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Average Living Expenses

The University of Houston is a public research university in Houston, Texas. It was founded in 1927 as Houston Junior College and later became the University of Houston in 1934. Today, University of Houston is the third-largest university in Texas and boasts a global alumni base of around 310,000.

University of Houston is renowned as a Tier One research institution, placing it among the top research universities in the United States. It is classified as "R1: Doctoral Universities – Very high research activity" and is a member of prestigious organizations such as the Association of American Universities and the Big 12 Conference.

What is the acceptance rate at University of Houston?

The University of Houston's acceptance rate is 66%.

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With 13 academic colleges and schools, University of Houston offers more than 275 undergraduate and graduate degree programs. The university is closely associated with the NASA Johnson Space Center and the Texas Medical Center, renowned space exploration and biomedical research centres.

University of Houston prides itself on its diverse and inclusive community, with nearly 40% of students representing minority groups and over 100 countries represented on campus. The university is committed to creating an environment where all students can excel academically and personally. Additionally, University of Houston is home to the esteemed Gerald D. Hines College of Architecture and Design, which has made significant contributions to the field of architecture.

Top Reasons to Study in the University of Houston

  • Academic Excellence: The University of Houston offers a wide range of highly regarded academic programs across various disciplines. With distinguished faculty members and state-of-the-art facilities, students receive a quality education that prepares them for successful careers.
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  • Vibrant Campus Life: The University of Houston boasts a lively and inclusive campus community. Engage in various student organizations, clubs, and extracurricular activities that cater to diverse interests. Experience a rich social life and make lifelong connections.
  • Career Opportunities: Located in the vibrant city of Houston, students benefit from abundant internship and employment opportunities. The university maintains strong ties with industry leaders, providing students with valuable networking and career-building prospects.
  • Research Opportunities: As a Tier One research institution, the University of Houston offers numerous research opportunities for students across multiple fields. Engage in groundbreaking research projects and work alongside esteemed faculty members, contributing to advancements in various disciplines.
  • Scholarship and Financial Aid: The University of Houston is committed to making education accessible. Scholarships and financial aid options are available to eligible students, easing the financial burden and ensuring a quality education for all.
  • Tuition Fees: Tuition fees at the University of Houston vary based on residency status and the chosen program of study. For the most accurate and up-to-date information, visit the university's official website or contact the admissions office directly.
  • Cost of Living: The cost of living in University of Houston is generally affordable compared to other major cities in the United States. Students can find a range of housing options to suit their budgets, and the city offers a variety of dining, entertainment, and transportation choices.
  • GPA Requirements: The minimum GPA requirements for admission to the University of Houston vary depending on the program. Prospective students should aim for a competitive GPA to increase their chances of acceptance. It is advisable to check the specific GPA requirements for your intended program of study.


Cost of Studying at University of Houston

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Admissions at The University of Houston

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Application Fee

$75 - $140

How to Apply at University of Houston

If you're considering pursuing your education at the University of Houston step-by-step process to applying for the academic year 2023-2024:

  1. Explore Programs and Requirements: Visit the University of Houston's official website and explore the available programs, admission requirements, and deadlines. Familiarize yourself with the specific requirements for your intended program of study.

  2. Complete the Online Application: Access the online application portal on the University of Houston's website. Provide accurate and complete information, ensuring all fields are filled out correctly.

  3. Prepare Required Documents: Gather the necessary documents for your application, which may include:

    • High school transcripts or college transcripts (if transferring)
    • Standardized test scores (SAT, ACT, GRE, etc.)
    • Letters of recommendation
    • Personal statement or essay
    • Resume or curriculum vitae (CV)
    • Any additional program-specific requirements
  4. Pay the Application Fee: Submit the application fee as per the university's guidelines. Please note that application fee waivers may be available for eligible students, so check the university's website for more information.

  5. Submit the Application: Review your application carefully to ensure accuracy and completeness. Submit the application online within the specified deadline.

  6. Track Application Status: After submission, regularly check your email for updates and notifications from the University of Houston regarding your application status. Some programs may require additional steps, such as interviews or portfolio submissions.

  7. Await Admission Decision: The University of Houston's admissions committee will carefully review your application. Once a decision has been made, you will be notified of your admission status via email or through the online application portal.

Documents Required to Apply to University of Houston

Discover the required documents for undergraduate and graduate degree admissions at the University of Houston for the academic year 2023-2024. 

