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Study Abroad After 12th: How to Get Admission in Foreign Universities After 12th?

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Business Standard revealed Indian student count going abroad will increase to 1.8 million by 2024. The overseas world has multiple magnets to tap the attention of millions of international students globally, especially those who prefer to study abroad after 12th. From providing various UG study abroad options to simplifying the procedure to study abroad after 12th, the world there will cater to every student's interest.

Thus if you’re keen on understanding ‘how can I study abroad after 12th?’ this blog will be your guide. We have covered all the essential details that can help you confidently invest in the top foreign education after 12th by the end of the article.

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Benefits of Studying Abroad After 12th

There are various reasons why multiple students explore how to get admission in foreign universities after 12th. Here are the top five reasons we believe are the most popular:

  1. Study In The Best Educational System: There are many countries whose educational system is widely recognised, such as the UK, USA, France, etc. Pursuing your studies from the top universities in these countries will lead you to capture multiple gains such as better development of the right skills, collaboration with the leading companies in the market, association with the best experts in your field of study, etc.
  2. Affordable Fees: Studying, especially bachelors abroad, is no longer a costly affair. You can still pursue the top courses such as MBBS, Business studies and more at an affordable price. For instance, pursuing an MBBS in the Philippines will only cost you 72,146 PNP- 1,57,416 PNP/year or term wise. The fees vary based on the country and university chosen.
  1. Work With The Experts: Another great reason to consider undergraduation abroad after 12th is the opportunity to work and study with the bright minds in the market. These experts are experienced individuals who can give you better insights into your field's expectations. This helps shape your learning experience better and prepares you for the real world much faster.
  1. Enhanced Learning Experience: Lastly, the decision and research on how to get study abroad after 12th is worth the time and effort because of the learning experience it provides. Apart from the theory you learn, you get practical experience and diversity to learn new things from the millions of international students. .

Benefits to studying abroad

Top Requirements for UG Abroad

So, how to get admission to foreign universities after 12th?

International students need to cater to requirements to conduct the admission process to their dream universities abroad. While this information varies based on the university, there is a standard process followed by all.

Here is an overview of the top requirements to study abroad after 12th:

Academic Transcripts

International students must submit all their academic transcripts, especially 12th/high school or diploma, to the university. Students specialising in a particular course should score good marks in the relevant subject.


LORs stand for letters of recommendation. Here students can get two or three individuals who can exhibit the performance and details. This is conducted mainly by academic tutors.


SOPs stand for statement of purpose. Here students are asked to write an essay stating why they believe they are an excellent fit to study the course chosen at the university. The purpose of an SOP ensures students are allowed to exhibit their goals and purpose for further education to the university officials.

Valid Passport

A valid passport is required to apply and study at any top university abroad.

Student Visa

Student visa is another requirement students should have when applying to top universities abroad.


A few universities ask students to submit their CV/resume to understand their professional experience better. At times, universities can consider this document in case of low academic performers. A good work experience especially for students looking to study subjects such as MBA abroad matters.

Perks of having a work experience to study abroad

Proof of Funds

You need to have sufficient funds when applying to any abroad universities. The cost of studying abroad is determined by multiple parameters such as tuition fees, cost of living, etc. Based on this data, arranging for funds becomes simple.

Age Limit

Students should be the age of 18 years when applying to any abroad universities after 12th.

How to Study in UK After 12th

Exams Required For Foreign Education After 12th

English Language Proficiency Test

International students should write and pass an English proficiency test. The test scores are either the same or may slightly vary based on the university and course chosen. The top ELP tests are IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, etc.


If you’re an Indian student looking to study abroad, especially in the medical field, scoring a good NEET score is mandatory. Students can easily enroll in any top medicine universities abroad based on their scores.

Minimum NEET score requirement


If you’re looking to study abroad after 12th in the business sector, you must submit a GMAT/GRE score. For GMAT, the expected score is 550+ and for GRE, 260 and above.


Students pursuing a field where Maths is involved should consider the SAT exam as this test will determine their skills in this subject. A good SAT score is 1350 and above.


MCAT is another medical exam MBBS students need to undergo to replace NEET exams. You require a score of 506+ to ace this exam. This exam is mainly conducted in the USA, Canada, Australia, etc.

Procedure To Study Abroad After 12th

To help you successfully apply to any foreign education after 12th universities, here is an overview of the application process:

  • Identify which country you wish to study in
  • Ensure you have a valid passport in hand
  • Choose the university and course you wish to learn
  • Visit the universities official website for entry requirements
  • Clear any tests required
  • Pay the application form
  • Submit all relevant documents needed before the application deadline
  • Apply for scholarships if any
  • Once confirmed, start applying for a student visa and arrange for funds

Cost Of Studying UG Study Abroad

The cost of studying UG study abroad is determined on two factors, the type of course undertaken and the country chosen to pursue that course. Based on the student's interest, the cost of studying bachelors abroad will be calculated.

