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Total Expenses to study in Australia - Cost of Studying in Australia in Indian Rupees

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Australia has always been a preferred study destination for international students. The country is home to multiple universities ranked highly for several courses. Apart from this, the warmth and welcome from this country to international students have been greater. 

But before you consider Australia as your study destination, you should be aware of all the costs. These factors can then help you plan and align your monetary budget well. To help you get started, this blog covers everything you need to know about total expenses to study in Australia.

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Factors Determining Total Expenses To Study In Australia

To understand what is the study in Australia cost for Indian students, there are multiple cost aspects you need to consider. All the related costs matter, from applying to a university to arriving in Australia. Thus to give you a better overview, here are the top factors that determine the total expenses to study in Australia:

  1.  Cost Of Studying In Australia
  2. Living Expenses Included In Cost Of Studying In Australia
  3. Other Essential Costs Included In Total Expenses To Study In Australia
  4. Pre-Arrival & Post-Arrival Cost Of Studying In Australia

Cost Of Studying In Australia

Tuition fees is one of the most important factors when considering the cost of studying in Australia. The tuition fees will vary based on the university and course chosen. Most of the tuition fees in Australia are required to be paid on a per yearly basis. Here is an overview of the study costs:

Bachelor Degree

20,000 AUD- 45,000 AUD/year

Master Degree

22,000 AUD- 50,000 AUD/year

Doctoral/PhD Degree

18,000 AUD- 42,000 AUD/year

Living Expenses Included In Cost Of Studying In Australia

Living expenses is another factor that contributes to the cost of studying in Australia. On a yearly basis, international students will require to spend 20,000 AUD. Your living costs will vary based on various choices, types of areas of residence, accommodation rent, groceries, food, restaurant dining, nightlife expenses, miscellaneous, etc. Here is an overview of the same:


Average Cost Per Month 


297 AUD- 743 AUD

Food & Groceries

208 AUD- 416 AUD


44 AUD -89 AUD 

Household Bills

14 AUD- 29 AUD


118 AUD- 223 AUD


22 AUD - 29 AUD

: Living cost in Australia

Other Essential Costs Included In Total Expenses To Study In Australia

Apart from the above, there is a range of other essential costs required to study in Australia. Here are the essential ones:

1. Student Visa

You need to have an Australian student visa to study at any university in this country. The total expenses for Australia student visa is AUD 630. 

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2. Health Insurance

International students are required to have health insurance in Australia. The coverage should be from overseas student health. This cost ranges from 609 AUD - 3,438 AUD.

3. Sufficient Fund Proof

Students should provide proof of funds in order to prove they have sufficient costs to study in the country. The minimum requirement is 20,290 AUD/year. 

4. Application Fee Payment

To cover admission processes, most universities in Australia enquire for an application fee. The cost of application fees is AUD 133. 

Australian universities without application fees

Pre-Arrival & Post-Arrival Cost Of Studying In Australia


1. Entrance Exams

Most Australian universities enquire for an entrance exam. A good score in these exams can enhance your admission application. Here are the popular exams undertaken:

IELTS registration fee

286 AUD- 319 AUD  (INR 14,833to INR 16,536)

TOEFL registration fee

212 AUD- 332 AUD  (INR 10,989 to INR 17,210)

GMAT fee

272 AUD  (INR 14,105)

GRE fee

332 AUD  (INR 17,210)

Australia entrance exams

2. Flight Tickets

The flight tickets to travel to Australia vary based on multiple factors, type of airline, arrival and destination location, etc. To give you better clarity, here is an overview:

Bangalore to Australia (one-way) 

34,000 INR- 65,000 INR

Mumbai to Australia (one-way) 

36,000 INR- 84,000 INR

Note: This is a range based on the multiple city options of Australia. 


1. Tuition Fees

The cost of studying in Australia differs on multiple factors such as study level, etc. The cost ranges from 18,000 AUD- 50,000 AUD/year. 

2. Cost of Living

The cost of living in Australia is 20,000 AUD/year. Most of these expenses are accommodation, food, transport, etc. 

Wrapping Up….

Australia has been in the recent news for its educational development. The country has provided many options regarding universities, courses, teaching methods and fees for the convenience of every international student. Now that you have the data related to what is the cost of studying in Australia, it’s time to focus on the academic choices. Choosing the right academics in Australia matters which is why seeking an expert opinion to make a confident choice is better. To help you well, our Yocket counsellors are available right now. If you wish to explore yourself, sign in at Yocket. 

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