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UK vs Australia: Which is Better For International Students?

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In today’s time, Australia and UK leave no stone unturned in providing the best educational opportunities for international students. Both countries have prestigious institutions backed by a robust economy and high quality of life. Each country welcomes thousands of international students into their award-winning universities for undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

Both Australia and UK have policies to make the experience of learning smooth and beneficial for students. Also, there are visa options that allow international students to settle after the completion of their courses in both countries. Choosing between UK vs Australia for international students is surely an important decision due to these reasons.

While UK stands second in the list of popular destinations for international studies, Australia comes in fifth. So, if you are planning to pursue your higher education abroad, these two countries are fine choices. For a detailed understanding of UK vs Australia for indian students, we have included all the necessary details in this article like top universities, admission requirements, cost of living, job opportunities, etc.

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Admission Criteria & Requirements for Studying in UK vs Australia

Choosing the ideal option between Australia and UK is not that difficult. All you have to do is compare all the criteria and requirements that both countries have for international students. First of all, universities in Australia and UK have different eligibility requirements for students. For a detailed understanding of Australia vs UK for international students, let’s take a look at these requirements.

1.  Eligibility Criteria to Study in UK

Students who want to pursue a degree in UK will have to fulfil these important eligibility requirements to study in UK in top institutions.

  1. Higher Secondary Education
  2. English Language Proficiency Scores
  3. ACT/SAT Scores
  4. Bachelor’s Degree
  5. Work Experience
  6. Master’s Degree

Let’s know these requirements of UK in detail:

1.  Higher Secondary Education

Students seeking admission to the top universities in UK for bachelors programs must have completed their high school graduation with a minimum aggregate score of 60%.

2.  English Language Proficiency Scores

It is important for students from non-English speaking countries to submit their English Language Proficiency test scores such as IELTS and TOEFL. The minimum required scores for these examinations in UK universities are:

  • IELTS: 6.5 or above
  • TOEFL: 100 or above

3.  ACT/SAT Scores

Students who have passed their higher secondary exams and want to pursue a bachelor’s degree will also have to submit their ACT or SAT scores to get admission to top colleges in UK. The requirements for these exams are mentioned below:

  • ACT: 16 or above
  • SAT: 1100 or above

4.  Bachelor’s Degree

Students applying for a master’s course in UK need to submit their bachelor’s degree certificate with a minimum GPA or 3.0 or above. Different universities in UK might have higher requirements for the bachelor’s degree in UK based on the course type.

5.  Work Experience

It is mandatory for students to have some work experience of about 1-2 years if they want to apply for a Master’s program in UK. The work experience helps universities in assessing the expertise, collaboration skills, teamwork skills, and leadership skills of students.


GMAT is a common entrance examination required for students who are specifically applying for management programs in UK. GRE is another examination that students have to complete in order to pursue any masters course in UK. The minimum score requirements for both GMAT and GRE are:

  • GMAT: 550 or above
  • GRE: 160 or above

7.  Master’s Degree

For students who are applying for doctoral programs in UK, one basic requirement is to complete the Master’s degree. Students can choose their specialisation of PhD in UK based on their interests.

2.  Eligibility Criteria to Study in Australia

For students who are applying to Australian universities, it is important to fulfil the eligibility requirements. 

  1. Higher Secondary Education
  2. English Language Proficiency Scores
  3. SAT/ACT Scores
  4. Bachelor’s Degree
  5. Work Experience
  7. Masters Degree

1.  Higher Secondary Education

Applying to Bachelors programs in Australia requires the students to score at least 65% aggregate marks in their 10+2 examination. On the basis of their scores, students can choose their specialisation from the fields of arts, commerce, science, business administration, etc.

2.  English Language Proficiency Scores

IELTS and TOEFL are the most popular English Language Proficiency tests, widely accepted by universities in Australia. So, students seeking admission to the best universities in the country will have to score at least 7.0 or above in the IELTS exam to secure their place. For TOEFL, the average score requirements are 80 or above.

3.  SAT/ACT Scores

Various universities in Australia accept SAT/ACT scores for undergraduate admission, and the good SAT score required for admission is above 1500. And the ACT average score requirement in Australian universities is 28 or above.

4.  Bachelor’s Degree

For students applying to masters courses in Australia, a bachelor’s degree is mandatory. Students need to maintain an overall GPA of 3.5 or more to get admission to the top universities and colleges in Australia.

