University of New South Wales, Sydney

University of New South Wales, Sydney

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Established in the year 1949, this Australian public research university, the world-class co-educational, University of New South Wales, has attained 46th rank in the world and 4th in Australia, 2015-16 by the QS World University Rankings. Further, the University is 12th in the world for accounting and finance courses, 15th for the law, and 21st in engineering and technology courses.
According to The Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2015-2016, the University attained the 82th position in the world.
This cosmopolitan University welcomes students from all 128 countries providing extensive undergraduate, postgraduate and unique research programs in Arts, Social sciences, Engineering, Law, and Medicine. The University offers 900 Bachelor’s degrees in nine faculties followed research based Postgraduate and doctorate courses.
The University is well known for innovative teaching methods, research and new educational facilities for their students. The students are provided with the adequate and encouraging environment that helps them to learn and work in an innovative and fresh way. Various research programs conducted in University have helped to bring changes in the world. More research is encouraged for better and bright future.
If you are looking for a research-based course then this University is a great place to learn.




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University of New South Wales, the main campus is located suburb of Kensington near Sydney. It is centrally located and easily approachable by public transport. Further, the creative arts faculty campus is located in Paddington. The UNSW Canberra is situated in Australian Defence Force Academy in Canberra. The other sub-campuses are in the Sydney, situated in the suburbs of Randwick and Coogee. The specific Research stations are placed all over the state of New South Wales. All different campuses are linked with the proper transportation system that helps students and faculty commute easily. You can easily locate and approach different campuses of University.


The main campus of the University is beautifully built and stretched over the 38-hectare site in Kensington. All the campuses are well-maintained with up-to-date facilities. The University aims to provide safe and secure campus to their students. The University hosts highly technical classrooms, laboratories, and study halls. You will definitely experience world-class facilities that will help you to grow and learn in a better way.
With more than what you can count on your finger tips ARC Centres of Excellence and Cooperative Research Centres, along with more than 70 research centres, it comes as no surprise that the university is rated above world standard for almost 75 of 100 academic fields.
Some of the research facilities include:

  • Advanced Cytometry Facility or ACF
  • Vibrational Spectroscopy Core Facility or VSCF
  • Mass Spectrometry Core Facility or MSCF
  • Informatics Core Facility or ICF
  • Sydney Microscopy and Microanalysis or SMM
  • Apart from these there is lot more to the academic infrastructure here. The UNSW Lowy Cancer Research Centre  houses upto 400 researchers to study cancer in children and adults. There is  Molonglo Observatory Synthesis Telescope , also known as MOST , whici is currently being updated. There are many other research center related to varpus field like polymers, gene and cell medicine, sports and much more for the research enthusiasts. The university offers access to libraries across 11 locations with more than 5 millions listings. There are also several other study spaces and learning hubs on the campus.
    The campus provides the interesting environment with different cafes, bars, gyms, open spaces aquatic facilities and libraries to socialize and chill.

    Residing Options

    The University offers first-class accommodation to their national and international students. They have the largest housing options in Sydney. There are six residential colleges with hygienic catered apartments quite near to the beach. These residential buildings are self-sufficient and comfortable. There are special arrangements for specific gender accommodation options like only males and only females. For those living away from their homes for the first time, this is a most preferable option.
    Apart from residential colleges, there are also 5 university-run accommodations for those looking for some privacy. These are Darlington House, Abercrombie, Selle House, the Queen Mary Building and the Arundel St Terraces. If you want complete freedom and don’t mind a bit of commute, private accommodations with all kinds of essential facilities are also available.


    The University hosts educated and well-versed faculty for their different schools. The educators aim to provide the best education to their students. They help their students to conduct researches in an innovative, progressive and intellectually engaging way. Infact, many of the lecturers here are world experts.
    The students are also given a chance to express their ideologies. The faculty help in their students in thinking and developing fresh approaches and ideas. They create an excellent academic environment that helps their students and scholars to excel in their programs.

    Jobs and placements

    After completing your study from such prestigious University, many top notch companies from Australia and all over the world provide high-class placements to meritorious students. According to the survey conducted by LinkedIn 2015, the students from this University were quite favorite among Australia’s top employers.
    The career center at the campus not only helps in improving the employability of the students but also provides ample opportunities and exposure to network with future employers to increase their career prospects. There are more than 200 jobs of all kinds advertised by the career center throughout the year for those looking to work during the study. A appointment for career councelling can be booked by the student online. Further, career fairs and workshop are activities that help in promoting student interaction with the industry.

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