Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich

Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich

Bavaria, Germany | Public


The University of Munich Germany is known as the heart of Munich. In other words, the university is abbreviated as LMU. This is a university that has been recognized as among the best research and academic institutions. Note that this is a public university located in Munich Germany and the 6th oldest that has been providing education to the students from various parts of the world. The University of Munich was founded in the year 1472 by the legend Duke Ludwig IX. In the year 1800 the university was then moved to Landshut by the king Maximilian I and finally it was relocated to Munich in the year 1826 where it has stood still till today. The Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich has been ranked as the 16th best university worldwide and the second largest in Germany. LMU Munich offers 18 Faculties in total which majors mostly in research and teaching.



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The Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich Germany is located in Munich Bavaria in Germany. Being the largest city in Germany, Munich has developed though it still resembles the early ages. As said old is Gold, people living there prefer to keep the old architectures in order to make the city look different from others. Due to the high population, the city has enough infrastructures that facilitate or support business, education, tourism, culture, finance art technology, and innovation. Not forgetting the standard of living is very high.


LMU is the hub of Knowledge, innovation, research, and technology. This shows that the University of Munich carries with its facilities and resources that support learning to the student at large. These facilities include; Max Planck Society, museums, libraries with enough research books, internet, and computer. More to that, the university works for hand in hand with the leading businesses in Germany, for example, Audi, insurance companies and top banks.

Residing Options

Finding accommodation is difficult especially at the start of the winter season that is September, October, and November. The demand for houses is high but the supply is very low which is why only 13% of the students are able to get accommodation in the student residences. It is advised by the school to those who do not get student residences, start searching for rooms months earlier in order to find a place suitable stay. The prices for student residence are reasonable while for the private housing are high.


The population of students is 51,025, academic staff 6,017 and the administrative staff is 8,006. This means that the ratio of lectures to students is 4:1 giving full attention to the students since the lectures are enough to handle the population of students at large.

Jobs and placements

With the university working together with top businesses in Germany, students are able to get experiences. The possibility of getting a job after studying form this great university is high. Remember the school provides enough facilities for research and continuous learning. Alumni from the University of Munich are on demand to the job market.

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