5.  Work Experience

Students will have to submit some proof of work experience to the universities in Australia. For several masters programs in Australia including MBA and MS, a work experience of at least 1 year is essential.


Students will also have to submit their GMAT or GRE scores to get admission to the top colleges and universities in Australia. The minimum scores that are required by the universities are

7.  Masters Degree

It is important for international students to submit their Master degree in USA results if they want to pursue a doctoral program in Australia.

Australia a worthy Study Destination: Perspective from Student

Cost of Studying and Cost of Living in UK vs Australia

Due to the high standards of living and the excellent education systems in both UK and Australia, both countries prove to be expensive for international students. The overall cost of studying and cost of living in UK vs Australia can be broken down into two categories: program fees and living expenses.

1.  Tuition Fees in UK vs Australia

The program fees for different educational courses offered in UK and Australian universities are mentioned below in detail.

Study program

Tuition fees in  UK

yearly (in GBP)

Tuition fees in  Australia

yearly (in AUD)

Bachelor’s degree

15,000 – 25,000 GBP

20,000 – 45,000 AUD

Master’s degree

22,500 – 35,000 GBP

24,000 – 50,000 AUD

Doctoral degree

18,000– 38,000 GBP

18,000 – 42,000 AUD

2.  Cost of Living in UK vs Australia

The overall expenses that students have to bear while living in UK and Australia are tabulated below for better understanding.


Cost per year in UK (in GBP)

Cost per year in Australia (in AUD)

Campus Accommodation

3,000 - 7,500 GBP

12,000 - 28,000 AUD

Private Accommodation

8,000 - 9,000 GBP

30,000 - 48,000 AUD


4,800 GBP

4,000 – 6,000 AUD

Utility bills

800 GBP

1,500 AUD

Phone & Internet

600 GBP

1000 AUD

Public Transport

960 - 1,320 GBP

1,500-1,800 AUD


1,800 GBP

2,600 AUD

Health insurance

600 – 800 GBP

700 AUD

Living Cost in UK for International Students in 2022

Top Universities in UK vs Australia For International Students

When it comes to comparing the options for studying in Australia vs UK, the top educational institutions play a very important role. These universities offer top-notch education programs, scholarships, training, specialisations, and courses for international students.

To delve deeper into the UK vs Australia university comparison, we are providing a separate list of top-ranking universities in each country.

1.  Top Universities in UK

Here is a list of the top universities in UK along with their QS World University Ranking 2023.

Universities in UK

QS World University Ranking 2023

University of Oxford


University of Cambridge


King’s College London


Imperial College London


University College Dublin


University of Birmingham


University of Manchester


University of Nottingham


University of Sussex


University of Liverpool


2.  Top Universities in Australia

Mentioned below in the list are the top universities in Australia as well their QS World University Rankings 2023.

Universities in Australia

QS World University Ranking 2023

Australian National University


University of Sydney


University of Melbourne


University of New South Wales


University of Queensland


Monash University


University of Western Australia


University of Adelaide


RMIT University


Macquarie University


Top 10 Universities in UK for Masters

Differences in UK vs Australia Education System and Student Life

There are certain differences between the overall education system, student life, and other aspects when it comes to Australia and UK. Let us have a look at these differences in detail.




Quality of Education

UK is the second most popular country after the USA to provide top-notch higher education options.


A master’s degree in UK is of 1-year duration.


UK’s prominent universities such as:

University of Oxford, University of Cambridge

University of Manchester occupy the top positions in QS World University Rankings.

Australia is the fifth most popular destination of choice for international students.


A masters degree in Australia is for 1.5 -2 years duration.


Australia’s top universities include: University of Melbourne

University of Queensland

and University of Sydney.

Popular Courses

Business Studies


Accounting and Finance


Computer Science

Biological Sciences


Art & Design

Mechanical Engineering

Electrical Engineering


Actuarial Science


Core Engineering

Biomedical Engineering

Earth Sciences

Computer Science & Information Technology

Tourism & Hospitality Management


Student Life

Students have to bear certain costs while living in UK such as housing, food, travel, study materials, entertainment etc.


Students are allowed to work off-campus for 20 hours per week while studying in UK.

Living in Australia, students also have to spend on accommodation, food expenses, entertainment, study materials, internet, transportation, etc.