Degree Level Required Documents
  Completed Application Form
  High School Transcripts
  Standardized Test Scores (SAT/ACT)
  Letters of Recommendation
  Completed Application Form
  Bachelor's Degree Transcripts
  Graduate Record Examination (GRE)
  Letters of Recommendation
  Statement of Purpose

Exams Accepted By University of Houston

The University of Houston accepts the following standardized tests for admission:

  • Undergraduate Admissions:
  1. SAT: The SAT is a standardized test that is used for college admissions in the United States. The SAT is scored on a scale of 400 to 1600.
  2. ACT: The ACT is another standardized test that is used for college admissions in the United States. The ACT is scored on a scale of 1 to 36.
  3. International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma: The IB Diploma is a rigorous academic program that is offered by some high schools around the world. The IB Diploma is recognized by many colleges and universities, including the University of Houston.
  • Graduate Admissions:
  1. GRE (Graduate Record Examination): The GRE is widely accepted for admission to graduate programs at the University of Houston.
  2. GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test): The GMAT is specifically required for admission to business-related graduate programs.
  • English Proficiency Tests
  1. TOEFL (iBT): 79
  2. IELTS Overall: 6.5
  3. Duolingo English Test: 105
  • Complete Qualifying College-Level Courses 

Transfer applicants may have their English Language Proficiency Requirement waived by completing 30 or more semester credit hours from a regionally accredited U.S. college or university, including the course equivalent to both University of Houston English Composition 1 and 2 (ENGL 1301 and ENGL 1302) with a grade of “C” or better.

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International Students

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Total International Students in the university


Alumni at University of Houston

The University of Houston has a rich history of producing successful and accomplished alumni across various fields. Some notable alumni from the University of Houston include:

  • Renu Khator: President of the University of Houston and Chancellor of the University of Houston System.
  • Jim Nantz: Emmy Award-winning sportscaster for CBS Sports.
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  • Howard Hughes: Business magnate, investor, and aviator.
  • Dennis Quaid: Academy Award-nominated actor.
  • Tillman Fertitta: Businessman, entrepreneur, and owner of Landry's, Inc.
  • Chandra Wilson: Actress, best known for her role on the TV show "Grey's Anatomy."
  • Hakeem Olajuwon: NBA Hall of Fame basketball player.
  • Barbara Jordan: Former U.S. Congresswoman and civil rights leader.
  • Jim Parsons: Emmy Award-winning actor, known for his role on the TV show "The Big Bang Theory."

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Reviews for University of Houston

Campus life

Number of campuses the university has

Campus locations

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Transportation in the city

There are many ways to get around the city of Houston near the University of Houston. Here are a few options:

  • Public transportation: Houston METRO provides bus, light rail, and commuter rail service throughout the city. The University of Houston has several bus stops and a light rail station on campus.
  • Bicycle: Houston has a growing network of bike lanes and trails. The University of Houston has a bike share program and a bike repair station on campus.
  • Car: Houston has a car-centric transportation system. However, traffic can be heavy, especially during rush hour. Parking can also be expensive, especially on campus.
  • Ride-hailing: Ride-hailing services like Uber and Lyft are popular in Houston. They can be a convenient way to get around, but they can also be expensive.
  • Walking: The University of Houston campus is a pedestrian-friendly campus. There are many sidewalks and crosswalks, and the campus is relatively small.

The best way to get around Houston will depend on your individual needs and preferences. If you are a student at the University of Houston, you may want to consider getting a METRO Q Card. The Q Card is a reloadable fare card that can be used on all METRO services. You can purchase a Q Card at any METRO ticket vending machine or customer service center.

Services offered by the university

The University of Houston offers a range of services to support students' academic, personal, and professional success. These services are designed to enhance the overall student experience and provide resources for various needs. Here are some of the services available at the University of Houston:

Academic Support Services:

  • Academic Advising: Professional advisors guide students in selecting appropriate courses, major exploration, and academic planning to ensure progress towards their educational goals.
  • Tutoring Services: Experienced tutors provide one-on-one or group tutoring sessions to assist students in various subjects, enhancing their understanding and academic performance.
  • Writing Center: The Writing Center offers support for written assignments, helping students refine their writing skills and develop effective communication strategies.

