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Cheapest PG Diploma in Canada: Know About Cheapest Post Graduate Diploma Courses in Canada

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In case you are on the lookout for a course that you can pursue for a short duration of time and that doesn’t cost you tens of thousands of dollars, pursuing a cheap post graduate diploma in Canada will be a good idea. Having a post-graduate diploma is one of the best ways to enter the professional arena and build a major scope for higher education. Canada is one of the best places for students who want to pursue a PG diploma and that too at an affordable rate. Plus the work experience along with the affordable fees are added bonuses for someone who wants to complete their diploma affordably.

Canada houses some of the best institutions that offer multiple specialisations and programs for international students. The courses incorporate both theoretical knowledge as well as practical implications to prepare the students for a professional career. This blog discusses all the cheap post graduate diploma courses in Canada for international students. Here you can find all information about the top universities, program fees, eligibility criteria, rankings, career opportunities and many other important details.

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Why Study the Cheapest PG Diploma in Canada?

Canada is one of those study destinations that attract thousands of students every year for their postgraduate diploma program. There are many different reasons why this place is so popular amongst the youth and we are going to mention some of these reasons below.

  • Affordable Rates

One of the most important reasons why Canada is known for the PG Diploma courses is that these programs tend to have incredibly reasonable rates. This means if you choose to pursue the cheapest PG diploma in Canada, you will be able to save thousands of rupees worth of tuition fees.

  • Top Ranked Universities

When we are talking about the universities and colleges that offer the cheapest post graduate diploma courses in Canada, there is no doubt that these universities are universally ranked. Some of the top institutions that offer world-class education to students are situated in Canada.

  • Innumerable Scholarships

One of the best ways to get some respite from the overbearing college fees is to look for a scholarship. There are a lot of universities that offer financial assistance and scholarships to students. This will make the process of learning a bit easier for students that come from humble backgrounds and want cheap PG diploma courses in Canada.

  • Job Options

After completing their degrees, students can choose their profession from a diverse range of career options provided in Canada. It is one of the main reasons why this country is so popular amongst students who want to start their career in the best way.

Know Everything about Student Life in Canada for International Students

Top Universities in Canada for Cheap PG Diploma

Canada offers various opportunities for cheap PG diplomas. If you are on the lookout for a cheap post graduate diploma in Canada, there are countless universities and colleges that can answer your needs in no time. So, in this part of the blog, we will provide detailed information about these colleges and universities. Some of the following cheapest colleges in canada for PG diploma are:

  1. University of Winnipeg
  2. Centennial College
  3. North Island College
  4. McMaster University
  5. Seneca College

In order to provide you with even more details, we are going to describe each institution and offer important bits of information that can help make your decision easier. 

1. University of Manitoba

 If you are looking for cheap post graduate diploma courses in Canada for International students, there is no better institution than the University of Winnipeg. The course specifications for University of Manitoba include Marketing Management, Web Development, Project Management, Network Security, etc. Students can get trained on these theoretical concepts and get some professional foundation from these courses. Also, the fees in this university are pretty affordable and hence can be managed by simple scholarships and financial aid.

Type of Institution


QS World University Rankings 2023


Programs Offered 

  • Postgraduate Diploma Marketing Management
  • Postgraduate Diploma Project Management
  • PG Diploma in Network Security
  • PG Diploma in Web Development

Average Annual Fees

29210 CAD – 34626 CAD/ INR 17.8 – 21.1 Lakhs

2. Centennial College

Counted amongst the top institutions for offering the cheapest PG Diploma in Canada, the Centennial College offer programs in Hotel Management, International Business, Business Accounting, etc. The PG Diploma in International Business imparts a sense of business management in the global sector. With a diploma in Hotel Operations Management, students will gain insights into the Hospitality and Tourism Industry. These courses will help students excel in their careers. 

Type of Institution


QS World University Rankings 2023


Programs Offered 

  • Diploma, Hospitality - Hotel Operations Management
  • Diploma, Business - International Business
  • Diploma, Business Accounting       INR 9,75,040
  • Diploma, Computer Systems Technician - Networking
  • Diploma, Mechanical Engineering Technician – Design
  • Diploma, Biotechnology

Average Annual Fees

16000 CAD – 17031 CAD/ INR 9,75,040 - 10,37,861

3. North Island College

International students all over the world who are on the lookout for affordable PG diploma courses can find the best options here at North Island College. From Fine Arts to Human Resources and other aspects, everything is offered in these PG Diploma courses. Students will get proper training, mentoring, and guidance on different disciplines of Human Services and other Arts-related practices in their curriculum. The PG Diploma programs here offer students the chance to choose highly-respectable careers in the field of Humanities, Arts, Commerce, etc.