Here is an overview of the popular courses, countries, and expected tuition fees to study abroad after 12th:



Annual Tuition Fees

Business Studies and Finance


45,000 CAD - 50,000 CAD



24,000 AUD – 39,000 AUD



15,000 EUR - 25,000 EUR


United States

18,885 USD- 71,350 USD



72,146 PNP- 1,57,416 PNP

Scholarship Opportunities To Study Abroad After 12th

The procedure to study abroad after 12th becomes simple with significant contributors such as scholarships. Especially for Indian students, this opportunity makes it a hassle-free experience for tight-budgeted students. So, to help you in the monetary aspects, here are five such scholarship opportunities to enforce smooth graduation abroad after 12th.

Scholarship Name


Oxford and Cambridge Society of India (OCSI) Scholarships

Study at Oxford or Cambridge universities

INR 2,00,000

QS Undergraduate Scholarship

Pursuing an undergraduate degree at a QS-ranked institution

Maximum amount of INR 3,68,800 to cover tuition fees

UCD Global Graduate Scholarships

Purse studies at one of UCD's institutions

Awarded either 50% or 100% of the tuition fee

Cornell University TATA Scholarship

Pursue education at Cornell University

Covers tuition and other fees

Wien International Scholarship Program

Pursue studies at Brandeis University

Covers tuition fee of any course

Top Universities To Consider For Foreign Education After 12th

As a student, there are multiple career aspects that are being explored. While some wish to become top engineers, the rest are looking to become doctors, lawyers, etc. But from the range of abroad countries listed, how can you identify which is the best university for you.

Thus to simplify your research, we have listed a complete list of the popular universities and other related information to study abroad after 12th:


UK is one of the highly preferred destinations amongst international students. The country is well known for its educational system and the variety of courses and universities offered. UK’s academic qualifications are well recognised, which determines multiple students prefer studying here.

Popular Courses

Business Management, International Business Management, Accounting, Management, etc.

Popular Universities

University of London, Heriot-Watt University, Coventry University, etc.

No. of QS-Ranked Universities 2022


Average Tuition Fees

13,082 EUR- 30,215 EUR/year


Canada is another popular destination amongst international students. Apart from the health insurance facilities, the country is also home to the best universities for any course. Most of the students prefer to pursue undergraduate courses in Canada itself.

Popular Courses

Mechanical  Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Science and Technology, Electrical & Electronics Engineering, etc.

Popular Universities

University of Toronto, University of British Columbia, McGill University, University of Waterloo, etc.

No. of QS-Ranked Universities 2022


Average Tuition Fees

70,000 CAD - 1,70,000 CAD/year

Scholarships for Indian students pursuing Engineering abroad


Russia is slowly becoming another popular hub to pursue UG study abroad. Most of the students that arrive here prefer to pursue medical studies due to the quality of medical education offered in the country. Russia is also known for its affordable fee, making it a highly preferred choice amongst international students.

Popular Courses

MBBS/ General Medicine

Popular Universities

Lomonosov Moscow State University, Sechenov University, Bashkir State Medical University, St. Petersburg University, etc.

No. of QS-Ranked Universities 2022


Average Tuition Fees

240,000 RUB- 523,250 RUB/year


Australia has always been on the list to study abroad after 12th. Apart from its educational facilities, the country has been home to multiple students that settle here after their education. The country is open and welcoming to international students globally.

Popular Courses

Accounting, Banking, Marketing, Financial Econometrics, Taxation, etc.

Popular Universities

Monash University, University of Sydney, University of New South Wales, etc.

No. of QS-Ranked Universities 2022


Average Tuition Fees

24,000 AUD– 39,000 AUD/year


Lastly, Ireland is a great place to pursue bachelors abroad. It is the only English speaking country in Eurozone, and its education system is considered the best globally. The country is also home to 35,000 international students globally.

Popular Courses

Marketing, Medicine, Finance, Accounting, Business Analytics, etc.

Popular Universities

Trinity College Dublin, University College Dublin, University College Cork, etc.

No. of QS-Ranked Universities 2022


Average Tuition Fees

10,000 EUR/35,000 EUR/year

A guide to getting started for students looking to study abroad

Now you have the complete details to the most common questions such as how to go abroad for studies after 12th or how to apply for foreign universities after 12th. The abroad options have always provided international students with the right career development and qualifications required to strengthen this career path. It’s now time to apply to the best countries for UG study abroad.

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