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Students seeking the Master of Science degree must be enrolled in one of two degree options, each requiring 30 total semester credit hours. These are known as the Thesis/Report Option (also called simply the Thesis Option) and the Coursework Option. Applicants will be admitted to either the Thesis/Report Option or the Coursework Option at the time of admission. Students may switch between degree options after enrollment with faculty approval.

Courses Required:

  • Aerothermodynamics
    • ASE 320, Introduction to Fluid Mechanics
    • ASE 376K, Propulsion
  • Controls, Autonomy & Robotics
    • ASE 330M, Linear System Analysis
    • ASE 370C, Feedback Control Systems
  • Orbital Mechanics
    • ASE 330M, Linear System Analysis
    • ASE 366K, Spacecraft Dynamics
    • ASE 372K, Attitude Dynamics
  • Structures
    • E M 319, Mechanics of Solids
    • COE 321 K, Computational Methods for Structural Analysis
    • ASE 365, Structural Dynamics

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Completed Online Application , Official transcripts from an accredited college or university, Resume, Statement of purpose, Three professional letters of recommendation

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Academic Pre-Requisites

  • A bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited institution in the United States or
    a comparable degree from a foreign academic institution.
  • A grade point average of at least 3.00 in upper-division (junior- and senior-level) coursework and in any graduate work already completed.
  • An official score for the Graduate Record Examinations General Test (GRE) or the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) unless otherwise specified by the graduate program to which the student is applying.
  • International students whose native language is not English must also submit scores for the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or the International English Language Testing System (IELTS).
  • letters of reference
  • samples of work
  • personal statements.

Meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee admission due to limited space,
funding or faculty availability.



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Vedant Kumar


Aerospace Engineering
  • fall 2020

Phani Kiran


Aerospace Engineering
  • fall 2019

Atharva Kamat


Aerospace Engineering
  • spring 2021

Vasudha Kapre


Aerospace Engineering
  • fall 2018

Pratik Suhas Deshpande


Aerospace Engineering
  • spring 2018


The Aerospace Engineering (ASE) graduate program at The University of Texas at Austin is a top-1 0 nationally ranked program where students perform world-class research under the supervision of distinguished faculty. Students have the opportunity to complete advanced study and research leading to the Master of Science degree and the Doctor of Philosophy degree. Our graduates go on to pursue careers as engineers, scientists, inventors, astronauts, administrators, and leaders in the field of aerospace engineering.

Thesis/Report Option will complete either 24 hours of coursework plus 6 hours of supervised research thesis or 27 hours of coursework plus 3 hours of supervised research report. (ASE 398R). In the case of the Master's thesis, the supervised research must be taken in two consecutive semesters. For both the Thesis and the Report, the final research course must be taken in the semester of graduation. Coursework will complete 30 hours of coursework. Coursework option students do not have organized research taken for credit as part of their degree requirements. Up to 6 hours of upperdivision undergraduate coursework may be included in the required coursework. Regardless of the degree option, 6 hours must be completed in supporting coursework outside the Area of Study.

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