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The University of Amsterdam, established in 1632, is a renowned institution offering a wide range of undergraduate (UG) and postgraduate (PG) courses across its vibrant campus. From arts and sciences to business and economics, the university provides diverse academic programs to cater to students' interests and career aspirations. With a focus on excellence and innovation, the University of Amsterdam strives to provide a dynamic learning environment that prepares students for success in their chosen fields. Explore the University of Amsterdam's courses and embrace a world-class education in the heart of the Netherlands.

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The University of Amsterdam has a competitive acceptance rate of 4% for international students. This means that for every 100 students who apply, only 4 are accepted. The university receives applications from students all over the world, and the admissions committee is looking for students who have demonstrated academic excellence, strong extracurricular activities, and a clear interest in the program they are applying to.

Top Reasons to Study in the University of Amsterdam

Acceptance Rate: The University of Amsterdam maintains a competitive acceptance rate, ensuring a selective and diverse student body.

Tuition Fees: The tuition fees at the University of Amsterdam are affordable and competitive, providing value for quality education.

Cost of Living: The city of Amsterdam offers a vibrant yet manageable cost of living, making it an attractive option for students.

GPA: The University of Amsterdam values academic excellence and seeks students with a strong academic track record and GPA.

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Scholarships: The university provides various scholarships to support deserving students in their academic journey.

Academic Excellence: With its renowned faculty, research opportunities, and innovative programs, the University of Amsterdam is dedicated to academic excellence.

Cost of Studying at University of Amsterdam

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Admissions at The University of Amsterdam

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How to Apply at University of Amsterdam

To apply for the academic year 2023-2024 at the University of Amsterdam, please follow the steps outlined below:

  • Check Eligibility: Review the admission requirements and ensure that you meet the criteria for your desired program.
  • Select Program: Choose the undergraduate, postgraduate, or Ph.D. program you wish to apply for at the University of Amsterdam.
  • Prepare Documents: Gather all the required documents, such as academic transcripts, diplomas, CV/resume, motivation letter, letters of recommendation, and language proficiency test scores.
  • Application Fee: Pay the application fee, which varies depending on the program and your nationality. Refer to the official University of Amsterdam website for the specific application fee for your program of interest.
  • Submit Application: Complete the online application form through the university's official application portal. Upload the required documents and submit your application before the specified deadline.
  • Application Review: Once your application is submitted, it will be reviewed by the admissions committee. The committee evaluates your academic qualifications, personal statement, recommendation letters, and other relevant factors.
  • Notification of Decision: You will receive an official notification regarding the outcome of your application. This may include an offer of admission, conditional acceptance, or rejection.

Documents Required to Apply to University of Amsterdam

Here is the information on the required documents to study at the University of Amsterdam for the academic year 2023-2024. The table below presents the document requirements for undergraduate (UG), postgraduate (PG), and PhD programs:

Program Required Documents
UG - High school diploma/transcript- English language proficiency test scores- Recommendation letters- Personal statement- CV/Resume- Copy of passport- Any additional program-specific requirements
PG - Bachelor's degree certificate/transcript- English language proficiency test scores - Recommendation letters - Statement of purpose - CV/Resume - Copy of passport - Any additional program-specific requirements
PhD - Master's degree certificate/transcript - English language proficiency test scores - Research proposal - Recommendation letters - CV/Resume - Copy of passport - Any additional program-specific requirements

Exams Accepted By University of Amsterdam

Below is the information on the exams accepted for the academic year 2023-2024 at the University of Amsterdam, organized in a tabular format:

Level Exam Score
Undergraduate (UG) SAT 1300+
  ACT 28+
  IB Diploma 32+
  A-Levels AAB
Postgraduate (PG) GRE 320+
  GMAT 650+
  TOEFL 100+
  IELTS 7.0+
Ph.D. GRE 320+
  TOEFL 100+
  IELTS 7.0+

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Rankings for The University of Amsterdam

The World University Rankings


The World University Rankings

QS World University Rankings


QS World University Rankings

More rankings for this university

The University of Amsterdam has consistently secured high rankings in various reputable university rankings. Here are some rankings for the year 2023-2024:

  1. Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU): Ranked #30 globally.
  2. Guardian University Guide: Ranked among the top universities in the UK.
  3. ShanghaiRanking's Global Ranking of Academic Subjects: Achieved high rankings in several subject areas.

