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Top Universities with Rolling Admissions: List of Rolling Admission Colleges

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Study abroad aspirants are led to believe that deadlines are one the most crucial steps in gaining admission to a university. What if we tell you that you can apply at colleges and universities according to your comfort and flexibility? If you’re someone resisting stressful deadlines, or have missed your regular deadlines, or are sceptical about your admission at colleges you’ve applied to, a rolling deadline may prove to be your sure shot resort! Good universities with rolling admissions are available in abundance, all over the globe! Don't believe us? Come as we take you through the list of rolling admission colleges, and tell you all about rolling admission! 

Table of Contents:

  1. What is Rolling Admission? 
  2. List of Top Universities with Rolling Admissions 
  3. Rolling Admission Intakes and Deadlines 
  4. Requirements for Rolling Admissions 
  5. Advantages of Rolling Admissions 

What is Rolling Admission? 

A rolling admission is when certain universities allow you to apply in a window of 6-8 months, without giving you a specific deadline. There are numerous universities available all over the world that offer students with a policy on rolling admissions, meaning that the particular university does not have specific dates pertaining to admission intakes. 

As the name suggests, a rolling enrollment will not abide by dates pertaining to the regular decision, early decision, early action, or any sort of deadlines.

Through a rolling admission policy, you are allowed to apply throughout the year, but you should also be aware that the admission window stays open until seats are fully filled. 

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List of Top Universities with Rolling Admissions 

As an international student, you can expect to choose from over 600 top universities with rolling admissions. Some of the best rolling admission colleges would require you to apply as early as possible, according to their priority deadlines, so as to get a step ahead of other applicants! 

Let us now make you acquainted with with the top 20 rolling admission universities: 


Acceptance Rate 

Priority Deadline 

Iowa State University


March 1 

Michigan State University


November 1 

Arizona State University 


February 1 

Colorado State University


February 1 

Arkansas State University 


Not specified 

Indiana University 


February 1

Oklahoma State University


Not specified 

Loyola University Chicago


December 1 

University of Houston, Texas 


October 15

Rutgers University


December 1 

University of Pittsburgh 


November 1 

University of Alabama


February 1 

Purdue University Indiana


February 1 

University at Buffalo 


November 15

North Carolina State University


February 1 

Ohio State University 


February 1 

Baruch College, CUNY, New York 


February 1 

University of North Carolina


December 1 

Penn State University 


December 1 

Concordia University 


December 1 

Rolling Admission Intakes and Deadlines 

Top universities with rolling admissions will start accepting applications as early as August 1, and will even present you with an admission decision in 4-8 weeks! Some universities for instance, Penn State University and Michigan State University begin with admissions through the Early Action deadline first (August 1), and then start with their rolling admissions (December 1). 

It therefore becomes essential to thoroughly understand the admission policy of the university, and college that you’re applying to. More so, starting with yoru application in January can be considered to be good, but beginning your application in the starting Fall, ie, August, can prove to do wonders for you! 

You can consider August 1 to be a common rolling deadline among a majority of best universities with rolling admissions. The priority deadline for the best rolling admission colleges usually lie in the months of December to February. 

Also remember to always apply in the first half of the rolling application deadline window, in order to get an edge over other applicants! 

Requirements for Rolling Admissions 

Rolling admission universities definitely provide you with a flexible period or window to start your application procedures, but general requirements for schools with rolling admissions are similar to all universities and colleges. It is also very important to state preparing for your additional documents, and standardised tests way before your application period begins. Some requirements for rolling admission to top universities include: 

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Advantages of Rolling Admissions 

A rolling basis admission definitely comes with numerous advantages. From capturing the best time of your open window, to getting fastest admission decisions, let us look at some prominent advantages associated with universities having rolling admission deadline: 

  • Get a competitive edge: Applying before regular admission dates will definitely give you a competitive edge over other applicants. Moreover, applicants applying for priority admissions get the strongest consideration, and faster admission decisions!
  • Get rid of missed application deadlines: If you have missed regular deadlines at a university, colleges with rolling admissions can be your last resort! More so, it is also important to apply as soon as possible at rolling admission schools, as the seats fill up pretty fast! 
  • The non binding advantage: You can get a non binding advantage when applying to rolling admission colleges meaning, these universities provide you with an admission policy which does not require you to compulsorily attend college in order to secure your place. You can keep on looking for other universities and colleges until you’ve finalised your decision!

Getting into rolling admission universities is quite easy provided you apply on or way before the window period, and have a strong and prominent background in terms of your scores, work experience and co-curricular. One of the most important parts of applying at list of rolling admission colleges, is to get a firm hold of your documents and scores timely, so as to apply as quickly as possible! International applicants are also often found to secure a firm place at top universities upon applying timely. To know more about the application procedures at some of the best rolling admission universities, you can connect with our Yocket Counsellors and seek expert advice!


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