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Indiana University Bloomington

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Indiana University celebrates two centuries of tradition and excellence as a public research institution. Bloomington is the flagship campus for the Indiana University system and combines the feel of a college town with the amenities of a metropolitan setting. IU is home to world-renowned schools such as the Luddy School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering, the Kelley School of Business, and the Jacobs School of Music.




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As the name suggests, the university is located in the city of Bloomington. Though there are 4 other cities with the same name in the States (this is pretty common, you'll learn - it's a funny country), we’re talking about the one in the state of Indiana of course. Bloomington, a small yet pretty famous city, is well known for the education it delivers. IUB is a university town and thus you don't see a flourshing lifestyle like New York or the Bay area.


IUB’s campus is spread over a massive 1860 acres with more than 100 buildings. There are two main libraries which cover tens of thousands of volumes of all the possible courses offered in the university. Indiana Memorial Union is one of the popular places within the campus, where you find most of the students chilling, bowling and watching movies over the weekend - basically, having a good time. Of course, some students study as well. With a few cafeterias within the campus and bars at a stones throw distance, the infrastructure is pretty self satisfying.

Residing Options

There are roughly 11 dorms on campus and the rental charges is around $5,000 per year. Anyhow, most of the students prefer staying off campus where the rent charges are anything from $450 to $600 per month, depending upon the size of the room. Undoubtedly, off campus apartments are way better than the dorms in the campus. The common areas where you see IUB students residing are Varsity Villas, Hoosier Courts and Smallwood Plaza.


The professors at IUB are extremely knowledgeable and have done their Phd’s from excellent universities in the world. Though most of them are still busy doing their research, they are pretty flexible and approachable, definitely not at odd hours. Students are quite satisfied with the level of teaching at Indiana University but in terms of nature, most of them are just average while a few are pretty strict and stern. An IUB-ite quoted, “If you submit all your assignments and projects on time, you definitely are in the good books of most of the professors.”

Jobs and placements

There are various job openings in the field of Computer Science (hardware and software) with big and well known MNC’s recruiting students within the campus. Since it’s the best college in the state, the placements are excellent and the starting salary can be anything from around $40,000.


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