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Aerospace Engineering in USA: Top Courses, Requirements, Fees & More for Aerospace Engineering Colleges in USA

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Want to fly high and implement your creativity and imagination while developing research-based skills and building the next generation of aerospace designs, then study aerospace engineering in USA and watch your career take off. Every year, students from across the world come to the USA to study aerospace engineering at universities. Pursuing an aerospace engineering program in the USA takes cross-disciplinary research to new heights through your imagination and technical aptitude.

Home to some leading aerospace industries, Boeing and Lockheed Martin, USA is the perfect place to study aerospace degrees. So, you are planning to study in the best aerospace engineering colleges in USA. In that case, this blog will give you all the information about aerospace engineering courses, eligibility criteria, costs, requirements, scholarships, career opportunities and much more.

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Why Study an Aerospace Engineering Degree in USA?

Studying aerospace engineering programs in USA prepares you for a variety of professional options from aeronautics and astronautics to mechanical engineering and vehicle systems. Some benefits you get after studying in the aerospace engineering colleges in USA are given below:

  • World Class Universities: The United States is well recognised for their quality education, academic excellence, infrastructure, and global facilities. You can find many top universities in USA for aeronautical engineering, most of which are ranked in the QS Subject Rankings for Aeronautical Engineering. Also, the top 10 QS rankings contain 4 US universities.
  • Future Opportunities: The demand of aerospace engineer in USA is set to increase with an expected percentage of 6% from 2021 to 2031. According to the US Bureau of Labour Statistics, about 3,800 job openings for aerospace engineers have been projected annually over the decades.
  • Median Salary: The median annual salary of an aerospace engineer is 122,270 USD. The lowest 10 percent of aerospace engineers can earn less than 77,440 USD, and the highest 10 percent can earn more than 168,370 USD per annum.

Benefits of Studying in USA

Course Curriculum of Aerospace Engineering in USA

The course curriculum of aerospace varies with the degree level. The undergraduate courses in aerospace engineering cover the fundamental aspects of the field, whereas graduate programs at the aeronautical engineering colleges in USA cover fundamentals to advanced knowledge of the field. All of these programs and specialisations of aerospace in US universities cover engineering, science and mathematics with the knowledge of analysis and designing of future aircraft and spacecraft. The topics included in aerospace engineering universities in USA are given below:

  • Aerospace computer-aided designing
  • Engineering materials
  • Aerospace flight mechanics
  • Mechanical of aerospace structures
  • Aerospace dynamical systems
  • Applied structure and control systems in aerospace
  • Propulsion and system designing
  • Aerodynamics algorithms

Best Courses to Study in USA

Now let's have a look at best aerospace engineering colleges in USA for international students:

List of Top Universities and Colleges to Study Aerospace Engineering in USA

The best aerospace engineering universities in USA prepare you for lifelong learning and the attainment of your career goals in aeronautical and in a wide range of other areas. Here we have curated a list of top universities in USA for aerospace engineering courses:

  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • University of California, Berkeley
  • University of Michigan – Ann Arbour
  • California Institute of Technology
  • Purdue University

Now let us go into details of each university one by one:

1.  Massachusetts Institute of Technology

MIT has ranked for top aerospace engineering graduate and undergraduate programs for more than a decade based on various ranking agencies. The aerospace engineering programs of the university build your conceptual understanding of the foundational engineering sciences and professional subjects critical to aerospace. Its master's program begins with research or designing experiences by SM thesis.

QS World University Rankings 2023


QS WUR Mechanical, Aeronautical & Manufacturing Engineering


Type of University


Annual Average Fees

57,590 USD

Program Offered

BS in Aerospace Engineering

MS in Aeronautics and Astronautics

PhD in Aeronautical and Astronautics

2.  University of California, Berkeley

UC Berkeley offers a modern aerospace engineering degree combining comprehensive topical coverage, technical rigour and practical relevances. The programs are offered under different levels from the ground up for aspiring students wanting to be a leader in an emerging era of aerospace technologies, including sustainable aviation, space exploration and autonomous flight.

