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Yocket’s Admit Predictor | Know Your Chances to Get Admissions Abroad

Yocket Editorial Team

Will I make it? 

A question that you ponder over when applying for abroad universities you like. What if we can answer that? What if we can put your mind at ease? And what if we can give you an idea of your chances to make it into universities you like?

Well… it’s not an if anymore! Here comes our all-new ever upgrading Admit Predictor.

Yocket Admit Predictor is a soothsayer of sorts where it gives you the chances of making it into a particular program in a university you like. It is a very handy feature that’s specifically designed for aspirants pursuing Masters in either US or Canada. We’ve equipped it with Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning to give you a close enough percentage based on the data information we’ve gathered along the way. 

Let us break it down for you. 

How does Admit Predictor work?

Admit Predictor works on the combination of historical Yocket user data, Artificial Intelligence based algorithms and Machine Learning.

Here’s how

  1. We have an algorithm that collects all the relevant data like admits, rejects, test scores, CGPA, course studied and more provided by previous Yocket users over the years.
  2. The algorithm has created a pattern of admits and rejects across courses and universities based on the collected information. 
  3. When you add information to your profile, it compares and calculates the admit chances based on the pattern it has deciphered. 
  4. The Machine Learning aspect of the feature takes in your information including your admit and reject record to update its database and results in the future. 

Since we use historical data and artificial intelligence to collate it, these chances are approximations. But its accuracy can be improved by constant feeding of profile information. So, keep feeding our algorithm!

Who can see it?

Though this feature is as good as it gets, there are a few rules to access it.

  1. You must be a Yocketer. <Get the app> or <Sign up> on the website. Your choice!
  2. We are currently catering only to Master courses in US or Canada, so you must be applying for Masters in the US or Canada to enjoy this feature.
  3. You must fill in your aptitude scores, UG scores, GRE scores (including not taken), English test scores, experience, technical papers to get your admit predictor scores. 
  4. Once completed the above steps, visit the University Program page and check under the Admission section. 

Things to remember

  1. THIS IS IMPORTANT! Though we are using artificial intelligence and Machine learning tools to run this feature, it gives only a ‘Close enough’ figure. It’s not the actual score. 
  2. SECOND MOST IMPORTANT THING! This does not represent the university’s decision in admitting you or rejecting you. 
  3. Do not apply to a university program because you’ve got a better admit score but apply because you want to. 

Admit Predictor is an indirect gift your seniors give you by sharing their information and if you want to gift your juniors, strap on and head to your profile and start filling it right now. 

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