Guide to applying abroad after completing 12th standard!

Yocket Editorial Team

Updated on Apr 30, 2021


You have completed your 12th standard and wish to apply abroad for studies, but don’t know what to do or how to do it?

That’s great! Because you have come to the right place. But also, not great, because you’re a little late my friend!

Now, as you may (or may not) know, to apply abroad, you need to give certain exams. For U.S., you need to take the SAT and an English Proficiency Exam (TOEFL / IELTS / PTE). For other countries, you would just need to take an english proficiency exam.

The english proficiency exams are relatively easy as they just test your basic knowledge of the language, how well you can speak it, will you be able to cope with and understand regular conversations or not, etc. You may need a month or so to prepare for it. Results come out within two weeks. You can read more about all three tests here: TOEFL, IELTS, PTE.

Read a detailed explanation on the SAT/ACT here.

As you may have read, the SAT is quite an intense test. It is very long, comprehensive and covers two very important sections (english and math). It is a compulsion for most U.S. universities. Other countries do not particularly require an SAT/ACT score, unless mentioned so.

Now, your 12th board exams are over and you’re thinking of studying abroad for your undergraduate degree. Right now, it must be the month of march or april. The deadline to apply has passed for most universities and the ones left will definitely require TOEFL/ IELTS/ PTE scores at least.

Now you can be in one of the four situations:

1. You had taken your SAT earlier as well as the TOEFL(or IELTS or PTE) but haven’t applied anywhere.

In this case, you should find universities with deadlines at least 3 weeks from the date today. This is because your scores will take at least two weeks to be sent to the university. In this case, there is still a possibility that you can make it for some university deadlines.


2. You had taken your TOEFL(or IELTS or PTE), but haven’t applied anywhere.

In this case, you could look into universities with deadlines three weeks from today and ones that do not require SAT scores. You can also look into countries like Canada, UK, Australia, etc.


3. You had taken your SAT but not your TOEFL(or IELTS or PTE).

In this case, you should hurry up and schedule a date for the exam and side by side fill in application forms and study for the test. You should email the university rep that your score might get a little late and that they could consider your application.  Some universities also accept very high english scores on the SAT instead of an english proficiency exam. Be sure to check the requirements on their website.


4. You haven’t taken the SAT or the TOEFL(or IELTS or PTE).

In this case, if you’re really keen on studying abroad this year, then you should schedule your TOEFL(or IELTS or PTE) and follow the process same as point #3. If you think this is a bit of a hassle and think testing isn’t your go to way -

  • Apply to Community Colleges, they have an amazing student success rates.

  • If you really want to study only in an University and you are not well prepared, then take a gap year.


In any of the cases above, you will need to find universities whose applications are still open and deadlines are at least 2-3 weeks away. It would also be beneficial, especially if you haven't taken the SAT, taking a look at universities that do not require you to submit an SAT score.

Now, as for deadlines, you can checkout deadlines on the university’s website. A list of college who tentatively head deadlines in April/May/June are:

After taking all factors into consideration, make an informed decision and do not rush into anything just because it seems like the only option, especially if you’re not happy with it. There is always another way!