Type of Institution


QS World University Rankings 2023


Programs Offered 

Human Service Diploma

Fine Arts Diploma

Average Annual Fees

18445 CAD/ INR 1123970

4. McMaster University

This public university is right on the top tier with other affordable and cheap colleges and universities in Canada that offer a PG diploma. Choosing the diploma course here will enable students to train in different aspects of Design, Development, and Technology. These courses aren’t just research-oriented but affordable as well. The 1-year PG Diploma course will offer technical expertise, theoretical knowledge, and practical experience to students.

Type of Institution


QS World University Rankings 2023


Programs Offered

Diploma in Technology 

Diploma in Design

Average Annual Fees

9205 CAD - 43398 CAD/ INR 5.6 - 26.4 Lakhs

5. Seneca College

One of the award-winning colleges in Canada that are known for preparing fresh graduates every single year is Seneca College. Here students can find PG Diploma courses in the fields of Management, Business Analytics, Marketing, etc. Pursuing a diploma from this college will help students grasp the concepts of Business Administration, Commerce, Financing, Business Management, and much more. The course duration is 1 year and the fees are affordable as well.

Type of Institution


QS World University Rankings 2023


Programs Offered 

  • PG Diploma in Human Resources
  • PG Diploma in Business Analytics
  • Diploma - Marketing

Average Annual Fees

15573 CAD/ INR 9,48,976

 10 Cheapest Universities in Canada for International Students 2022

Eligibility Criteria and Admission Requirements for Cheapest PG Diploma in Canada

International students can apply to colleges and universities where they can meet the eligibility criteria. It is important to keep in mind that the requirements for different institutions might vary from one another. However, there are some basic criteria that students need to fulfil to get admission efficiently.

  1. Undergraduate Degree
  2. English Language Proficiency Test
  3. GMAT/GRE Scores
  4. Work Experience
  5. Canada Student Visa
  6. Additional Requirements

Let’s know it in detail:

  1. Undergraduate Degree

International students who seek admission into the PG diploma colleges in Canada must complete their bachelor’s degree. Most colleges and universities want the students to have similar courses in their bachelors degree for the specialisations that they want to pursue for their PG diploma program.

  1. English Language Proficiency Test

Apart from the academic qualifications, students will also have to provide their English language proficiency test scores to seek admission into any college in Canada. The eligibility requirements for English language proficiency tests such as IELTS and TOEFL are different for various universities. The requirements are:

  1. GMAT/GRE Scores

Although in rare cases, there are some colleges that ask for the GMAT and GRE scores from students who want to pursue the cheap post graduate diploma in Canada for international students.

  1. Work Experience

International students who are interested in doing cheap pg diploma courses in Canada need to have at least 2 to 3 years of work experience.

  1. Canada Student Visa

Students need to apply for a Canada student visa after receiving an acceptance letter from the applied university for the PG diploma program.

Exams Required to Study in Canada

Documents Required For Cheapest Post Graduate Diploma in Canada

Before applying to the colleges for a PG Diploma, here are some important documents that you will have to submit along with your application form.

All About the Fall Intake in Canada

Admission Process for Studying Cheapest PG Diploma in Canada

In order to apply to the cheap colleges in Canada for post graduate diploma programs, students have to be aware of the admission process. Follow these steps mentioned below to complete your admission process in time.

  • Have a look at the official website of the college or university that you are applying to and gather all important information such as eligibility criteria, documents required, etc.
  • Fill out your application form and pay the fee for successful submission of your application.
  • Attach all the documents along with your application form such as LORs, SOPs, educational certificates, ELP Test scores, GMAT/GRE scores, etc.
  • Wait for the reply to your application. If you are selected, you will receive an acceptance letter to which you must reply.
  • After you are selected for the program, you can start your course by paying your tuition fee.

Cost of Studying Cheapest PG Diploma in Canada

When compared to other countries, Canada is pretty affordable when it comes to living and studying. The overall expenses of studying at the cheapest colleges in Canada for a PG diploma can be divided into two major sections: cost of living and program fees.

Program Fee

The universities and colleges in Canada are pretty affordable when compared to other institutions. The average fee for PG Diploma courses is somewhere between 10000 CAD and 40000 CAD for international students.

Cost of Living

When it comes to the cost of living in Canada, it depends on the lifestyle and the preferences of the person. On average, students have to spend about 10000-12000 CAD annually on expenses for food, transportation, housing, supplies, etc.   

Total Expenses to Study in Canada for International Students

Pursuing an affordable post graduate diploma in Canada will enable students to not only build a successful career for themselves but can also give them the chance to pursue their higher education in the field of their choice. Find out information about the top colleges and universities that offer the best PG diploma courses from Yocket professionals right now.


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