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PTE Exam Registration 2024: Everything You Need to Know About PTE Exam Booking

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We work with more focus and resolve when a deadline is ahead. It’s human nature. So, to boost your PTE preparation, you might also need the extra sense of urgency. And to create that, you should first have PTE exam registration on the PTE website and consider booking a test.

To help you understand this topic better, this blog covers all the necessary information on PTE exam registration, PTE slot booking, how to conduct PTE exam booking, etc.

PTE Academic Exam Eligibility

 Before you can understand how to book PTE exam, you need to understand if you are eligible in the first place. Being a language proficiency test for university-level English usage, anyone can take the PTE test if they comply with the following conditions:

  • Age Restriction: A minimum age limit of 16 years; test-takers below 18 years of age need parental consent.

  • Academic Qualification: There is no explicit minimum qualification; however, PTE Academic is primarily for anyone willing to study undergraduate or postgraduate level courses.

  • Maximum Attempts Restriction: There is no restriction on the maximum number of attempts, but a 5-day gap between two tests is necessary. 

Necessary Documents for PTE Booking

The only identity proof that PTE accepts in India is a passport. It is compulsory for Indian citizens taking tests inside as well as outside India. During PTE exam registeration, test-takers need to fill in details as mentioned in their passports. The same ID document, in original, has to be presented at the test centre on the test date. Otherwise, Pearson does not allow the test-takers to appear for the PTE exam.  

In case a passport is submitted to the authority for renewal, the test-taker needs to present the passport renewal receipt acknowledging the renewal submission, along with the original passport with a CANCELED stamp. This is a mandatory requirement especially when you plan to conduct PTE exam date booking.

     Test-takers must take special care of the following conditions regarding their identity proof:

  • Issue date of the document cannot be more than 10 years old. 

  • Test takers must carry the ID document submitted during test booking to the test centre.

  • Identity details on the document must match the details provided for test booking. 

  • Test-takers will not be allowed to take the test for failure to present the necessary ID document, in original, at the test centre.

  • PTE does not accept photocopies of IDs for document validation. 

PTE Registration Process

     PTE online test booking has no alternative registration process in India. Pearson only allows PTE exam registration and test booking online through the official website. You first need to create a myPTE account for PTE registration.

     The steps for completing PTE Exam Registration:

  1. Visit the official PTE website

  2. Create an account with Pearson by clicking on Sign Up
    Pearson PTE Sign Up Page

  3. Log into myPTE Account and Set Up the Profile:
    After signing in to myPTE account, test-takers need to carefully set up their profile. Provide the personal information as it appears exactly on the passport. If a test-taker requires any special arrangements for the test day, he/she can provide the consent for same while setting up the profile.
    PTE Personal Profile Set-up Page

  4. Complete the Booking Questions:
    Before test-taker proceeds with the PTE test booking, there is a set of booking questions which are need to be answered.  Test-takers need to fill in details about their primary language, reason for taking the PTE exam, the country they’re planning to study in, desired field of study etc. Ensure that you answer everything to have a smooth PTE slot booking process.
    *Test-takers are required to go through this stage every time they want to book the test.
    PTE Test Booking Questions Page

  5. Find the preferred PTE exam appointment:
    Test-takers need to select their preferred PTE appointment as per their convenience. He/She needs to mention the preferred city and will be suggested nearby test centres along with the available PTE exam dates and time slots.
    PTE Exam Appointment Booking Page

  6. Review the PTE booking details:
    Before proceeding to the payment stage, test-takers are required to review the booking details and ensure everything is in order.
    PTE Test Booking Details Review Page

  7. Make the payment and finalize your PTE exam booking:
    Having reviewed the booking details, test-takers can proceed to the payment stage. He/She can pay PTE booking fees using a credit/debit card from the given options. He/She will be required to fill in the billing details before making the payment. Once the payment has been made, test-takers will receive an acknowledgement receipt on their registered mail along with details for the test day. The same can be accessed through myPTE dashboard. Test-takers should carry a hard-copy of the acknowledgement receipt on the test day.
    PTE Exam Booking Payment Page


Registration Fees and Payment Methods

     Opening a myPTE account is free of cost. Pearson charges only for PTE booking, rescheduling and cancelling a booked test.

     Standard PTE exam booking/registration fee - INR 13,700/- (including 18% GST)

     PTE payment policies:

  • Full payment is necessary in order to book a test. In India, PTE accepts payments in Indian rupees.

  • PTE accepts payment through debit cards (Visa and Master) and credit cards (Visa, Master, Amex or JCB).

  • PTE also accepts prepaid vouchers in India for a test booking. However, vouchers are not usable for paying PTE rescheduling fees. 

Late Booking Fees and Criteria

     Test-takers can book exam as late as 24 hours before the test date, provided a seat is available at the preferred test centre. However, late booking means booking a test within 48 hours before the desired test date. An additional 5% on the standard PTE exam booking fee is charged as the late fees for PTE Exam.

     PTE Late Booking Fee: INR 14,385/- (including GST)

     Before PTE exam slot booking, a test-taker needs to finalise the date, test centre and timing of the day which would be most convenient for them. Also, test-takers should try to book the test at earliest to get the desired slot and prevent any last-minute hassle.

Rescheduling PTE Exam and Fees

     PTE allows easy rescheduling of test booking. However, it might involve a cost depending on the days remaining for the test.

  • Rescheduling PTE exam is free 14 days before the test date.

  • Rescheduling requires 50% of the booking fee between the 13th- 8th day before the test date.

  • It requires 100% of the booking fee 7 days before the test date.

Cancellation of PTE Test Booking and Fees

     Instead of rescheduling, test-takers can cancel their booking also. The PTE cancellation charges are similar to rescheduling fees.

  • PTE refund full booking fee for any cancellation 14 days before the test date.

  • PTE refunds only 50% of booking fee for cancellation between the 13th- 8th day before the test date.

  • No refund is processed for any cancellation just 7 days before the test date. 

Now you should be confident about PTE registration and exam booking. The official website is straightforward to navigate, and so is the PTE test registration and booking process on the portal. Be sure, booking a test can wrench out more commitment from every second you invest in test preparation. Besides, early PTE exam booking not only saves your money but also relieves you from undue mental stress. You can plan your schedules ahead and start with your PTE exam preparation dedicatedly. 

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