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Masters in Psychology in Canada: Top Universities, Fees, Requirements, Scholarships & Jobs

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Looking to unlock the mysteries of the human mind and help others find mental well-being? A master's in psychology from Canada presents the perfect pathway. Blending compassion and innovation, top Canadian programs equip you with advanced therapeutic skills and position you at the forefront of cutting-edge research.

In this guide, we dig deep into all you need to know to launch your psychology career “up north” - from sparkling cities like Toronto and Montreal to natural wonders like Banff and Vancouver. Stand out with insider application tips and discover top psychology master's picks, from McGill’s global renown to Alberta’s high graduate employability.Now is the time to elevate your knowledge and make a difference in mental health. Start your journey by unlocking exclusive counseling and tools with Yocket Premium, the platform for master’s applicants.

Table of Content
  • Why Study a Master in Psychology in Canada?
  • Program Overview for Masters in Psychology in Canada
  • Eligibility Criteria for Masters in Psychology in Canada
  • Documents Required for Masters in Psychology in Canada
  • Admission Process for Masters in Psychology in Canada
  • Cost of Studying Masters in Psychology in Canada
  • Best Universities for Masters in Psychology in Canada
  • Scholarships for Masters in Psychology in Canada
  • Jobs After Masters in Psychology in Canada

Why Study Masters in Psychology in Canada?

Let us start our discussion by trying to understand the scope and importance of a master's in psychology in Canada:

  • Master in Psychology in Canada places a dedicated emphasis on research, which leads to rewarding careers in research, industry, academia, hospitals,  health care domains, etc. The Research and Clinical Training Option at top universities like Concordia University is fully accredited by the Ordre des Psychologues du Quebec and the Canadian Psychological Association.
  • Canadian universities offer well-equipped lab facilities for students to conduct their research. Some of them include the Centre for Clinical Research in Health (CCRH), and the Centre for Research in Human Development (CRHD)
  • Renowned agencies like NSERC, CFI, SSRHC, etc fund research in various universities in Canada.On average, e the total funding is around 2 million dollars every year.

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Program Overview for Masters in Psychology in Canada

Universities in Canada offer both MAs and MScs in psychology as graduate programs under different schools/faculties. Both are research-intensive programs, and students are expected to advance to the Ph.D. in Psychology program after one or two years of study. All graduate programs in psychology are oriented toward a PhD degree. And those only seeking an MA or MSc in psychology in Canada are not encouraged to apply.

The psychology masters programs in Canada are a continuation of BA/BSc in psychology and aim to offer advanced knowledge and research opportunities for the learners. The master's curriculum is wisely curated to cover a wide range of topics and specializations. Some important ones include:

  1. Applied Behavior Analysis
  2. Cognitive & Neural Sciences
  3. Clinical Psychology
  4. Community Psychology
  5. Developmental Psychology
  6. History, Quantitative & Theoretical
  7. Forensic Psychology
  8. Organisational Psychology
  9. Social Personality & Psychology
  10. Sports Psychology

Eligibility Criteria for Masters in Psychology in Canada

The eligibility for masters in psychology in Canada depends upon the programs and universities you choose. But the basic requirements remain the same. They include:

  • Undergraduate Degree
  • Language Requirement
  • Passport and Visa

Let us now discuss each one of them in detail:

Undergraduate Degree

The nominal master in psychology requirement in Canada is a four-year honours or major degree (B.A. or B.Sc.) with a minimum aggregate of 3.0. Some universities also ask for significant research experience. Such experience is usually obtained by completing an undergraduate research course, writing an undergraduate or master's thesis, or working as a research assistant.

Language Requirement

The English proficiency test is mandatory for all international students to get admission to universities in Canada. Minimum scores as per the tests are

IELTS - 6.0 - 7.0

TOEFL - 97 - 100

PTE - 68

CAEL - 70

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Passport and Visa

A valid passport and student visa are a must for all international students to study any course at any university in Canada. Remember to apply for your visa at least 3 months before the expected travel date.

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Documents Required for Masters in Psychology in Canada

Admission to colleges in Canada for masters in psychology requires a set of documents. Some of the common document requirements are mentioned below:

  • Transcripts of all educational qualifications
  • CV or Resume
  • LOR or Letter of Recommendation
  • SOP or Statement of Purpose
  • Scorecards of IELTS/TOEFL/PTE/CAEL
  • Work experience certificate (if applicable)

Admission Process for Masters in Psychology in Canada

A step by step guide to applying at different MA psychology colleges in Canada is as follows:

  • Finalize the course that you want to pursue, and check for the best university offering that course.
  • Visit the official university website and collect all data relating to eligibility and the admission process.
  • Upload scanned copies of all the required documents (transcripts, CV, IELTS/TOEFL, CAEL scorecards)
  • Fill out the desired application form and pay the fee.
  • Go through an interview with the respective university directors. This is a great opportunity to display your soft skills and presence of mind.
  • Once you receive the conditional offer letter after clearing your interview, you may book your seat at the particular university.
  • Pay your deposit by agreeing to the terms and conditions of the university. The deposit here is non-refundable.

Masters in psychology in Canada are for those wishing to upgrade their knowledge on psychological issues and contemporary topics. For that, a Bachelor’s in Psychology is a must to help you build the foundational base on the same. To seek assistance on this, speak to our Yocket counselors today.  

Cost of Studying Master in Psychology in Canada

The fees for a master's in psychology at colleges depend on several factors. Broadly, the overall cost can be divided into two categories: tuition fees and the cost of living.