Students are allowed to work off-campus for 40 hours per week while pursuing their courses.

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Student Visa in UK vs Canada

To decide between Australia or UK which is the better country to study, the student visa process is also a mandatory requirement. Both countries require students to apply for a student visa in order to pursue higher education. Here are some details about the student visa process for both countries.

1.  Student Visa for UK

  • In UK, the full-time student Visa is called the Tier 4 Visa. The total UK visa cost for students is about 350 GBP. You will also have to pay the same amount in case you are applying for a dependent visa. Students will also have to pay an international health surcharge which costs around 705 GBP.
  • Students might be asked for a personal interview round with the Visa consulate in order to get approval.
  • In case you have a short-term study visa, be prepared to leave the borders of UK within 30 days of your course completion.

Documents Required for UK Student Visa

There are some additional documents required for applying for UK student visa. Some of these documents are:

  • A valid passport
  • CAS or Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies reference number & related documents for obtaining CAS
  • Assessment documentation
  • ATAS (Academic Technology Approval Scheme) clearance report
  • Proof of finances
  • Certificate of Enrolment
  • Proof of English language proficiency
  • Pass-port size photographs

2.  Student Visa for Australia

  • The student visa in Australia is known as Subclass 500. Students will only be considered eligible for a student visa if they are enrolled on a registered full-time course in Australia.
  • The maximum validity of the Australian student visa is 5 years.
  • Students have to choose from a course or program registered with the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students.

Documents Required for Australia Student Visa

The following documents required for Australia Student Visa are:

  • Electronic Confirmation of Enrolment certificate from an Australian University.
  • GTE or Genuine Temporary Entrant Statement
  • Documents and transcripts of previous academic results
  • Overseas Student Health Cover (500 AUD – 2500 AUD/per year)
  • Passport-size photographs
  • English language proficiency test scores
  • Proof of Civil status (if applicable)
  • Evidence of financial means
  • Proof of Visa fee payment

Australia Student Visa Requirements: Documents, Age Limit, Language & Financial Requirements

Stay Back Options in UK vs Australia

Both Australia and UK has provisions for students who want to stay and work there after the completion of their course. However, the duration of stay is different for both UK and Australia, with the latter offering a longer duration of stay for students. Let us have a look at the stay-back options for UK vs Australia.

1.  Stay Back In UK

Students in UK have the opportunity to stay back in the country even after their course is completed. The total period for which the students can stay back in UK is 2 years.

2.  Stay Back In Australia

In the case of Australia, students can stay back after the completion of their courses for a total duration of 5 years. Recently, the Australian Government has increased the stay-back duration from 3 years to 5 years for international students.

Visa Regulations in the UK

Post Study Work Opportunities in UK Vs Australia

Due to the growth of the economy in both Australia and UK, there are plenty of job opportunities for students in these countries. Students can opt for different career roles in UK and Australia depending on their specialisation and expertise. Various fields of science, commerce, humanities, technology, management, etc. are on the lookout for professionals who have completed their education in these countries. Following are the work opportunities and salary scope of students in Australia and UK.

1.  Post Study Job Opportunities in UK

With more than 27000 different recruiting companies in UK, students have an abundance of employment opportunities with their 2 year work permit in UK after they complete their education in UK. Here we are mentioning the job roles and average annual salary of graduates in UK.

Job Roles in UK

Average Annual Salary (GBP)

Chief Executive

96,600 GBP

Medical Consultants

1,15,000 GBP


91,200 GBP

Risk Manager

68,600 GBP

HR Director

1,20,000 GBP


73,500 GBP

2.  Post Study Job Opportunities in Australia

Despite being smaller in size when compared to UK, Australia also has a plethora of employment opportunities for international students. Here are the details about the post-study work options for students in Australia.

Companies in Australia

Average Annual Salary (AUD)


AUD 98,400

Civil Engineer

AUD 82,350


AUD 64,200

Property Manager

AUD 60,920

Marketing Analyst

AUD 1,03,000

Registered Nurse

AUD 63,600

Complete Guide to Finding Part time Jobs in UK for International Students: Eligibility, Rules, Pay & More

Choosing between UK or Australia, which is better for international students, is simple if you follow these criteria and details. Students will have a multitude of opportunities to build their careers after the completion of their courses in these countries. To decide which country is a better fit for your higher education, choose Yocket Premium and get proper guidance.


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