QS World University Rankings 2023


QS WUR Mechanical, Aeronautical & Manufacturing Engineering


Type of University


Annual Average Fees

31,026 USD

Program Offered

Bachelor in Aerospace Engineering

3.  University of Michigan – Ann Arbour

The aerospace engineering programs at the University of Michigan- Ann Arbour emphasizes real life issues that enable the learners to learn the most updated applications of the classical engineering technologies. The course spans the entire spectrum of aerospace, from aerodynamics and propulsions to the structural mechanics, flight dynamics and control. The program includes a set of electives that provides a background in all fundamental aspects of the field.

QS World University Rankings 2023


QS WUR Mechanical, Aeronautical & Manufacturing Engineering


Type of University


Annual Average Fees

55,334 USD

Program Offered

Bachelor in Aerospace Engineering

MS in Aerospace Engineering

MEng in Aerospace

PhD in Aerospace Engineering

4.  California Institute of Technology

The aerospace courses at CalTech are designed for the students who are looking to broaden their knowledge beyond their normal major. Its master's degree in aeronautics is a one-year program that provides advanced training in the areas of aeronautics in a range of subjects. The aeronautics program consists of courses totalling at least 135 units, in which at least 81 units must be chosen from fluid mechanics, solid structural mechanics and autonomy and control.

QS World University Rankings 2023


QS WUR Mechanical, Aeronautical & Manufacturing Engineering


Type of University


Annual Average Fees

58,479 USD

Program Offered

Bachelor in Aerospace

Masters in Aeronautics

5.  Purdue University

Aerospace engineering degree at Purdue University is offered by the school of aeronautics and astronautics. The course sets the foundation of basic engineering, including statics, dynamics, elementary structures, thermodynamics, and a broad foundation for aircraft and spacecraft design. The program aims to prepare students for careers in aerospace engineering and related disciplines for the undergraduate and graduates aeronautical and astronautical engineering program.

QS World University Rankings 2023


QS WUR Mechanical, Aeronautical & Manufacturing Engineering


Type of University


Annual Average Fees

31,104 USD

Program Offered

BS in Aeronautics and Astronautics

MS in Aeronautics and Astronautics

PhD in Aeronautics and Astronautics

Best Cities to Study in USA

Eligibility Criteria for Aerospace Engineering Universities in USA

The eligibility criteria of aerospace engineering colleges in USA will depend upon the level of degree and the type of course you are taking. You must obtain outstanding scores in your previous education to get into the best universities. However, here we have discussed the standard eligibility criteria of the course accepted at every US aerospace engineering universities:

  • Academic Qualifications
  • English Language Proficiency
  • GRE or GMAT Scores
  • Student Visa

Let us discuss each requirement below:

Academic Qualifications

The academic qualifications vary for the level of the program. For instance, If you are considering aerospace engineering in USA after 12th, you must have a higher secondary certificate in a relevant stream. The scores in your higher secondary should be at least 70% aggregate.

On the other hand, if looking for graduate programs in aerospace engineering in USA, you must hold either a bachelor's or a master's degree in natural science or engineering. You must have at least a 3.0 GPA or higher in the last two years of undergraduate courses.

English Language Proficiency

If you are an international student, you must submit the results of an accepted test as evidence of your English proficiency. The official scores must be submitted directly from the testing agency within two years of the beginning of admission terms. The minimum scores range are:

GRE or GMAT Scores

GRE or GMAT scores are required for getting into a master's in aerospace engineering in USA. As for the recent semesters, some of the aeronautical engineering universities in USA have waived off the requirements. Submitting a strong GRE score can enhance your application. The competitive score range are:

Student Visa

A US student visa is a must to study at any aerospace engineering universities in USA. Make sure to apply for the visa, as soon as possible to avoid last minute hassle.

