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Visa Requirements for Canada

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According to Canadian Bureau of International Education, in 2017, there were 4,94,525 international students in Canada with an 11% rise every year. Out of these, top sending countries were China (28%) and India (25%).

The Canadian government has a website for Immigrations and Visa which is easy to use and one must go through each and every detail mentioned on it. One needs to apply for a study permit, which expires 90 days after your course is completed. The visa application costs CAD $150. There are simple steps for application of a student visa in Canada:

  1. Appear for any required entrance exams: It is imperative that you appear for IELTS or TOEFL for your Canadian student visa. No other test is valid for the visa application. For admission purposes, you may be required to give other exams such as SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT, etc.
  2. Apply to universities: The first step is to apply to a university. Most students apply to at least 3 or more universities hoping to get various offers out of which they can choose from. 
  3. Get Admits: This isn’t in your hands but it’s kind of understood that you shouldn’t apply for a Canadian student visa if you haven’t received an admit from a Canadian University. When you get an admit, follow the instructions to confirm your admission. This could mean that you need to pay a fixed amount which later gets included in your tuition fees.
  4. Receipt of Payment: The university will provide you with a receipt that you need for your Visa application in Canada. While filling the visa form, you will have to show the proof of fees paid.
  5. Purchase of GIC: Students must by a Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) from a participating bank like ICICI Bank, SBI Canada Bank, CIBC Bank of the amount of CAD 10200. This certificate is a guarantee that you can survive in Canada for the first year. Out of these, the bank charges are $200. At the time of arrival in Canada, the student receives $2000. Rest of the amount is paid in 12 monthly installments to the student.
  6. Proof of funds: At present, it is deemed to show CAD $10,000 for every year of your stay in Canada. If you are planning to study in Quebec, it may be CAD $11,000. This is on the top of your tuition fees mentioned by the respective university. You can show bank statements, bank draft, or a letter from a person or institution providing you with the money.
  7. Apply for Visa: Answer a few questions about yourself on the Canadian visa application. You can either submit application through CIC website or submit a paper application through the Canadian Embassy in your country. However, it is important to check the time the paper application can take well in advance.
  8. Check provincial guidelines: If you are applying to Quebec, then the guidelines maybe different from the other parts of Canada. Check the province in which your university falls.
  9. General documents required for Study Permit/Canadian Student Visa:
  • Passport 
  • Passport-size photographs 
  • Unconditional letter of acceptance 
  • Fees receipt (recommended) 
  • Scholarship letter (if applicable) 
  • Any relevant correspondence with the institution 
  • Financial documents 
  • Academic documents 
  • Test scores 
  • Work experience certificates (if applicable) 
  • Medical report (if already undertaken)

Visa Requirements for Canada: Know everything about the Canadian Student Visa including validity, requirements, application process, fees, etc.

For how long is your Canadian student visa valid?

Your student visa, or as it is called, a ‘study permit’, is valid for the duration of your course. Once you have completed your program, you have 90 days to either apply for another permit(eg. work permit) or leave the country.

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