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University of Buffalo, a public research university established in 1846, is the largest university among all the SUNY-s. Again, this is one of the popular universities among all graduate school students due its amazingly low fees and strategic location. It ranks #253 according to U.S. News' 'Best Global Universities Ranking' list.




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Although the name very generously mentions New York, don’t be under the tremendously flawed notion that you’ll be right next to Manhattan. You couldn’t be more wrong. Although Buffalo is a mid sized city. As for cities to visit once you’re there, well you’ll be pleased to know that Hamilton and Toronto (which are in Canada!) are a shorter drive away than New York City is. It lies close to Niagara Falls, i.e. right at the Canadian border.


SUNY Buffalo is somewhat divided into three different locations/campuses. They are: ‘Amherst’ where the North Campus is located, ‘Heights’ surrounded by hundreds of shops and big brick houses in the South Campus and ‘Buffalo’ itself. The campus on a whole is spread over 1350 acres. The architecture of the university looks like it’s come straight out of a 70’s movie, especially the North and South Campus. The university contains nine main libraries having more than 3 million volumes of all possible topics/courses in the world.

Residing Options

Grad Students prefer to live off campus in places like University Heights, Parkside and Allentown where the charges are around $750 per month.


SUNY Buffalo is one of the most productive research universities in the States, and naturally credit goes to its professors. But there are a few ‘not completely amazing’ professors, like anywhere else, and students tend to avoid their classes. Some are pretty helpful and go out of their way for students. All in all, SUNY Buffalo is well known for its research work, great curriculums and some amazing professors!

Jobs and placements

Being one of the major universities in the state of New York, SUNY Buffalo certainly offers excellent placements. Fantastic job profiles with excellent packages are there for the taking, you just have to make sure you do enough in your time at college to get them.


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