USA Student Visa Types

Documents Required in Aerospace Engineering Application in USA

Once you meet the eligibility criteria, you must submit a list of documents in the application. These documents can vary with the university and degree you are applying for. Here we have given a set of documents for the best aeronautical engineering in USA:

  • Official Academic Transcripts
  • Higher Secondary Certificate
  • Letter of Acceptance
  • Self Attested Copies
  • Test Scorecards
  • Work Experience
  • Resume or CV
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Proof of Financial Resources
  • US Student Visa

Know About DS 160 Form

Admission Process of Aerospace Engineering Universities in USA

The application timeline of aeronautical engineering in USA for international students can vary for bachelor and masters degree. However, the ideal deadlines can be in the fall, winter and summer seasons. You can visit the official website to get your interest in university deadlines. The application process to apply for the university are given below

  • First, shortlist all the best aeronautical engineering colleges in USA based on your interest, fees and requirements. Make sure to include the above ones too.
  • Now check your course deadlines and fill out the application form if it's available.
  • Collect all the documents and meet the requirements to get into aerospace engineering in USA universities.
  • Upload all the documents and wait for the admission decision.
  • You can also check it in the university admission status.
  • Once you are accepted, pay the depositary fees to confirm your seat in the university.

Admission and Application Process for MS in USA

Cost to Study Aerospace Engineering in USA

The cost to study aerospace engineering courses in USA will depend on many factors. But the most important ones determining the costs are the course tuition fees and the living costs. Let's discuss each one below:

Tuition Fees

Aerospace engineering in USA fees differ greatly based on the program and the university. The tuition fees to pursue a bachelor in aerospace engineering ranges between 27,000 USD to 65,000 USD per year. And the cost of master's in aerospace engineering is anywhere between 23,500 USD to 55,754 USD.

Cost of Living

The cost of living while studying aeronautical engineering in USA is based on the city and the type of accommodation. The living costs for a single student in USA is anywhere between 1,400 to 2,700 USD per month. It includes other costs like transport, food, bills, and miscellaneous expenses as well.

Cost of living in USA

Scholarships to Study Aerospace Engineering Courses in USA

The scholarship is the best way to manage the costs of studying in USA.

Many universities in USA offer students some financial aid in the form of scholarships, awards and grants. External sources and alumni of universities also provide scholarships to deserving students. Some of the scholarship you may consider while studying at aeronautical engineering colleges in USA are given below:

Scholarship Name

Eligibility Criteria


U-M Engineering Students Need and Merit Scholarships

Enrolled students who have completed at least one semester of study and have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above.


William Asbjornsen Albert Memorial Fellowship, MIT

Graduate students with a research degree in modern science and engineering

Tuition fees

Rotary Peace Fellowships, Purdue

International students with a full-time degree and a commitment to the peace


AIAA Foundation Scholarship

Students enrolled into an aerospace engineering degree program.

2,500 USD

Women in Aerospace Scholarship Foundation Scheme

Must have at least 3.0 GPA of engineering with maths or science in bachelor course.

2,000 USD

Scholarship for MS in USA

Career Opportunities After Completing Aerospace Engineering in USA

The aerospace jobs in USA for international students after completing studies is immense. Many industries are looking for skilled aerospace engineers who can take the system of a systems approach to designing aerospace systems. Here are some of the popular job profiles of aerospace graduates in USA, along with their average salaries:

Job Profile

Average Salary

Aerospace Engineer

86,994 USD

Aircraft Quality Assurance

75,337 USD

Aviation Analyst

63,662 USD

Aviation Safety Officer

71,612 USD

Aerospace Technician

61,473 USD

Air Traffic Controller

61,681 USD

Post Study Work Permit in USA

With this we can say the US has a list of many high-ranked universities recognised for its academic and professional teachings. Studying at the top aerospace engineering colleges in USA helps you get exciting career opportunities and develop your networking with top employers and positions for your unique skill sets. However, if you are having difficulty in deciding the right university or course or have any study abroad queries, do connect with our Yocket professionals.


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