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The University of Adelaide was established in 1874 in Adelaide, South Australia. It is a public research university, the third-oldest university in Australia. The main campus of University of Adelaide’s address is located on the north terrace in the Adelaide city center, which is also adjacent to the art gallery of South Australia, the South Australian Museum, and the state library of South Australia. The university has four campuses- Adelaide, Roseworthy, Melbourne, and Urrbrae. The main faculties at the University of Adelaide:

  • The faculty of science 
  • The faculty of professions
  • The faculty of health and mental sciences
  • The faculty of professions
  • The faculty of arts
  • The faculty of engineering, computer, and mathematical sciences
  • The University of Adelaide is associated with 110 Rhodes scholars
  • The University of Adelaide is associated with at least five Nobel laureates
  • More than 27,000 students are studying at the University of Adelaide
  • The University of Adelaide has about 1500 academic staff 
  • There are almost 2000 administrative staff at the University of Adelaide
  • The University of Adelaide is a member of the Group of Eight, ASAIHL, and ACU

Top Reasons to Study in the University of Adelaide

There are several reasons to study at the University of Adelaide. Apart from the city being one of the most peaceful places in Australia, it is practically the cheapest option for international students and is among the highest livable cities in the country. Here are some more reasons why you should study at the University of Adelaide: 

  •  Adelaide has a fantastic public transportation system.
  • The University of Adelaide is globally ranked.
  • Adelaide is known as the food and wine capital of Australia.
  • The quality of life here is so good that students from more than 150 countries come to study at the University of Adelaide.
  • Adelaide is a picturesque city and has a lot to offer to everyone, from gorgeous hills and fantastic wine districts to beautiful beaches.
  • Adelaide is far more affordable than any other city in Australia.
  • Adelaide's internship and employment opportunities are abundant and a fantastic option for students who pass out of the University of Adelaide.
  • Adelaide will transform itself into a 10 Gigabit city, which means that the city will be able to deliver high-speed Internet services across the central business district, and the North Adelaide area.
  • Adelaide has fantastic living options for international students, making it practically the best place to live for international students.

Cost of Studying at University of Adelaide

Average tuition fee


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Living expenses

Average living expenses (Bachelors)


Average living expenses (Masters)


Rankings for The University of Adelaide

US News Ranking


US World and News Report

The World University Rankings


The World University Rankings

QS World University Rankings


QS World University Rankings

More rankings for this university

The University of Adelaide ranks among the top universities in the United States for its quality education and amazing career opportunities. Following are its global and national rankings:

  • As per the QS World University Rankings 2023, the University of Adelaide, Australia, ranking is #109 among the other 1,500 global institutions. Further, these universities are from Europe, Asia, and North America. These rankings are based on academic reputation, international student enrollment, employer reputation, faculty-student ratio, international research network, international faculty ratio, etc. 
  • As per the QS World University Rankings by Subject, the University of Adelaide is ranked #173. 
  • The University of Adelaide QS Graduate Employability Ranking 2022 is #171-180. This ranking demonstrates the university’s ability to produce graduates with the 'soft skills’ required for the modern workplace.
  • According to the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2023, the University of Adelaide ranking is #88 among the other 1,799 global universities. This ranking is done under 104 regions and countries. Further, this ranking is based on four main areas—Teaching, Research, Knowledge Transfer, and International Outlook. 
  • As per the Times Higher Education World Reputation Rankings 2022, the Technical University of Munich ranks #151-175th. 
  • The University of Adelaide ranked 74th in the US News Best Global Universities Ranking 2023. 
  • As per the 2022 Academic Shanghai Rankings of World Universities, the University of Adelaide ranked #132 among the other 1,000 universities. 
  • As per QS World University Rankings by Subject, the University of Adelaide ranked in the top 100 for 14 subjects in 2022.

