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Colleges Accepting PTE Score 50 to 70: List of Universities & Scores

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Pearson Test of English, known as the PTE, is a computer-based exam wherein the colleges try to gauge your knowledge and expertise of English. You have to complete three sections in this exam within the time frame of 2 ½ hours. PTE scores open doors to 3,000+ universities, colleges, and professional bodies globally, including Oxford University, Harvard Business School,Macquarie University and so on.

In this blog, we will be discussing the chances of you getting into your dream college with a score of 50-70. Here we have curated an exhaustive list of colleges and universities that accept PTE score of 50 to 70

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Is a PTE Score between 50-70 Good Enough?

Speaking and writing together is the first section of the PTE test that you must complete in 77–93 minutes. The reading section that comes next that takes between 32 and 40 minutes and the final section is of listening where you get 45-57 minutes.

The PTE scores fall in the ranges of 10 to 90. Even though 90 is an extremely difficult score to reach, it is achievable. A score of 50 to 70 also get you into reputed universities. However, you must always aim for a higher score. 

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List of Colleges that Accept Scores Between 50-70

The following is a list of colleges seeking apprentices with a PTE score between 50 and 70:

University Name

PTE Score Range

Teesside University

52 and above

California State University, Los Angeles

53 and above

Northeastern University

53 and above

Texas A&M University

53 and above

San Jose State University

53 and above

New York Institute of Technology

53 and above

Stanford University

54 and above

National University of Singapore

54 and above

Harvard University

54 and above

University at Buffalo

55 and above

Concordia University

57 and above

University of Sydney

57 and above

University of Wollongong

57 and above

Kingston University London

58 and above

Memorial University of Newfoundland

58 and above

Middlesex University London

58 and above

University of Melbourne

58 and above

University of Regina

59 and above

University of East London

59 and above

EU Business School

59 and above

Carleton University

60 and above

Arizona State University

60 and above

University of Ottawa

60 and above

University Canada West

60 and above

University of Manitoba

61 and above

Sacred Heart University

62 and above

University of Saskatchewan

63 and above

University of Leeds

64 and above

Dalhousie University

65 and above

New York university

65 and above

University of British Columbia

65 and above

University of Windsor

65 and above

University of Manchester

66 and above

The University of Texas at Dallas

67 and above

Columbia University

68 and above

University of Calgary

68 and above

University of Alberta

68 and above

University of Greenwich

68 and above

University of Waterloo

68 and above

Imperial College London

69 and above

University College London

69 and above

McMaster University

70 and above

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Your chances of being accepted by a college of your choice will increase with a strong PTE score. Planning your study strategy more effectively may be accomplished by being aware of the precise score standards for college. It is advisable to begin your PTE preparation in advance to have plenty of time to revise nd practise. So, be determined and consistent in your efforts secure a seat in the college of your dreams. For more assistance and guidance, do get in touch with our Yocket Professionals.

Frequently Asked Questions About 50-70 PTE Scores Accepting Universities

Ques. Is getting a 90 on the PTE impossible?

Ans. Not getting a 90 or more than 75 is not impossible but yes very difficult. You'll have to practice as much as you can.

Ques. Is taking the PTE exam necessary for admission?

Ans. It depends with the college and program you choose. All colleges abroad do require an English Language Proficiency qualification. If not PTE, you may also opt for TOEFL or IELTS.

Ques. Can I get admitted to a good college with a score of 50-70?

Ans. Yes. There are plenty of options to choose from for a PTE 50 - 70 score. Refer to the list mentioned above.

Ques. How long does it take to complete the PTE exam?

Ans. You are given 2 and a half hours to complete the exam. Divide you time wisely and give equal importance to each section to achieve your desirable PTE score.

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