

CAD 77,216 (INR 47,63,000) 

Marketing Specialist

CAD 63,848 (INR 39,38,000)

Civil Engineer

CAD 49,569 (INR 30,58,000)

HR Recruiter

CAD 50,174 (INR 30,95,000)

From the Desk of Yocket

Canada is one of the most popular study-abroad destinations for international students. Several top colleges in Canada provide excellent job opportunities for PGDM students. A 2-year diploma program in Canada can equip you with the necessary skills for a successful career.

With many course offerings, choosing the right course for your subject might be confusing. Multiple specialisations are offered for a single course by Canadian colleges. Get in touch with Yocket experts today to learn more. With Yocket, you get your profile built by our top-of-the-field counsellors, and guidance for making a strong application that will get you the admission you are looking for.

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