Admissions at The University of Adelaide

Application Fee

A$70 - A$110

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How to Apply at University of Adelaide

To understand how to apply and what the University of Adelaide requirements are, you need to go through the following steps:

  • Register at the University's website
  • Select the program you wish to join
  • Check and review all the entry requirements for the program.
  • Make a note of the application closing dates.
  • Apply directly on the university website by connecting with one of the university representatives. Alternatively, you may connect with a representative or an agent in your area to apply to the University.
  • Submit all the certified documents, transcripts, records, and certificates that have been mentioned as required
  • Stay in touch with the university representative and check online on the website or any other development.
  • The final application outcome will be intimated to you or your agent via email.
  • Pay University of Adelaide fee.

Note: Application portal: Online Application Portal

University of Adelaide application fee: A fee of AUD 110 (5,939.03 INR) is required when submitting an application.

Documents Required to Apply to University of Adelaide

  • Certified documents of academics, and professional qualifications, with English translations.
  • English proficiency test scores
  • All common aptitude test scores
  • Copy of passport
  • Copy of visa
  • Student health insurance- both for University of Adelaide International students and national students
  • Financial documents and bank statement
  • Application
  • Offer letter
  • Acceptance letter
  • Any other document as mentioned on the admission page of the university website

Exams Accepted By the University

To get through the University of Adelaide admission, you need to have the following requirements:




305 or higher (course dependent)


590 or higher (course dependent)


2.5 or higher (course dependent)


The following are the minimum English proficiency test scores required to get admission to the University of Adelaide:


Minimum Test Requirements 


6.5  or higher 


58 or higher


79 or higher 

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Scholarship amount




Scholarship type




Scholarship amount




Scholarship type


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Abhinay Reddy
Abhinay Reddy

14 days ago

Can anyone suggest me some Universities in Adelaide which offers diploma in IT?
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Abhinav Malik
Abhinav Malik

15 days ago

Anyone going Australia ( Adelaide ) in coming jan/feb intake.
Wanna make some friends before actually reaching there. If you are, msg me here and i will definitely respond. Iam from Chandigarh. Knowing eachother will help us to arrange accommodation ✌🏻 #masters... Show more
Abhinav Malik
Abhinav Malik

15 days ago

Anyone going to australian ( Adelaide ) in coming January or February ?? Like to make some friend before actually going.
If you are, Msg me here and i will respond definitely.
Priyam Sinha
Priyam Sinha

a month ago

I got offer letter from university of Adelaide and Macquarie for msc business analytics. Which to chose among ?
Abhinay Reddy
Abhinay Reddy

2 months ago

my percentage was 51 and iam looking for college which accept this percentage in Adelaide, Australia for degree.
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1 Comment


Number of campuses the university has

Campus locations
South Australia

View on Google Earth

Transportation in the city

The University of Adelaide campus is located at Adelaide SA (South Australia)  5005. Students can feel free to move about from one destination to another as the availability of public vehicles is great here. Students can also use their bikes if needed. The University provides both a free shuttle service (after-hours) and an inter-campus shuttle service. Students residing at the University of Adelaide Village can also avail of The Village shuttle bus directly to the North Terrace Campus from their residence. Monday through Friday, a shuttle service travels between the Gawler train station and Roseworthy Campus.

Services offered by the university

  • The University of Adelaide has several support services that are always ready to guide students on any issue or problem that they may be having.
  • The University of Adelaide has a library that is well stocked with reading material for both students and researchers, and teaching staff. The library is also accessible online so that students can get library services even after working hours.
  • There are many sporting activities at the University of Adelaide, with various clubs such as the university gliding club, Dutch club, sailing club, rugby union football club, athletics club, football club, etc.
  • Health and well-being are of the utmost importance at the University of Adelaide. It has its health services cell that is ready at all times to treat any emergency.
  • You can find a food and dining hub within the campus operating a dining room for over 50 years. There are other cafes, cafeterias, and eateries where students are offered the heaviest foods at the most affordable prices.
  • The University of Adelaide’s acceptance rate is upto 75%.

