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Requirements to Study in Canada: Check Eligibility for Indian Students to Study in Canada

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International students are increasingly choosing Canada as a study destination. Canada ranks among the top five study destinations in the world, with over 642,000 international students. In Canada, you can study undergraduate courses, postgraduate degrees, and short-term courses. It is critical to apply on time and submit in your complete application materials if you want to study in Canada or at one of their top colleges.

Test scores such as the GRE, IELTS, TOEFL, and others are required for admission to Canada. Prospective students must have a decent GMAT score in order to apply to business programs such as MBA in Canada. You'll also require SOPs, LORs, and other documents to support your application and guide you through the admissions process. So, to know the requirements to study in Canada, here are the details in this blog.

Table of Contents:

  1. An Overview of Admission Requirements to Study in Canada
  2. What are the English Language Proficiency Requirements to Study in Canada?
  3. What are the  Requirements for Masters Degree to study in Canada?
  4. What are the  Requirements for Diploma programs to study in Canada?
  5. Requirements to Apply for Student Visa in Canada
  6. Frequently Asked Questions on Requirements to Study in Canada


An Overview of Admission Requirements to Study in Canada

In Canada, every university has their own criteria for studying in Canada for different programs. It may include various documents with personal information as well as academic ability. The general documents that need to submit are:

  • School leaving certificate (for bachelor’s course)
  • Bachelor's degree certificate (for master’s course) 
  • Proof of language proficiency
  • Scanned copy of passport
  • SOP for Canada
  • Letter of recommendation (if required)
  • Resume of CV (if needed)
  • Other applicable certificate of merits

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What are the English Language Proficiency Requirements to Study in Canada?

Majorly universities in Canada ask for English language proficiency scores from international students, so a student will need to take exams like TOEFL, PTE, IELTS and CAEL to give eligible scores.


  1. TOEFL Score Required for Canada Admission

TOEFL is accepted by 100% of Canadian universities and the students can take the internet- based test as the paper based TOEFL is no longer available. Generally, the TOEFL for international students in Canada is accepted via iBT and once the results are declared, a student can apply to a university of their choice within two years. The average score requirement in TOEFL Canada universities is 80- 100.

Note: A student will not be required to take TOEFL if they have scored more than 670 in the critical reading section in the Old SAT exam or have a Reading Test score more than 35 on the SAT reading test. Student have attended an educational institute where English is the official language for at least 4 years


  1. IELTS Score for Canada Admission

IELTS is one of the world’s most widespread high-stakes English language tests that measures your English proficiency on a scale from 1–9 in four skills: Listening, Writing, Reading and Speaking. After getting scores through this exam, a student can select up to five institutions to send the scores without any cost charge. Also, to get an IELTS Canada visa, a student will require a minimum score of 6.0, but on average, educational institutions ask for a score of 6.5.

Note: You can study in Canada without IELTS if he or she resided in a majority English-speaking nation for a minimum of 4 years or a citizen of a country that has English as the official language. Also, if a student has attended an English medium educational institution for at least 3 years.

  1. PTE for Admission in Canada

The academic exam is computer based, which assesses the reading, listening, speaking and writing abilities. Before applying for universities in Canada, students should check before giving this exam for higher studies. Besides, if a student has completed 3 years of education in an academic institution where English is an official language will not be required to apply for PTE exam.

  1. CAEL (Canadian Academic English Language Assessment Test)

The CAEL exam can be given at a test centre in USA, India, Canada, China, UAE or Philippines. This exam checks your English proficiency in four constituents, namely listening, writing, reading and speaking. The score for this test will be evaluated on a scale of 10 to 90, and students can view their results within 8 business days of completing the test.

There are many internationally recognized graduate-and-postgraduate-study programs accessible across the country in both urban and rural areas. Canadian Degrees and diplomas are valued worldwide. Here are the following basic eligibility criteria for seeking admission to a Canadian university.


What are the Requirements for a Master's Degree to Study in Canada?

Requirement for master’s degree in Canada for international students varies as it takes 1 to 2 years to complete. One is Masters by thesis for which submission of a research project is necessary. The other is Masters by non-thesis, for which submission of a research thesis is not needed.

  1. 2-3 years full time work experience
  2. 4 years bachelor’s degree, 70% average
  3. GMAT: 580-600 min.
  4. CBT: 237-250 min. (depend upon course)
  5. TOEFL: PBT: 580-600 min (depend upon course)
  6. IELTS score: 6.5 overall with no bands less than 6 / As per the course and institution requirement
  7. Some institutions may require written samples/copies of published work/Portfolio

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What are the Requirements for a Bachelor's Degree to Study in Canada?

Undergraduate courses in Canada are of three-years duration, while on the other side, an undergraduate diploma’s duration can be anywhere between 6 months to 1 year, depending on university to university.

  1. 70% in 12th grade
  2. 12th grade level Maths
  3. TOEFL PBT: 580-600 min (depend upon course)
  4. TOEFL CBT: 237-250 min (depend upon course)


What are the Requirements for Diploma Programs to Study in Canada?

Bachelor’s degree in Canada generally takes 3-4 years. The 4-year degrees include 2-years of foundational and 2-years of dedicated education.

  1. 60% expected in 12th grade
  2. TOEFL: PBT: 550 min. CBT: 213 min.
  3. IELTS Score: 6/6.5 overall (as per the course and institution requirement)
  4. Flexible admission


Requirements to Apply for Student Visa in Canada

The study permit is an official document issued by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship (IRCC) Canada that permits an international student to study in Canada for a limited time. The following eligibility criteria for study permits are:

  1. Student’s must be registered at a designated learning institute (DLI).
  2. An eligible student must be a law-abiding citizen with no criminal past and must not be a threat to the security of Canada. Students may also have to provide a police certificate.
  3. Students must show to an immigration officer that he/she will leave Canada at the end of their official duration of stay.
  4. Students need to proof they have sufficient funds to finance education in Canada and other living expenses in Canada for themselves and any family member going with them. 
  5. Students might also be required to submit a valid medical certificate. (If required)

These were the eligibility and requirements to study in Canada, they vary as per the university you choose to study in Canada. In order to study at one of the most competitive study abroad destinations, you need proper guidance as well. Connect with Yocket Professionals to seek further specialised guidance.

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