Masters abroad: preps and steps

Does work experience really matter to your admit ??

Biruda Virkud

Aspiring for that dream admit in a top 50 globally reputed university, always wondered what gets you there

Here are the admission criteria:

  • Academic Performance
  • Entrance Exam score - GRE/TOEFL/IELTS /GMAT/SAT
  • Overall Profile

Do note an admit depends the overall profile not one single factor, which means it’s a sum total all these three aspects. It’s never a single factor that decides your fate for admit .

The decision is subjective and there are no cut offs on any of these three parameters.

Hence, there is always room for compensation, for e,g you have low academic scores,  you can score high on GRE and boost your profile through projects, papers, workshops, seminar, extra - curricular activities.


Lets see how each of these factors matter to the admit

  1. Academic Performance : - > 65 % esp for engineers without backlog , for countiries like Canada and Germany this is a must have.
  2. GRE scores : good score is 320 / 340, but an average is 300 + with quant 160, esp for Engineers TOEFL 80 - 100, IELTS 6 - 7 band, GMAT 650 - 750
  3. Overall profile:
  • Relevant projects
  • Online courses
  • Papers
  • Workshops
  • Seminars

Work experience is not mandatory for a  technical MS admit , if the student has work which is relevant to the program he or she is applying then it could add value. But do note this work experience is not a word around for pursuing MS, in fact most times while working at a junior level you don’t have a choice of the project or profile you get to work on, and this work experience is invariably restricted to the scope of the Company’s work in that subject area.

Many times, the work experience if not relevant to the program you want to apply to, in such cases it becomes a road block as you are not able to explain why you took it up in the first place, you also appear un focussed to the admissions committee.

Hence quality work experience though plays a valuable role for MBA admit, it is not mandatory for MS application and admit.

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