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What is Group of Eight Universities (Australia)?

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Planning on Studying in Australia?

Known to be one of the best places to live for students, Australia has about 525,000 international students. The best part about Australia is Go8. Get a complete guide to Australia on Study in Australia.

Introduction to Group of Eight Australian Universities

Why do you need to know about the Go8? Why should you care? The answer to these questions can be summarised in two simple words. Higher. Education. Ooh, and also career. Anyone who is even remotely interested in getting the best of the best in further studies ought to know what the Go8 is. In words that couldn’t get simpler, it is an establishment in Australia that includes-gee, a surprise-eight Universities. These Universities are dedicated to provide incomparable and sustainable higher education at a national level. Plus, they are always signing agreements with international partners to make education what it is supposed to be: the best.

The Group of  Eight Australian Universities are:

I’m Listening, Karen…



Well, this group is devoted to producing world-class research and they hone the skills of their students accordingly. Understandable, as they spend millions of dollars every year to get results. If you need proof of their excellence, they house the brains behind advanced MRI technology as we know it.

So, you can imagine the prestige of getting in, considering.


Here are some facts about Group of 8 Australian universities:

  1. These Universities are some of the oldest in the world, and students flock to law schools, medical schools and business schools in these Universities by the thousands every year.


  1. Almost one quarter of students studying in Australia can be found in one or the other Go8 University-about 3,80,000.


  1. Go8 Universities are among the highest ranked in Australia for higher education.


  1. The group admits students from over 190 countries around the world.


  1. It is a fact that one in every three students who come to pursue higher education in Australia does so in a Go8 University.


  1. The statistics go something like this: 55% of science graduates, 40% of engineering students and 50% of research doctorates in Australia hail from Go8.


Need-to-Know Basis


Here’s it.

These Universities are definitely not casual towards their curricula. Their focus is on research-based learning which is not surprising considering how they produce some of the best government officials, public servants and in-demand professionals.

Some famous alumni from the University of Melbourne include Julia Gillard who is a former Prime Minister of Australia. Julian Assange and Cate Blanchett have also been a part of this University at some point. British Nobel Laureate for Physics William Henry Bragg was an alumnus of University of Adelaide. University of Sydney was the alma mater of Malcolm Turnbull, another former Prime Minister of Australia, as it was of the famous Indian Actress Jacqueline Fernandez.



  • The University of Melbourne

Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2017-2018 rank the University as no. 1 in Australia and 32 worldwide. This University offers courses ranging from Undergraduate, Graduate coursework, Graduate research, Single subject study, Exchange and Special entry and entity schemes.

It also offers scholarships information regarding which can be found here.

The fee structure varies with each course. Currently, applications are open for mid-year entry.

  • The Australian National University

They offer UG and PG degrees, as well as professional development options. In addition to that they have various fields from engineering & computer science to law & legal studies. Be sure to enquire with the University about any concerns you may have. Thinking of applying?


  • The University of Sydney

Students here come from all walks of life for UG and PG courses as well as research; there is the option of international study that the University offers. Look up on how to apply here.


  • The University of Queensland

They offer A-Z UG and PG programs. Plus, there are summer semester courses. You can also pursue higher degree research courses. You can go about enquiring and applying here.


  • The University of Western Australia

The ranking of an educational institution, the location, etc. matters, and UWA is right up there with the top players. With facilities for international students and varieties of courses available you should really consider applying here.


  • The University of Adelaide

Considered as South Australia’s leading university, and with internationally recognized degrees you can choose how to map out your career. Just follow the steps for applying here and don’t miss out on the important dates!


  • Monash University

Encouraging a student to study, research, work to change the future, this University is promising developments every few hours. Claiming to be Australia’s largest university, a lot of student traffic of the world drifts here. How, then, should you apply?


  • UNSW Sydney

To know the A-Z about this dynamic University, consider referring this essential guide if you are a local student or an international student. Oh, also find the steps for how to apply here.

That’s It, Then?



On the contrary.

While making a decision it would be a good idea to check out the individual websites of each of the eight Universities of the Group of Eight and make notes of the admission procedures, the particulars of attending as an international student as well as the tuition fees, living expenses, etc.

Remember to see what scholarships are available, and get to work on your CV/SoP asap!

However prestigious a University having dreams of attending it are not enough unless you make an educated decision. Not every one is suited for Harvard although it receives nearly 45, 000 applications per academic year. Same way, you need to find the perfect fit for yourself among all the options you have.

As much as I hate to sound like your school teacher, whatever path you choose to tread on there is hard work involved. You need to carve the door out for yourself, open it and have the guts to step through.