Student life

  • You can find a student life cell at the University of Adelaide that helps students with a range of support services that assist the latter along their entire student journey at the University. It is practically the first point of contact for inquiries and confidential advice and support.
  • There are moments and one in the 30 clubs at the University of Adelaide. So there is something or the other for everyone out there.
  • There are several events, activities, fairs, symbols, and more for you to participate in and enjoy yourself.
  • Many social programs can be found at the University of Adelaide, where every student can actively participate.
  • Your time at the University of Adelaide will be eventful, and you'll be kept busy with a lot of fun and frolic happening along with your academics.

On campus accomodation

The University of Adelaide has an accommodation service dedicated to helping students, staff, and their families with accommodation requirements. You can always book an online appointment with the accommodation officer at the accommodation service during office hours on weekdays to talk to them about:

  • COVID-19 protocols in accommodation
  • To organize an online accommodation consultation
  • To organize a group briefing session
  • Bookings and accommodation discussions for academic visitors
  • Advocacy and tenancy support
  • The various university-managed student accommodations
  • Information on pre-departure accommodation
  • Emergency accommodation
  • Temporary accommodation
  • Access to the rental database
  • Access and advice on private accommodation
  • Access and advice on shared accommodation
  • Other managed student accommodation options, and more

University of Adelaide’s Cost of living : Shared private housing outside of the city center costs an average of AUD 135 per week (7,288.81 INR), whereas University-managed housing in the city center costs AUD 259 per week (13,983.71 INR).


University Faculty:Student Ratio


University Faculty Stats

The University of Adelaide is a very prestigious public research university having 3386 staff in and 22181 students. The ratio of academic staff to students is 22:1. 49% of the students in this University are female and 51% are male. 


University Endowments Value


Research opportunities at university

Researchers at the University of Adelaide have access to a diverse range of funding opportunities across various academic disciplines. The researchers at the University of Adelaide are internationally recognized and make history with almost every discovery. They help accelerate human progress, thereby making the world a better place. Some of the major areas of research at the University of Adelaide are:

  • Societal well being 
  • COVID-19 research 
  • Energy, mining, and resources 
  • Environment, sustainability, and climate change 
  • Health and biotech 
  • Creativity and culture 
  • Agriculture, food, and wine 
  • Defense, cyber and space, and much more 

Internship opportunities (Part time job opportunities)

The University of Adelaide emphasizes the need for students to take up internships to hone their skills in a way where they can implement what they've learned in class into the real-life situations they come across in their places of work. The University believes that internships play a key role in building the students' employability skills, career readiness, and professional collections. It is also true that these internships also benefit the hosts and their industries.

Placement - Companies and average salaries offered

The career cell at the University of Adelaide rule actively connects and enriches its connections with the industry while also helping the students to be ready for the job market. It organizes several job fairs, workshops, symposiums, etc., which help students with their life-building skills, job interview skills, cover letter writing skills, soft skills, and more. The career cell actively searches for job vacancies and even tries to connect students to companies and organizations for interviews. Based on 40 profiles, graduates of The University of Adelaide typically earn of USD 229k (1,78,50,893 INR) a year, with salaries ranging from USD 161k to USD 364k (1,25,50,191 to 2,83,74,346 INR). Employees in the top ten percentile make more than USD 315,050 (INR 2,45,75,985) a year.




The University of Adelaide Adelaide, South Australia 5005 Australia

Social media


1. Why is the University of Adelaide recommended as one of the best places for study?
The University of Adelaide is recommended because it is affordable, accessible, friendly, and one of the best universities to study at. The city of Adelaide also has all these virtues and happens to be one of the world's most livable cities.

2. What are the intake sessions at the University?
Primarily there are two index sessions at the University of Adelaide – one is in February and the other in July.

3. Which are the most popular courses at the University of Adelaide?
Popular University of Adelaide courses are nursing, dentistry, mineral and mining engineering, and petroleum engineering.

4. What is the  University of Adelaide fee structure?
As far as the University of Adelaide fee structure is concerned. The University of Adelaide tuition fee for undergraduate students is 13000 AUD (7,01,885.05 INR). 

5. What is the total accommodation cost for University of Adelaide international students?
Students in University in Adelaide can expect to pay anywhere from 250 AUD to 510 AUD (13,497.79  to 27,535.49 INR) per week for on-campus housing .

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