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Free SAT Prep Courses Online: 5 Best Free SAT Practice Test Resources

Yocket Editorial Team

If your dream is to be an undergraduate abroad, and you are preparing for the Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT), congratulations! This article will prevent you from spending time researching the free SAT practice test resources. 

How? By providing the top 5 SAT prep resources in a single space. 

These free SAT prep courses will help hone your reading, writing, and mathematical skills. Though there is no one-size-fits-all solution for every aspirant, a few factors like maintaining consistency, understanding concepts, removing weaknesses, practising SAT tests, and tracking progress work well for the majority. 

Therefore, this article covers the top resources of free SAT practice tests, brief information on them, and FAQs.

Table of Contents

  1. Top 5 SAT Practice Test Resources
  2. How Do SAT Free Resources Help in Preparation?

Let’s go through the list of best free SAT prep websites. 

5 Best SAT Practice Test Resources

Following are the free SAT practice test resources with their official website links: 

  • College Board

College Board is an American non-profit organisation that provides detailed information about the SAT exam structure in the writing/language test, math test, and reading test. Besides, it offers free SAT practice tests for both online and offline modes. Currently, they have 8 practice tests available with the redesigned SAT format. 

  • Khan Academy

The Khan Academy offers official free SAT practice tests that will help improve your score. Furthermore, they also prepare tailored practice tests, offer interactive questions/lessons, and provide constant feedback. These services will help you understand your current position and the efforts required. 

  • The Princeton Review

Princeton Review offers both in-person and online free SAT practice tests. Once the test is completed, they also share a performance report with the essential pointers that can be worked upon to improve the final score. Besides, they also provide free events, seminars, or webinars with tips/tricks to improve the SAT sectional score. 

  • Test Prep Review

The Test Prep Review website offers excellent SAT practice tests.  Through this resource, you can check your performance in the different SAT sections like math, reading, or writing. Besides, it also provides SAT secret study guide and a Flashcard study system guide. So explore their website to hone your SAT skills.  

  • Kaplan

Kaplan offers online SAT prep courses, free practice tests, and “question of the day” with a comprehensive explanation. By giving their “Short SAT test,” you can know your position in the regular SAT. Besides, utilize their proven strategies to raise your final scores. 

What is SAT exam syllabus? 

Now that you know the best free sat prep websites, let’s understand their advantages for SAT aspirants. 

How Do SAT Free Resources Help in Preparation? 

First, explore the SAT prep free resources, then look for the paid ones. When you ace the available free online tests and get the hang of the questions, your chances of getting a 1200+ SAT score increase automatically. Let’s dive into the benefits of using free online SAT practice tests. 

  • Free SAT prep courses enable undergraduate aspirants to start early on their study abroad journey. We recommend solving the tests from 2-3 months before the actual exam date. 
  • As the given SAT resources are official, they offer the study plan, guides, and tests as per the updated SAT pattern. So you can rely on them without any suspect. 
  • Taking the SAT directly on the final day can be intimidating. But these well-thought-out practice tests will help you plan the attempt, reduce anxiety, get familiar with the SAT pattern, learn time management, and more. 

Now you know some of the best free SAT resources available and how they will be fruitful in your SAT preparation journey. But if you still have questions on SAT sections, the application process, the score requirements of your dream university, or more, book a 15-minutes free assignment with Yocket counsellors right away! 

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Frequently Asked Questions on SAT Prep Free Resources

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