Students University of Amsterdam


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Jackson Sunny

Jackson Sunny


Artificial Intelligence

Fall 2022

Shshank Bhoon

Shshank Bhoon


Accountancy and Control

Fall 2023

Manish Baddakatte

Manish Baddakatte


Biomedical Sciences (Medical Biology)

Fall 2023

Atharva Keny

Atharva Keny


Biomedical Sciences (Medical Biology)

Fall 2025

International Students

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Alumni at University of Amsterdam

The University of Amsterdam boasts an impressive list of notable alumni who have made significant contributions in their respective fields. Here are a few distinguished alumni:

  • Kofi Annan: Former Secretary-General of the United Nations and Nobel Peace Prize laureate.
  • Ayaan Hirsi Ali: Author, activist, and former member of the Dutch Parliament.

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  • Rutger Hauer: Renowned actor known for his roles in films like Blade Runner.
  • Feike Sijbesma: Former CEO of DSM, a global science-based company.

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Campus life

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Transportation in the city

Here is the information on transportation in the city at the University of Amsterdam in a suitable tabular format:

Transportation Option Weekly Charges (Approximate)
Public Buses €15-20
Trams €15-20
Metro €15-20
Bicycle Rental €10-15
Student OV Chipkaart €0 (included in tuition fees)

Please note that the provided charges are approximate and subject to change. It is advisable to check the official transportation websites or contact the University of Amsterdam for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

Services offered by the university

At the University of Amsterdam, students have access to a range of services that support their academic and personal development. Some of the key services provided at the university include:

  • Library Services: The university offers extensive library resources, including access to online databases, research materials, and study spaces.
  • Career Services: The university provides career guidance, job fairs, workshops, and networking opportunities to help students with their career planning and job search.
  • Student Counseling: The university offers counseling services to support students with personal, academic, and emotional challenges they may face during their studies.
  • Health Services: Students have access to health services, including medical consultations and support for physical and mental well-being.
  • International Student Support: The university provides support for international students, including assistance with visa and immigration matters, orientation programs, and cultural integration support.
  • Sports and Recreation: The university offers sports facilities, fitness centers, and recreational activities to promote a healthy and active lifestyle among students.
  • Student Organizations and Clubs: There are various student-run organizations and clubs that cater to different interests, providing opportunities for social engagement and personal development.
  • IT Services: The university provides IT support, including access to computer labs, Wi-Fi networks, and online learning platforms.
  • Study Abroad Programs: The university offers study abroad opportunities, allowing students to experience different cultures and broaden their academic horizons.
  • Language Support: The university provides language support services, including language courses and language exchange programs.

Student life at University of Amsterdam

At the University of Amsterdam, students experience a vibrant and enriching student life on campus. The university offers a wide range of opportunities for students to engage in various activities and be part of a thriving campus community.

  • Student Life: The University of Amsterdam provides a dynamic and inclusive environment that fosters personal growth and cultural experiences. Students have the chance to interact with peers from diverse backgrounds, participate in extracurricular activities, and make lasting friendships.
  • Campus Life: The university campus is vibrant and lively, with modern facilities and state-of-the-art infrastructure. Students can take advantage of well-equipped libraries, study spaces, research centers, and laboratories, providing an optimal environment for learning and collaboration.
  • Student Club Organizations: The University of Amsterdam offers numerous student clubs and organizations catering to different interests and passions. These student-led clubs cover a wide range of activities, such as sports, arts, music, debating, and cultural exchanges. Students have the opportunity to join these clubs, engage in their preferred activities, and connect with like-minded individuals.

On campus accomodation at University of Amsterdam

  • When it comes to on-campus accommodation, the University of Amsterdam offers a variety of options to suit the needs and preferences of its students. The university strives to provide comfortable and convenient living spaces that foster a vibrant community and support student well-being.
  • Students can choose from different types of rooms, including single rooms, shared rooms, and studio apartments, depending on their individual preferences and budget. The on-campus accommodation facilities are equipped with essential amenities and provide a conducive environment for studying and socializing.
  • The weekly charges for on-campus accommodation vary depending on the type of room and facilities provided. It's important to note that the charges may also vary from one academic year to another. To get the most accurate and up-to-date information on weekly charges, it is recommended to visit the official website of the University of Amsterdam or contact the university's accommodation services directly.
  • By offering on-campus accommodation, the University of Amsterdam aims to provide students with a convenient and supportive living environment that enhances their overall university experience. It's an opportunity to live in close proximity to academic buildings, libraries, and other campus facilities, fostering a sense of community and facilitating engagement in various university activities.

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