Tuition Fees

The cost of studying psychology in Canada varies depending on the programs and universities you choose. On average, the psychology course fees across Canadian universities range from CAD 5,000 (INR 3,06,400) to CAD 20,000 (INR 12,25,610) per year.

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Canada depends on your lifestyle and preferences. An estimated cost for international students is CAD 900 (INR 30,640) - CAD 1500 (INR 91,920) per month. It covers all amenities like housing, food, travel, stationery, recreational activities, etc.

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Are you on your journey to study for a Master in Psychology in Canada? 

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Best Universities in Canada for Masters in Psychology

Psychology masters programs in Canada are offered by some of the top Canadian universities. Each university has its own set of specializations and well-designed curricula. To talk of the top universities in Canada for a master in psychology, include:

Let us now go into details about each university:

The University of British Columbia

Masters in psychology in Canada for international students at the University of British Columbia is a full-time 24-month program. The coursework requires a minimum of 30 credits, including core courses, graduate statistics, and breadth courses within the domain of psychology. Along with the compulsory courses, MA psychology students must also present their thesis findings at UBC’s PsychFest conference. 

The University of British Columbia World Ranking 2024


QS Subject Psychology Ranking 2023


Programs Offered

MA-PhD in Psychology

Average Fees Per Year

CAD 9,200 (INR 5,63,780)

University of Alberta

The MA/ MSc Psychology program in Canada at the University of Alberta uses an apprenticeship model to train the students into skilled and independent researchers. A group of vigorous, world-class faculty members mentors them. They groom the students to become distinguished professionals in their careers. Recent graduates hold successful positions in universities and colleges, branches of government, and industry.

University of Alberta World Ranking 2024


QS Subject Psychology Ranking 2023


Programs Offered

MA/MSc in Psychology, PhD in Psychology

Average Fees Per Year

CAD 8700 (INR 5,33,140)

Queen’s University

Queen’s University’s Department of Psychology offers MSc in psychology leading to a PhD specializes in four important areas - Clinical, Cognitive, Neuroscience, Developmental and Social-Personality. Apart from them, the focus is laid on fundamental research and discovery, clinical skills, and intensive training. The goal here is to prepare the learners for a variety of career settings in the field of psychology.

Queen’s University World Ranking 2024


QS Subject Psychology Ranking 2023


Programs Offered

MSc - PhD in Psychology

Average Fees Per Year

CAD 12,900 (INR 7,90,520)

Simon Fraser University

Simon Fraser University is among the best universities in Canada for masters in psychology. Typically, the students admitted to MA psychology in Canada at SFU have honors or major degrees in psychology with a strong knowledge base. They have prior experience in psychological methodology and statistical analysis. Besides the general graduate psychology program, Clinical Psychology is another graduate program offered here.

Simon Fraser University World Ranking 2024


QS Subject Psychology Ranking 2023


Programs Offered

MA - PhD in Psychology

Average Fees Per Year

CAD 5800 (INR 3,55,430)

Concordia University

The MA in psychology in Canada at Concordia University is a research-based program that advances into a PhD after one or two years of study. The graduate department of psychology here mainly focuses on four main areas of research, of which students need to choose one. They are behavioral neuroscience, clinical and health research, cognitive science, and human development and developmental processes.

Concordia University World Ranking 2024


QS Subject Psychology Ranking 2023


Programs Offered

MA - PhD in Psychology

Average Fees Per Year

CAD 20,700 (INR 12,68,510)

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Scholarships for Masters in Psychology in Canada

Masters in psychology scholarships in Canada are a great way to fund your studies. Let us know more about some of them in detail:

Scholarship Name

Awarded To

Graduate Entrance Scholarship (GES)

  • MA students at the University of British Columbia displaying outstanding performance during the application process. Educational transcripts, LOR, and research activities are most taken into account.

  • Amount/ Benefit: CAD 17,500 (INR 10,72,410) for Year 1

International Tuition Awards (ITA)

  • Meritorious non-Canadian who is registered full-time in a master’s or doctoral program at the University of British Columbia.

  • Amount/ Benefit: Upto CAD 3,200 (INR 1,96,100) 

Horace O. Frosty Steer Award in Psychology

  • a graduating student in the St. George PSY Specialist or Major Programs or the Research Specialist who enrolls in an approved graduate program in psychology at the University of Toronto, concentrating on the area of problems.

  • Amount/ Benefit: CAD 3,000 (INR 1,83,840) - CAD 4,000 (INR 2,45,120) / Year

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Jobs After Masters in Psychology

Masters in psychology in Canada equip students with the necessary skills to grow in their career. The graduates land in various well-paid positions across the world. Some popular jobs and their average salaries are mentioned below:

Job Title

Average Salary per hour

Mental Health Counsellor

CAD 35-45 (INR 2140-2760) 

Virtual Psychotherapist

CAD 80-100 (INR 4900-6130)

Child and Youth Counsellor

CAD 30-50 (INR 1840-3070)

Advisor, Mental Health and Psychosocial Support

CAD 35-50 (INR 2140-3070)

Behaviour Consultant

CAD 38-45 (INR 2330-2760)

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From the Desk of Yocket

A master's degree in psychology from Canada opens doors to meaningful change in mental health domains. Blending compassion with innovation, top Canadian universities position graduates at the helm of research and practice. Upon completing rigorous coursework and hands-on training, leverage your advanced skills in counseling, therapy, neuroscience, and beyond. Whether helping troubled youth, supporting communities, or pushing scientific frontiers, your career prospects shine bright. Now is the time to elevate your knowledge and create ripples of wellness across the globe.

Looking to unlock the mysteries of the mind and spark meaningful mental health change? A psychology master's from Canada is the golden pathway in 2024 and beyond!

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