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Good SAT Scores: What Is Considered A Good SAT Score to Study Abroad?

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Good SAT Scores: What Is Considered A Good SAT Score to Study Abroad? Image

SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test) is a globally recognized entrance exam undertaken by students who apply for undergraduate admissions to the top universities. Achieving good SAT scores is mandatory as it determines the application process of an international student. SAT exams are garnering more popularity because it helps evaluate a student's written, verbal, analyzing and mathematical skills, which allows universities to identify them better. 

Students should meet the good SAT score range to pass an SAT exam. So what is considered a good score on SAT? To help you understand this better, we have listed all the essential information related to good SAT scores, what is regarded as a good SAT score, etc. 

  Table Of Contents:

  1. Importance Of Achieving Good SAT Scores
  2. What Is Considered A Good SAT Score?
  3. Good SAT Score Range From Popular Universities
  4. Top Tips To Attain Good SAT Scores
  5. Frequently Asked Questions About Good SAT Scores

Importance Of Achieving Good SAT Scores

Before we can move ahead to understand what is a good SAT writing score, here are five perks that exhibit the importance of good SAT scores during undergraduate admissions:

  • Enhance Student Applications

With a good SAT score, students will be able to enroll themselves in the top universities of their choice. SAT is a widely accepted entrance exam, and scoring a perfect score gives students the leverage to be accepted into their dream universities much quicker. The perfect score also enhances a student's application, making them stand out from the millions of applications sent to a university. 

  • Eligible for Scholarships

A good SAT score also makes you eligible to apply to merit-based or SAT-based scholarships. This makes it automatically easier for students who have great academic performance but fall short in the monetary category. 

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  • Reveal Student Determination

Did you know that your SAT scores can speak a lot about your academic determination? Based on your SAT scores, a university can understand the hard work you put in to get accepted into your university. A good score also helps the university understand how well your skills are, for instance, in this case, writing, mathematical, verbal and analyzing. 

  • Provides Right Assistance

Based on your SAT scores, universities can help categorise students accordingly. For instance, if students have met the minimum SAT requirement score, the university can support them with the right academic assistance required. On the other hand, the university can place students on the right academic level for students with good SAT scores. 

  • Better For Job Hunting

Are you aware when you apply for jobs, there are a few establishments that prefer to attain you based on your SAT scores? While academics is one reason to score the best on SAT exam, the former scores can also be used to help you get accepted into the best job brands in the market. 

What Is Considered A Good SAT Score?

So what is a good math SAT score or writing score?

If a student achieves a range of 400-1600 SAT scores, they have cleared the SAT exam. 

Here is an overview of what is considered a good score for SAT:


Math Score

Evidence-Based Reading Writing Score

Total SAT score

50 (Median)




75 (Good)
















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The SAT acceptance score for globally recognized universities differ. Thus to help you score better, here is an overview of the top SAT scores required from the top universities for undergraduate admissions:

Education Institute

Average SAT Score

University of Oxford


Standford University

Reading + Writing = 690-760

Maths = 700-780

University of Chicago


The University of South Wales


Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Reading + Writing = 720-770

Maths = 770-800

University of Alberta

Overall 1200+, not below 600

Western University

Overall minimum- 1,190

Trinity College


University of Washington


University of Miami


Top Tips To Attain Good SAT Scores

Now that you’re aware of the good SAT scores required when enrolling in the top universities, here are 5 tips that can help you succeed better and quicker:

1. Increase Reading Habits

To improve in the vocabulary category, it’s better to increase your reading habit. When you read, you come across new words that help you expand your vocabulary understanding. Start investing in more reading materials to do the same. 

2. Use Study Materials

There are multiple SAT study materials available for you to get started. From practice questions to examples and much more, these resources can help you study better whilst giving you a better idea of how to prepare for the SAT exam. 

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3. Practice Model tests

SAT exams are three-hour long. Having a good time management practice can help you answer all the questions. The best way to do this is to write as much practice SAT model tests. This action gives you a better understanding of where you can spend time more in the exam, how much time you can allot to each question, etc. 

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4. Invest In Tutors

If you’re someone who cannot study by yourself, investing in a tutor is a better choice. Tutors can help you practice better with model test papers and live exams. You can opt for online classes or in-person classes well. While studying, you can clear doubts instantly making it easier to understand the SAT exams better. 

5. Write Everything

In case of queries, it is always better to write everything. This is better in the case of solving math problems in the exams. Instead of planning in your mind, write down the steps and find the answer so that you can confidently answer the math solutions better. 

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It is a massive deal to procure good SAT scores since it can help you enroll in your dream university. Since you’re now aware of what SAT score is considered good, it’s time to start the preparation. To help you get started here is a 3-month SAT study plan. In case, you have any further queries, our Yocket counsellors are one click away. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Good SAT Scores

Ques: Is 1200 a good SAT score?

Ans: Yes, 1200 is a good SAT score and is accepted by most popular universities globally. 

Ques: What is a good SAT test score for Harvard?

Ans: At Harvard University, a good SAT score is anywhere between 1460- 1600. 

Ques: What is a good SAT test score for 2022?

Ans: Achieving the 99th percentile is considered a good SAT score in 2022. 

Ques: What is the highest SAT score?

Ans: 1600 is the perfect score to achieve when writing for SAT exams. 

Ques: Should I retake a 1200 SAT?

Ans: 1200 is a great SAT score, however, if you believe you can achieve better than this, retaking the test is a better option. 

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