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Established in 1842, Delft University (popularly known as TU Delft), located in Delft, Netherlands is known to be one of the best universities for engineering and technology worldwide, especially its tradition in water management and hydraulic engineering. It has played a huge role in providing technological and design-based solutions of a lot of problems in the world. TU Delft provides eight faculties namely Mechanical, Maritime and Materials Engineering, Architecture, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science, Industrial Engineering, Aerospace; Technology, Policy, and Management, Applied Sciences. It is mostly referred as one of the topmost institutions in the world and has offered many Nobel Laureates to the world.



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A city that came into being beside a canal (Delf in Dutch), Delft is a scenic city which has various sites to visit like Oud Kerk (Old Church), The Prinsenhof (Prince’s Court), City Hall at Markt, Vermeer Centre, etc. The city is bike friendly and it can be rented for around €15 per month. The beach is only 30-40 mins away. Students can also avail free pass for public transport. On the east side of Delft, lies a huge forest with various bike riding trails and camping grounds. With around 30% of the population being students, the locals here are known to be remarkably welcoming. It is no compulsory to know how to speak the Dutch language to live here. Food is not a problem for Asian (especially Indian) students because stores sell a lot of vital local products. Located in the area of South Polland, Delft also lies on the north of Rotterdam and on the south of Hague, which is like in the middle of two big cities. If the students get bored of the night-life (and the fact that fraternities are 100% Dutch), many international students tend to travel out to these two cities on weekends.


TU Delft has buildings all across the city of Delft, which is different from how it was first arranged. Mekelpark is one of the university neighborhoods which has a long paved public-walk made for the ease of commute. Entrance to the Mekelpark bears a ‘Prometheus' which is the symbol for the university. The TU Delft library is an interesting architecture with its roof covered with grass, making it a natural insulation. There are three museums on campus which are nationally and internationally known. The botanical garden at TU Delft houses 7000 plant species, excluding 2000 unique species specially preserved. Apart from this, there is a noteworthy Arts and Cultural sports center.

Residing Options

TU Delft collaborates with various housing providers of Delft to provide student accommodation. Student houses may cost around  €200 - €450 depending on the location. Most of the student houses are managed by this group called DUWO. Not living in a student house, while separately renting with friends may cost €450 or more.


Student to faculty ratio is about 19:6. The university can boast of various strategic partnerships with government, companies etc, the faculty here pushes students to technological innovations and creative thinking. There is no compulsion or hand-holding in terms of attendance in class. A lot of students suggest that one should keep their previous study back home and begin with an open-mind here because of the radical approach towards everything. The course content is always up to date with the world and the teaching methodology is also impressive. Students recommend that one should learn how to find a balance between the rigorous study-life.

Jobs and placements

Although it is very subjective to one’s abilities to find a job, the median salary may be €2000 to €5000 which is good enough in comparison with the expenses here. Also, the average work hours are less in comparison with the US. TU Delft boasts that recent graduates find jobs in one and a half months. It is recommended for students to learn Dutch if they are planning to work here. All the big companies recruit TU Delft students including Shell, Siemens, BMW, Philips (founder is an alumnus), TNO and Ferrari, or with consultancy firms such as McKinsey & Company.

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