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IELTS Score for Canada: Know IELTS Score for Canada Student Visa and Universities

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With over three million exams taken in the past year, IELTS is one of the most popular high-stakes English language assessments in the world. IELTS is accepted by all Canadian institutions and colleges, as well as all student visas by IRCC. The IELTS score for Canada remains the same or has a slight difference based on the choice of the study program, level of study, or universities and colleges choices.

Thus to increase your chances of getting accepted into Canada’s top educational institutions, we have listed all the essential information and score structure related to IELTS band requirement for Canada. Ensure you cater to this as this is one of the eligibility criterias to be met when applying to study in Canada.

Table of Contents:

  1. What is the IELTS Score Required for Canada in Courses?
  2. What is the IELTS Score for Canada in Top Universities & Colleges?
  3. What is the IELTS Score Requirement for Student Visa Process in Canada?

What is the IELTS Score Requirement for Canada in Courses?

In Canada, the official languages are French and English. Thus if you apply to any of the course, you need to be aware of the entrance exams required to study in Canada. As per the university or college choice you make, the band requirement for Canada will be determined.

Based on your study level, this is what your band requirement for Canada looks like:

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Also, based on the courses you choose, the IELTS score for Canada is determined. Thus to give you a better overview, we have listed the popular courses for Undergraduate, Graduate & Postdoctoral studies in Canada and the IELTS requirement for Canada for each:

Popular Courses

IELTS Scores


7.0 overall


7.0 with 6.5-7.0 overall score

Computer (IT)

7.0 overall


7.0 overall


7.0 overall


Note: For Undergraduate level of studies, the IELTS band requirement for Canada is 6.5 with no band less than 6.0.


What is the IELTS Score for Canada in Top Universities & Colleges?

Let’s now move towards understanding what is the minimum IELTS score required for Canada students as per the educational institutes chosen. We have listed the top universities and colleges in Canada along with the IELTS requirement for Canada to help you get started:

University/College Name

IELTS Scores

University of Toronto

Overall 6.5, no band less than 6.0

McGill University

Band score of 6.5 or better, Individual component score of 6.0 or better

University de Montreal

Advanced- 7,7.5 & 8

Advanced Intermediate- 5.5,6 & 6.5

University of Alberta

6.5 with no band less than 6.0

University of British Columbia

Overall score 6.5, minimum 6.0 in each component for academics

George Brown College

6.0- 6.5 with a minimum of 5.5-6.0 in each skill band

Centennial College

6.0- 6.5 with no band score less than 5.5-6.0

Humber College

Minimum score of 6.5 with no single band less than 6.0

Seneca College

Minimum 6.0-6.5 with no skill below 5.5-6.0

Algonquin College

Overall 6.0-6.5 with no band lower than 5.5-6.0

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What is the IELTS Score Requirement for Student Visa Process in Canada?

To apply for a student visa in Canada, there is a Canada visa IELTS requirement. You need a minimum of 5.5 in each of the four band requirements as well as meet the IELTS scores based on the study program/level you choose. You can access the information for IELTS requirement for Canada student visa on any official website of the Canada government or even the IELTS website.

However, given the current rules of the visa requirements in Canada, it is no longer a need to have a minimum IELTS score for Canada with reference to the visa requirements. But a few universities require that you write an IELTS exam and cater to the expected score. In both cases, having the IELTS score required for Canada proves to be beneficial.

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IELTS scores for Canada are an essential part of the application process to study in this country. Now that you have the complete details of all the band requirements for Canada, it’s time to head to this country soon. You can also start preparing for the minimum IELTS score for Canada requirement based on the list of universities or colleges you choose to study from.

You now have the complete information about IELTS scores in Canadian educational institutes as well as the IELTS requirements for Canada student visa. We have clarified more doubts on this topic, in our next category below:


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