Health and Wellness Services:

  • Student Health Center: The Student Health Center provides comprehensive medical care, including preventive services, immunizations, and general health consultations to support students' well-being.
  • Counseling and Psychological Services: The Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) offers confidential counseling sessions to address emotional well-being, stress management, and personal development.
  • Wellness Center: The Wellness Center promotes a healthy lifestyle through fitness programs, nutrition counseling, workshops, and recreational activities.

Career Development Services:

  • Career Counseling: Professional career advisors offer guidance in exploring career paths, job search strategies, resume writing, and interview preparation to help students succeed in their professional endeavors.
  • Internship and Job Placement: The university's career services connect students with internship opportunities, part-time jobs, and full-time employment, fostering real-world experience and professional connections.

Extracurricular Activities:

  • Student Organizations: The University of Houston offers a wide range of student organizations and clubs that cater to diverse interests, allowing students to engage in activities aligned with their passions and connect with like-minded peers.
  • Campus Recreation: From fitness facilities and intramural sports to outdoor adventures and group fitness classes, the university's recreational services provide opportunities for students to stay active and foster a balanced lifestyle.

Student life at University of Houston

At the University of Houston, campus is alive with a vibrant student life, offering numerous opportunities for students to get involved, connect with peers, and create lasting memories. From an array of campus activities to a diverse range of student clubs and organizations, the University of Houston provides an enriching environment for all students.

Campus Life:

  • Campus Events: The University of Houston hosts a variety of events throughout the year, including concerts, cultural festivals, guest speakers, and academic conferences. These events create a dynamic atmosphere and offer students the chance to engage with diverse perspectives and experiences.
  • Campus Facilities: The university provides state-of-the-art facilities, including modern libraries, fitness centers, art galleries, and performance venues. These spaces serve as hubs for academic, recreational, and cultural activities, enhancing the overall campus experience.

Student Clubs and Organizations:

  • Student Organizations: The University of Houston offers a vast array of student organizations covering a wide range of interests, including academic, cultural, social, and recreational pursuits. Joining a student organization provides opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals, develop leadership skills, and engage in meaningful experiences.
  • Student Government Association (SGA): The SGA represents the student body, advocating for student interests and organizing events and initiatives. Getting involved with the SGA allows students to contribute to campus governance and make a positive impact on campus life.
  • Honor Societies: The university is home to various honor societies that recognize academic excellence and provide opportunities for intellectual growth, networking, and community service.

Community Engagement:

  • Volunteer Opportunities: The University of Houston encourages community engagement through volunteering. Students can participate in service-learning programs, join community service organizations, or contribute to campus-led initiatives that make a positive impact in the local community.
  • Diversity and Inclusion: The university celebrates diversity and fosters an inclusive environment for all students. Numerous cultural and identity-based organizations promote awareness, understanding, and inclusivity on campus, providing spaces for students to explore their own identities and learn from others.

On campus accomodation at University of Houston

The University of Houston offers on-campus accommodation options to provide students with convenient and comfortable living arrangements. The on-campus housing provides a vibrant community atmosphere, proximity to campus facilities, and a range of amenities. Here's an overview of on-campus accommodation at the University of Houston:

Type of Room Weekly Charge (approx.)
Double Occupancy Room $130 - $200
Single Occupancy Room $155 - $300
Double Occupancy Apartment $170 - $260
Single Occupancy Apartment $235 - $360

Note: Charges are approximate and subject to change. These charges include room and board costs, and additional fees may apply depending on the specific residence hall or apartment complex.

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Jobs and Opportunities


1. What is renowned about Houston University?
Public research institution known for being a global leader in law, business, and environmental education, the University of Houston is also known for its work in the fields of energy and health. It is ranked #113 internationally and #129 domestically.

2. How long does the University of Houston take to review applications for admission?
Early applicants may anticipate a prompt response to their submissions. However, the University of Houston typically takes 36 days to approve admissions applications.

3. Do University of Houston admissions require letters of recommendation?
Letters of recommendation are required by the University of Houston along with other pertinent documentation for admission.

4. Which Tests are acceptable by the University of Houston for undergraduate admissions?
For undergraduate admission, the University of Houston accepts ACT or SAT scores. To be chosen for admission to the University of Hawaii, students must be able to achieve high test scores.

5. How many classes should or may an undergraduate take per semester?
Undergraduate students should be aware that their college coursework necessitates a large amount of effort outside the classroom—typically, 2-3 hours for each hour spent in class. As a result, courses differ based on their length and kind.